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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. trivium911
    I cant speak for the clones but i was told that these are an upgrade by one of the guys that bought the isks. He did a review a while back cant remeber just google pro 80 vs mdh-9000. I will be doing a comparison when i receive mine. With that said im not buying anyone for a while lol, just bought the diy clear shell EE846 (SE 846 knockoff) 5ba hand made in china for $130 usd + mdh 9000 ($60 usd) and zst hyrbids ($20) and my x3ii ( upgrade from x1) so no more money spending for me this year lol except for a casket when my wife decides to bury me alive. China once again you empty my wallet! Lol
  2. Pharmaboy
    Just make sure the casket (in which your wife buries you alive) has a decent sound system: built in speakers, sub, satellite radio, etc. If your wife has feelings for you, she'll do it. After all, you'll be 6 ft under, no longer an active pain-in-the-ass.
    If this sounds autobiographical--that's because it is.
  3. Pharmaboy
    Well, there have been developments with the Yenona's. 2 days ago I put MrSpeakers alpha pads on them in place of the original pads. Despite the fact these pads look like a million bucks. the result was unsatisfactory: bass shelved down a little too much, and treble more elevated than before. Since my main problem w/the Yenona's (a very recent thing) was a little too much treble, this change was in the wrong direction.
    Yesterday I played around with the classic toilet paper mod--the pads were hard to put on, so I just placed the paper up against the pads' thin foam-cell backing. There was a little change in the sound, but not enough.
    Today I cut 2 oblong pieces from an old stretchy t-shirt/athletic shirt, then carefully put them inside the alpha pads, nice and flat, edges tucked under the pads. This cotton/poly blend is very easy to work with (unlike toilet paper, which tears instantly if stretched). Then I did some listening...very familiar cuts, jazz, R&B, world music
    WOW! What a difference:
    -- the bass is back to what I liked so much about these 'phones in the beginning, but pulled down just enough to be close to perfect
    -- the treble/upper midrange is definitely reduced, but somehow more impactful. It's still slightly elevated, but sounds pretty good
    -- the biggest change is the midrange, which sounds completely different than it did w/original pads. All of sudden I'm hearing EVERYTHING in the mids--with clarity & impact. It sounds excellent, a clear step in class;  and since the midrange was somewhat recessed w/orig pads, this is totally welcome.
    The combination of the alpha pads and the fabric changes the tonal signature of these headphones. I'm totally loving them again.
    I'm very impressed with the malleability of the Yenona's sound. You can change it readily using the simplest HP mods. Because of that, it's becoming apparent the drivers of these inexpensive headphones are better than they have any right to be.
    The bass is also very good now--probably still elevated somewhat, but less than before, and it seems more articulate/nuanced. I liked the quality of the Yenona's bass from day-1: it's strong & impactful, but w/slightly soft edges--a pleasing sound.
  4. Lurk650
    Pic of mod?

    I've been tempted to take off the Earpad felt from the back of the pad but Yenona told me they don't offer replacement pads so I don't want to risk it. The HM5 reduces bass but brings clarity. Wondering if the thick stock pads will keep the bass but gain clarity from removal of "filter"

    Properly fitted the HM5 pads on the Yenona...wowza! Perfection. Now I may actually give modding stock pads a go since I know I'm super content with the HM5 pads. May also try fitting stock pads on my HyperX Cloud 2, make them more comfortable for long XBOX RB6 Siege/BF1 sessions lol
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  5. Pharmaboy
    Not much to show, really. Here are the Yenona's w/original pads. The black fabric seen through the earhole is the standard/thin backing of the pad itself:
    Vs here with alpha pads installed + my own cotton/poly fabric fitted inside the pads:
    But this statement confuses me: "I've been tempted to take off the Earpad felt from the back of the pad." None of the 3 earpads were talking about (Yenona's stock; MrSpeakers alpha pads; and HM5's) have any "felt" backing, apart from the standard very thin fabric or fine-cell phone that forms to back of the earpad. And my Yenona's had no fabric or foam covering over the drivers.
  6. Lurk650

    I called it felt but yes the thin padding on the back of the ear pad that asks as a veil or filter. I removed from my M50 and it removed the veil. The HM5 has none so it's clear as day. The stock Yenona has it though, im sure removing will def help. The pads are on my HyperX now and I'm loving it. Gonna try heating up with a blow dryer this weekend and peeling off.
  7. Pharmaboy
    It may be that some Yenona's sound a little different from others (per this string)...ie, same model, but not identical. And bear in mind my aversion to brightness, hyped upper midrange & treble.
    But IMO, it would be a mistake to remove that thin backing fabric from any earpads you put on the Yenona's. Remember, it was subtly increased brightness that made me change pads in the 1st place. Also, I got the biggest/best change in sound on the Yenona's by adding fabric (in front of) to what's already there.
    So using pads w/o that fabric may actually elevate treble on the Yenona's. Just a guess--I haven't tried it.
  8. Lurk650

    Yeah the HM5 doesn't have that material so it made them the perfect amount of brightness for me. I guess we will see if they get too much like yours
  9. Pharmaboy
    Your HM5 doesn't have a fabric/foam backing? That's weird. I own 2 pairs of "extra-thick" HM5's, and they both have that backing.
    Can't speak to the Brainwavz angled pads--tho pix I've seen of those sure looks like they also have backing.
  10. slowpickr
    I've had the Yenonas for several days now.  Really enjoying them.  Thanks @Pharmaboy for bringing these to light [​IMG].  I'm hearing good resolution, kind of a v shape sound (not a bad thing for my tastes), nice bass impact, good instrument separation and placement, good treble.  BUT, the big positive for me is the comfort.  Light weight, padded headband and the stock pads are thick and soft.  Absolutely no issues wearing these for a long time.
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  11. mikp
    the yenona seller on ali,cassie, must be one of the best I have experienced there.
    They went out of their way to get some other shop to ship me a small 6.35->3.5 adapter cable for the little loose cable it came with.
    cassie said they are coming with something new over the new year, so i will follow that.
  12. Lurk650

    I ordered a 6.3 to 3.5 cable off Cables for less the other day. Will be here today
  13. mikp
    I wanted to use my own aux cables, also got that cable for free. I think a 6.35->3.5 cable wiill be better than an 6.35 adapter i tried,
  14. Lurk650

    Just got the cable. I'm digging it. Need to AB for differences but I might hear a smidge more detail/clarity. For $15 I'm happy.

  15. Pharmaboy
    Happy to hear you like the Yenona's. Their sound is very much "in my wheelhouse," and you're right--the comfort is off the charts. It makes every other headphone feel like lead weights (and I never cared about the weight of HPs, so long as they fit my head & ears OK).
    I really liked the stock pads, was reluctant to take them off. Now I have alpha pads on them--seriously high quality, handsome, comfortable pads IMO. But as good as they are (the alpha pads + some fabric inserts really tweaked the sound effectively), I kind of miss the feel of stock pads.
    Re posts above by @mikp & @Lurk650, once I realized the Yenona's 3.5mm input was weak, I just plugged in the 6.35mm end of my 6.35-to-6.35mm aftermarket cable into the other earcup (taking advantage of a different input jack on each earcup--unique). Didn't want to try an 3.35mm-to-6.5mm adapter on that input, since it would lengthen the total cable termination "end" sticking into the bottom of the earcup--which not only would put more axial stress on the jack/slot, not to mention bang the cable against my shoulder.
    This works for me because I don't need a 3.35mm jack to connect to my daily-use amps.
    Anyway, the Yenona is 1 of 2 really excellent, cheap Chinese headphones I have: I actually found the Yenona's, as in stumbled over them and may have been the 1st on Head-Fi  to write about them; and the Marantz Pro MPH-2, which others on this string clued me in on.
    A little story about the Marantz. 2 days ago I finally got down to my twin bro's house & set up the desktop audio system I'm giving him. All quality stuff: NHT sub + satellites I used for 7 yrs; a mint Matrix M Stage HPA-1 amp/preamp; mint Peachtree Audio DAC iTx--and the Marantz'. He was blown away by the sound (he doesn't follow audio at all, doesn't realize a computer could make good sound like that). The best part was when I put those big comfy Marantz' (actually, rebranded ISK) earpads around his ears and plugged it in. Smiles, laughter ("I had no idea headphones could sound like this!"). You got that right...
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