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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Roderick
    Isk mdh-9000=Marantz Pro MPH-2=Lyx pro has-30?
  2. Pharmaboy
    The ISK MDH-9000's are available in the US in at least 2 re-badged headphones that I know of (same exact headphone but w/different colors and/or brandname):
    -- Marantz Pro MPH-2 (which I have)
    -- LyxPro HAS-30 available on Amazon for ~$50 incl. shipping
    -- Stellar Labs (HC-5985), on MCM Electronics website @$39.99 incl. shipping--but possibly lacking the locking cable mechanism the other versions have
    I got the Marantz Pro MPH-2 ~two weeks ago for the astounding price of $39.99 US (= ~54 Canadian); website/vendor was MusiciansFriend.com. I think these are excellent  headphones...real over-achievers. Here are my comments from a few pages ago:
  3. Pharmaboy
    Exactly. Pictures don't lie:
    Marantz Pro MPH-2
    LyxPro HAS-30
    Stellar Labs (HC-5985),
  4. trivium911
    Hmm interesting...i paid 56 american actually and 4 dollars for shipping for around 60. I wonder why the ISKs are more expensive. At any rate your marantz...can you compare them to any other expensive headphones? I have the takstar pro 80s and find them slightly harsh and v shaped, so im hoping these are different and somewhat of an upgrade in SQ. I am also looking at the NAD HP50s than i would have something decent to compare to.
  5. Pharmaboy
    IMO the Marantz' will be a distinct upgrade in SQ. They're not treble cannons, but they do have plenty of detail in treble & midrange. And I find their bass to be "just right" -- maybe/maybe not slightly elevated, but definitely even, accurate, and impactful down low (even some sub-bass).
    I can't handle headphones with elevated/harsh treble. It hurts my ears & my head. I sold the only pair of headphones that had elevated treble (+ bass-shy IMO), the AKG K553's. Many people like this model & praise its "accurate midrange," but they didn't sound so good to me. I had sold them by the time I got the Marantz Pro MPH-2, but going by memory, the Marantz sound better overall except soundstaging/space: the Marantz' are average there vs the AKG's more spacious sound. But I didn't like the AKG's, and I really like the Marantz.
    I don't own any truly expensive headphones. The most expensive was my 2nd purchase, the Fidelio X2's. They really do it for me--love their sound. Others describe it as "fun," but what I hear is moderately/broadly elevated bass that doesn't offend or impact the midrange: a nice but not SOTA midrange (not harsh, a bit lush); and a moderately rolled off but nice treble. The X2's, being semi-open, have above average sense of space & soundstaging.
    Compared to them, the Marantz' sounds a little more balanced & composed, nothing really elevated/hyped about it. The Marantz' soundstaging doesn't match the X2's, but I hardly expect a fully closed HP to equal a semi-open one in that way. I'm not a studio type, but I can see the Marantz' being used for monitoring, while the X2's wouldn't be.
    I've also compared the Marantz to the Yenona's, another inexpensive Chinese headphone. The sound of the Yenona's has been changing in negative ways over time--which I really don't understand--the somewhat elevated bass (which I kinda liked) getting boomier and slightly elevated treble (which sounded really nice at first) becoming rather bright. I love the Yenona's and am trying different earpads to pull them back into line...bad results so far. Let's just say the Yenona's vs Marantz contest was a LOT closer 2 weeks ago, but now it's not--the Marantz are walking all over the Yenona's.
    I have 2 headphones F.S. here on Head-Fi, and compared the Marantz to each:
    -- The JVC HZ1000-E is completely different from the Marantz' in design and build. People rave about the JVC's bass, which really is epic--but it gets way more epic if you EQ them. But the midrange & treble seem to sound different on every music cut played through them...it's kind of maddening to have them sound awesome on one cut, then miserable on the next. In comparison, the Marantz' don't have quite as much sub-bass, but I actually like their bass much more, overall. It just sound good, impactful and "correct" for music I know well. And IMO the Marantz has better, more consistent midrange (probably its best quality) and treble than the JVC's.
    -- The Takstar HD6000 is more comparable to the Marantz. If you don't look at its eye-catching DJ design, it's basically a 50mm closed headphone that kinda sucks w/the standard pads (too bright, not enough bass); and gets much better with the extra-thick HM5/Brainwavz pads I'm selling them with. The HD6000's + HDM5 pads are relatively flat, uncolored, kind of accurate, with IMO below-average soundstaging/depth.
    The Marantz' are similar, but somehow a little better in every way. At least to me, they sound smoother & more like the music I know well.
  6. trivium911
    Wow thanks for the detailed response. Oh btw did you get a chance to try them with classical music?... Violins and such? It sucks the ISK/Marantz/Clones look a bid hideous IMO but they are folding which is a plus and they look more portable than the takstar pro 80s which are just as hideous, lol. I just feel like if i use them on an airplane people are going to be like "what the hell are those!"...oh well who cares what people think. In my quest to find decent closed HP i popped into visions and sampled the BO H6's...not impressed i find the mids were a bit lacking and bass was a bit boomy/messy overall, plus the cups were a little small seeming like they are meant for childs ears. Bottom line the BO h6's did not impress me for $400 Canadian.  
  7. slowpickr
    Pharmaboy hate to hear that about the Yenonas. Mine still show as being in China customs.

    Edit - correction, it's out for delivery today. Should have it tonight.
  8. Pharmaboy
    I'm really baffled by it. I burned them in for at least 100 hrs, unattended, then fell in love w/how they sounded. Wrote a positive review, recommended them to everyone--they sounded really nice. But then slowly they started sounding a little different. That rich bass, which could get "boomy" with a warm amp, got a little richer. But the real problem is that treble got a little brighter (something I'm allergic to). Guess it's possible I started to hear them differently based on other headphones in rotation (everything's so subjective)--but I don't think that would totally explain it.
    Yesterday I switched the Yenona's pads for Alpha pads (MrSpeakers)--the nicest looking, biggest angled pads I've ever seen. It was extremely hard to put those on, and when I got done, I found the treble was even louder; midrange somewhat more present; but the bass reduced more than I'd want. Net/net--not good. So in the next couple days, I'll put   back the stock pads (which BTW are really good IMO--so comfortable), then play around with fabric inserts.
    I really like the Yenona's and just want to find my "sweet spot" w/them again. They're so comfortable and "friendly," unlike many more costly designs.
    I'll be very interested in your opinion of them. I've read 2-3 people's comments about them here...very divergent/different, which is odd.
  9. Pharmaboy

    Yes, I did listen to classical music with them. Doing it right now, in fact (Barber's violin concerto/Hilary Hahn). I listened to a number of classical recordings featuring violins, single & massed sections. The Marantz' sound very good with classical music. Everything I like about them is true for classical, just like jazz, R&B, AfroPop, reggae, etc. there is no distortion that I can detect, and the tonality of massed strings sounds very good. The midrange is detailed and revealing, yet not bright or fatiguing (IMO midrange is the best quality of the Marantz'). I heard a few subtle/low volume sounds in the Barber slow movement that I hadn't picked up on headphones before--that means good midrange.
    I found one classical recording that made the Marantz' sound a little boomy in the bass--the first cut of any kind that did this. It's a Chandos CD of Delius orchestral works that I know from previous experience on 2-3 audio systems, is "voiced" to be very rich in the lower midrange & upper bass (Chandos' CDs have a distinctive, beautiful, rich sound via any speaker systems I've heard them through). But on headphones, it's too much of a good thing. I get the same effect w/other headphones, BTW, not just the Marantz'. But all the other classical I i played through the Marantz' sounds very straightforward and good, nothing exaggerated.
    Re the looks, I like the appearance of the Marantz Pro MPH-2, overall. These headphones look like they sound: balanced, competent, tidy. Re size, they're fairly big (50mm drivers, after all) but still look somewhat understated. The earcups swivel and fold, so they become smaller when packing.
    Re Bang & Olufsen H6, sorry you're out $400 Canadian and feeling disappointed. They are kind of small (40mm drivers, somewhat small/circular earpads & earcups). I have big ears and a big head, and have learned to not go near HPs like this. No matter how good, bad, or indifferent they sound, they just don't feel good when I wear them.
  10. trivium911
    Sorry i meant i tried them out in store, its a good thing i didn't purchase them, lol. You got me excited for the ISK's just hope they would get here before chirstmas! looks are subjective i know but they just look cheap with tons of plastic, i like the premium look of aluminum or even mahogany....but beggers can be choosers and ultimately i much rather have better SQ over looks. Curious though, what is your opinion on using large headphones like this at work or on a plane? I might feel embarrassed using these at work. 
  11. Pharmaboy
    Sorry, but I'm the wrong guy to ask. I'm self-employed, work in a home office, and I've never taken any full-size headphones outside my home. I do walk 5 miles/day, and always wear light/portable headphones for that--the Koss PortaPro is my favorite (it sounds amazingly good for what it is).
    But if I needed really good sounding headphones in some outside-the-home context, I wouldn't hesitate to wear the Marantz'. They are somewhat large, but I'd bet money people would like their looks and/or ask to try them. They look kind of interesting, competent. These aren't crazy colored plastic HPs, but studio/serious-type 'phones.
    Just one person's opinion...YMMV.
  12. trivium911

    Yup i hear you, thanks for all the support and i will gladly post a review once i get them.
  13. trivium911
    Has anyone tried these (They look promising if not having a slight V based on the graph provided.:
  14. crabdog
  15. Melfyce
    Hey there, i've been following this thread and similiar ones to this for quite a while and I am intrigued by these relatively inexpensive mid to high quality china-headphones. 
    In particular the iSK MDH9000. I'm very new to the headphones-topic and still figuring out the basics but i like to spend some money to buy a new pair of headphones. 
    Being a user of a HyperX Cloud, which seems to be a rebranded Takstar Pro80 or  iSK HP 2011, i'd like to know if the iSK MDH9000 could be considered as an 'upgrade' to the headphones i have.
    Furthermore i'm wondering if the LyxPro HAS-30 are really the exact same headphones as the iSK MDH 9000. On the outside they appear to be identical, expect for the branding of course. But on the inside im not sure that they use the same drivers.
    iSK MDH9000:  Frequency Response Range: 10-30000Hz whereas the Lyxpro has a frequency response of : 15Hz - 26KHz

    Can someone clarify that?
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