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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. larry piencenaves

    B8 is a closed headphone, but it could still be considered semi-closed/open.

    also, imho b8 definitely belongs to hifi quality headphones, hifi doesnt only mean that it must be close to neutral or the closeness of the audio to the source, but also the quality of the audio reproduced. technically in the world of audio, hifi means 2 things. accuracy and audio reproduction quality. .but the first part is hard to do. replicating the original source has not been done since we invented headphones. theres no headphone in the history of headphones which is capable of reproducing true neutrality and accuracy. but hey, we also invented equalizer, that may solve your issues with neutrality.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
  2. Omega17TheTrue
    They sound objectively bad, the sound is uneven across spectrum . My K701 sound similar to my KRK VXT6 studio speakers. My LCD2 are even better and more neutral. The B8 sound like garbage plastic hifi speakers.
  3. Roderick
    I'm sure k701 sounds like your speakers. VXT6studio's have frequency range of 49Hz-22kHz. Nothing going on below 50hz. Pretty much like akg's. That is not neutral. That is missing a whole spectrum of music.
  4. larry piencenaves
    isnt like the k701 are bass-lite and lcd2 leans to dark sounding? 2 of them are complete opposite and dont give a neutral sound signature at all.
  5. Omega17TheTrue
    Not at all. This is again more audiophile myths created by this forum by people who only repeat the same talking points without even listening themselves.
  6. Roderick
    Well... I used to own k701. It sounded bass light. It measures basslight. People have been modding it since it's release to have more bass. Akg released bunch of new versions of it and added bass. It does not have non existent bass of k501 but still, bass light NOT neutral. Also k501 is a better headphone despite it has even less bass than k701.
  7. larry piencenaves

    well Ive auditioned the k701 and it is bass light, so its definitely not a myth, its a fact. however I havent personally listened to lcd2 so pardon me on that, but thats what I heard of.
  8. Markolav
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  9. Humblepie
    Uhh, most people here aren't repeating talking points. I highly suggest you give Tyll's read on headphone neutrality or watch his video as a good place to start. There are also other good sources of info out there. I am not a headphone maker specifically, nor a headphone tester without the equipment. So I leave that to the various professionals out there. I am a software and hardware engineer and do understand many of the principals and physics of sound engineering though.


    Here is a lengthy classroom video by Tyll explaining a few concepts about headphone neutrality.

    With all that being said, I certainly believe that you do not find the B8 headphones all that appealing. Some don't find the headphones that you personally prefer all that appealing either. Since there is no true neutral or balanced headphone that can heard universally among everyone, no one is going to agree on how "good" a headphone is going to sound. Even if there was a universally standard "neutral" forheadphones, not everyone would enjoy that sound signature.

    That being said, I define "hifi" as the term implies. High Fidelity. For those that don't really know the definition of that term. Fidelity is being as accurate as possible with the reproduction of a source. Be that video, audio, or images. High meaning to the highest levels achievable in relation to the current advances. What this means is that an accepted headphone being "hifi" years ago, may not be so hifi in comparison to current hifi accepted headphones. This problem is further exacerbated due to the fact that headphones can't be true neutral. As partially explained by Tyll, that is because how headphones all interact differently with all our different ears, heads, and bodies; someone chasing true neutral headphones is making their own, modding, buying lots of headphones, or a combo of the above. This is because you cannot make a headphone actually ever sound like you are sitting 10 feet away from a live music performance. Just isn't happening. That doesn't mean you can't have a headphone that is very resolving, reproduces most of the details, provides a small auditory illusion of sound stage/space, and sounds pretty close to the original live source.

    I have some really crappy headphones, and some more expensive "crappy" ones that sound awful. They lack details for example because the sound comes out muffled. Meaning you literally lose audio reproduction being sent to the headphones because the headphones are unable to reproduce that sound. Those are not hi-fi. Other headphones, like Sony XB950 or Beats, are designed as "bass monsters" that are heavily tuned for the bass spectrum. They are meant for fun for a certain set of listeners. They are not listed as hifi headphones or marketed as such. They are marketed usually as "Extra Bass" headphones for a reason. They are "fun" headphones for people that prefer a little extra boomy bass in their audio.

    That being said, unless a headphone as the word "Monitor" or "Reference" as part of it's name, chances are it isn't attempting to be "hi-fi" in the sense of chasing neutral. Still, many headphones that aren't listed as monitors are trying to be neutral in sound to a point as that is what many of the audio community are after. As I said before though there is no true neutral for headphones so some are going to emphasis bass a bit more, others treble a bit more, and others mid more. What sounds "neutral" to you won't sound neutral to others. B8's are not specifically listed as monitors nor marketed as "hifi" in the fact they are chasing neutral. Despite not being labeled specifically as monitors or highfi, they will sound good and close to neutral for some people and less for others.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
  10. pashhtk27
    I have the B8 and had similar impressions on receiving them.
    Did a mod, and filled polyfil in the earcups. They sound much better now, and the sound feels relatively 'complete'. I really like them a lot now!
    I have a medium sized head and these headphones have one of the largest headband. Fits me barely without any adjustment.

    Thanks to this post: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/the...adphone-mods-here.867426/page-2#post-13971472
  11. Lurk650
  12. ViniSavordelli
    what is you overview on the triple drivers? @Markolav
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
  13. ViniSavordelli
  14. BenF
    This bothers me . Could there be a bait-and-switch here, as it often happens in Chi-Fi?
    Can anyone with a recently purchased B8 measure them? I can measure my two B8s for comparison.
  15. Slater
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