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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Thomas De Brito
  2. mysacisanorange
    Does anyone know the sound signature of the b8's? Bassy, Bright? I heard some people say v shaped, but not exactly sure

    Also, do the ports on these let noise leak in and out? I need a good amount of isolation from my next set of cans, and if these are slightly open that could be an issue
  3. trivium911
    Update on the ISK's, tracking info says they are coming on the 28th but im hoping they will be here by tomorrow. Worst case ill have if not a review ill at least have impressions before the new year. For anyone on the fence waiting for a second opinion i leave you with this somewhat questionable image of george michael for your vewing pleasure, haha merry christmas everyone

  4. DarkZenith

    (From a french review : http://kksk.blog.free.fr/index.php?post/Kinden-B8-%3Aaudiophiles-sans-sou)
    So it's a fairly flat FR except for the low-mids dip and the bump in the subs.
    BossHifi B8 = Kinden B8
    Very good isolation for me (the bass vents don't leak at all) but this is no headphone for narrow head. I have an XXL head (63 cm) and Kinden B8 is almost too large for me ! [​IMG]
  5. Nachash
    Interesting, it's available for 85€ on Amazon. I may grab one, does it keep up with fast and congested music?
  6. DarkZenith

    Oh, yes it does, no problem.
    For me, it is the best portable headphone under 300 € and I got to hear/own a lot of portable headphones.
    It is better than Senheiser Momentum Over Ear 2.0, Beyer T51P and Meze 99 Classics.
    But it needs a very long burn-in :100 hours at least. OOTB, its basses are boomy and its lower treble shrieking. (Same for its open version by the way, the B7.)
  7. peter123
    My MSUR N550 (or actually the Bosshifi B6) arrived this morning. Stock pads are terrible and the dip at 200Hz is a bit problematic but apart from that they're really nice.

    If anyone has suggestions on how two lift the 200Hz region I'd love to hear them (without eq please).
  8. Nachash

    Thanks, I'll buy one tomorrow [​IMG]
  9. Hifisnubben
    Picked up KZ LP3 last when i visited my wifes family in China. Paid about 8.40$ with shipping ( taobao / inside china ) so i didnt expect much :)

    Ok cans. Nothing spectacular but for the price paid i cant really complain much. Lean sound so it benefits from eq for some bass. Highs dont hurt my ears and thats a plus.

    Compared to another cans i got dirt cheap ( coloud colors / 4$ sale ) wich was complete crap with ***ty build and such muffled sound i had a hard time figuring out what music i was actually listening to, the lp3 sounds much nicer.

    Porta pro sounds better, no surprice there. :wink:

    Ps. Prices on aliexpress sems to wary wildly. ~8-25$

  10. Pharmaboy
    Man, the run-around you're getting on these aliexpress/ISK's is terrible. It's possible some of that is because you live in Canada (many Canadians post stories of how expensive/inconvenient it is to have audio gear sent into Canada)...still, it sucks & reinforces my reluctance to buy anything from them.
    I've purchased a number of items directly from Chinese vendors, and apart from the longer-than-usual waiting times (2-3 wks via ePacket is typical), had no real issues. In fact, one of my favorite small audio companies is the Ghent Audio, from whom I've purchased 5-6 headphone cables (www.ghentaudio.com). The owner, Ghent Xu, is terrific, really focused on providing quality products and good customer service.
    But aliexpress is a little different--kind of an alt.-amazon where the sellers are completely uncontrolled. It worries me enough that I've spend real money (via higher sale prices for this or that audio item) just to avoid dealing w/aliexpress. Perhaps unfair of me, but there it is.
  11. trivium911
    I got them today! First impressions, nice smooth bass nice clarity and natural sound. Will update later with more info, definately worth the money. Apparently i have a small head as they are slightly too big. I resorted to taping some foam on the inside of the headband, my long term solution is to purchase the beyerdynamic leather padded headband. They really sound like a nice set of speakers where the pro 80s have a somewhat artifical overly sparkly and sibilant treble.
  12. Shawn71

    Ho ho right on time! This Christmas - give that to someone special. - BAM. :wink:
  13. trivium911
    Lol i sense a wham reference. If not and your serious...hells nah im keeping these for myself haha.
  14. Shawn71

    You got it.......yes it was in referece with your wham picture! Nice timing tho,digged out some ol' memories of GM.
  15. Pharmaboy
    Congratuations! Happy holidays and happy listening, too.
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