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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Lurk650
  2. NewVegasBaby
    I have the 681 and they are great headphones . I prefer my porta pros at the moment because the 681 do sound less full without an amp . They are a bit hard to drive in comparison.
    That being said really impressive headphones , good sub /mid bass , very good mids for the price and well the highs you need to EQ those but after some tweaks you got yourself a great sounding headphone for 20 euros ( what they cost me ) .
    I prefer these to the 668B because i NEED bass presence since I listen heavily to hip hop , boom bap , trap and other bass heavy genres, and the 681 deliver bass quite nicely for these genres with no issues at all in both quantity and quality.
    But i want to buy the 668B and the 681 EVO in the future because they cost 30 euros each and I feel its a worthy investment just to see how they sound in comparison to the 681 which I like a lot , also because these headphones are great sounding replicas of much more expensive ones so i found good value owning these three.
  3. mammoth1981
    Thanks for starting this thread.
    The only China headphones I own that haven't already been mentioned in this thread are the Somic V2.
    They're open back 40mm cans, I picked them up from gearbest for £30 when they were on sale. They can still be found for about £35 on aliexpress. They're my second favourite Chinese headphones after Takstar Hi2050. In fact some days I prefer these, but today I prefer the the Hi2050 :p
    The construction is ridiculously good, stainless headband and plenty of metal around the cups makes them feel really sturdy. They sound excellent, though if I was being picky I'd say they're a little muddled in the upper mids at times. 
    Link to aliexpress ---> https://goo.gl/hMaAar
  4. Vaga Liki
    OK so by pure spec listings on AliExpress, the Bosshifi B8 headphone frequency range is listed as 20-20k Hz. The Status CB-1, which seem to be rebranded Somic V1, are listed at 15-30k Hz. In fact most headphones I see are rated at 20-20k Hz. How would the B8 then have sub-bass extension? Do you think this listing is inaccurate? Or is there something else at play?
  5. Doodier
    This doesn't mean a thing. First of all, sub-bass is below 60Hz and it's usually felt, not heard per se.
    Secondly, humans cannot hear frequencies below 20Hz and a lot of them can't even hear below 30Hz unless the sound is very loud and as before, even then I believe it's more of a feeling, than hearing... (Same thing for the upper frequencies, this depends on a lot of things, like how old are you, how much you work in a noisy environment, how often do you listen to music and how loud it it.. Me personally, I can't hear anything above 18kHz and I'm still very young.)
    Third thing is, a lot of the information is bogus, as they usually don't care about stuff like that. The sellers just copy it from somewhere and the "normal customer" likes bigger range of sound and higher numbers so there ya go.
    Zaroff likes this.
  6. bhazard
    I used to have the Somic MH463 (very similar design) and many other headphones of theirs. Somic put out a lot of these models 2-3 years ago and have since been overtaken a bit in design and SQ, like with Xiaomi's Mi headphone and Meizu's HD50. I have listened to the V2 though. Could be a nice upgrade over their past designs.
  7. Lurk650
    .. In Ear phones it is a bit harder to hear but can definitely be felt. Step into my car and you will hear and feel below 30hz easily lol.
  8. mammoth1981
    I'd like to try a pair of ISK MDH9000 (aka Marantz MPH-2) but they're pretty expensive everywhere I look. £45 on Aliexpress, £55 on Amazon. The fact that you guys in the USA could get a pair for $40 puts me off paying much more than that.
    On another note, I've been looking at the Yoga website and there are a couple of their headphones I'd like to try. I understand though that they are OEM and don't actually produce anything with the Yoga brand on. Does anyone know what these headphones are rebranded as, if anything?
  9. slowpickr
    Never heard of Yoga headphones before.  I found one model on Amazon US for $250 (linked below).  Check out the case that comes with it.  I've seen some other brands that look similar on Aliexpress.
  10. Roderick
    Yoga is a major player in the headphone industry. They do oem stuff for companies like jaycar, conrad, vivanco and telefunken. In head-fi yoga is best known for their cooperation with fischer audio and brainwavz. Before jaycar's digitech pro monitor headphones went permanently out of stock those were one of the best headphone deals ever.  Basically you got headphone identical to fischer audio fa-003 and brainwavz hm5 for 30£. Those came with extra earpads and a nice carry case. These days you have to pay same money for the pads alone.  I bought five at the time, would have bought a dozen more if I had known those were going to go out of stock permanently and hm5 pads become such a success.
  11. peter123

    Man, how many heads do you have lol :wink:

    Just kidding of course, BTW I picked up a pair of those MSUR N550 on the 11/11 sale and look forward to play around with them when they arrive.
  12. Roderick
    Hehheh :D It is of course against the very nature of this hobby but I also like to keep the financial aspects in mind. Buy low, sell high you know :) I sometimes buy headphones when I see those go too cheap and then sell them. Gives me a change to listen to headphones I normally would not listen and fund my other purchases. After the jaycar headphones ran out of stock I sold one of those digitechs with profit(+ kept the extra pads), gave two to my friends and modded the last two. One is modded to be open and another one has diy wood cups. With parts left over I can make the open version closed again if I want.  If I had one more pair I would remove the metal plate on the cups and replace it with leather, would look awesome i think :)
    I hope you enjoy the n550's. Headphone enthusiast/modder can't go wrong with n550. Even if you dislike the sound and would be unable to mod those to your preferences, you got a cool donor housing for other drivers. After reading Zaroff's positive impressions on Bosshifi B8 it again reassured me of the greatness of the drivers but also reminded me of the fact that N550's are not as good as they could be. Seems like B8 fixes some things I do not like about n550. The issue with too much bass and good but not great soundstage. I like the self adjusting headband on n550's but that thing is very microphonic. I doubt B8 has that issue. Well... can't complain. Even if B8 is better, N550 is also an incredible value for money :)
  13. BramblexD
    Interestingly I can't seem to find the Hifiboss b8 on taobao. The other pairs are on there.
    Any other V shaped portable pairs that aren't too expensive?
  14. SHAMuuu
    Z Reviews went all crazy on those Status CB-1, seems legit for the 79 boneZZzzzzZZZ
  15. kevinmaccioly
    Hi, Head-Fi users! I've been visiting your forum for the last two months, gathering info for buying my first headphones, after having a steady collection of weekly broken earbuds.
    I'm looking for Chinese headphones (available on Aliexpress, Gearbest, etc.) with a balanced signature, but also smooth. Doesn't really matter if they're open or closed back. Preferably, not too flimsy (HD668B) and with removable cables, if possible. If it helps, I listen to Progressive Rock, Metal and Synthwave, and have in my setup, a Dragonfly Red DAC, a Jitterbug and a trusty 90s Yamaha receiver.

    During my research, these models have popped up, but suggestions are always welcome:
    Somic V1,V2.
    ISK HD-9999, MDH-9000
    Takstar Pro 80
    Thanks in advance!

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