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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Pharmaboy
    Maybe I'm just being ignorant, but the ISK-960B, HP-800, and SH-988 all look very similar to each other, also rather similar to the AT M50X headphones. The HP-800 may be lighter/more portable than the other 2 ISKs, but otherwise, they look very similar.
    Re Takstar HD 5500, someone on the Takstar thread (think it's Hal Rockwell) has them; there are very infrequent comments about those 'phones on that lengthy thread. Comfort is apparently an issue w/them. The pads are terrible and need to be replaced w/HM5 pleathers. Re TS-650, those are new to me. They look like upgraded HD5500's, but w/more robust earcup swivels (but same pads).
    I have the next-level-up Takstar's, the HD6000s F.S. on Head-Fi (w/replaced pads).
  2. Pharmaboy
    Hey, thanks!! Much appreciated...
    I never even thought of looking through that long thread, since it seemed 100% dedicated to IEMs (which I don't own, and which don't interest me at all).
    But you know, I'm still kinda stuck when it comes to the Boss HiFi B8's: 2 comments, 1 talking about too-bright trebles and "not basshead" headphones (2 strikes in my book, the former more than the latter--I can't handle bright trebles); and the other comment is the reverse, lots of bass, treble is good.
    I just got another set of headphones (Marantz Pro MPH-2's) currently burning in. They look like keepers, which will mean I have 3 active pairs (Fdelio X2's, Yenona's, and Marantz'); plus 2 other pairs F.S. on HeadFi (JVC HZ1000's; Takstar HD6000's). Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead and keep saving for my end-game 'phones: either ZMF Omni's or ZMF Atticus.
  3. slowpickr

    Yeah I noticed the contradictions. You get that on HF sometimes. What do you not like about the HZ1000s? I've considered those in the past.

    Edit - nevermind, was thinking SZ1000.
  4. Pharmaboy
    To understand the HZ1000's (and the next model-up, the HZ2000's), it helps to read the immense appreciation thread for them. People LOVE these headphones--deep, irrational love that's only partly explained by their epic bass/sub-bass capabilities--which really only can be brought out w/rather finicky equalization. They can be powered by cellphones or mp3 players, but that's silly--you need an amp to get their best. So really, there's nothing casual about the HZ1000's.
    I bought them because the design fascinated me -- JVC uses dual drivers in both models, and that's pretty unusual. They threw everything they had in terms of design & materials at these 2 models, which they clearly intended to be transformative, a new paradigm. I seriously doubt JVC was aiming at an audience of hardcore bassheads. But the larger audience never happened. These designs were a commercial failure.
    I looked at the diagrams and thought, "Wouldn't it be amazing if these headphones had even a fraction of the capability in the midrange & treble that they have in the bass/sub-bass?" So I got them. Like everyone else, I immediately noticed the crappy earpads, and changed them (much better). Then I burned them in ~200 hrs. Then listened.
    They're big, heavy, not the most comfortable HPs even w/the best HM5 extra thick pads on. But they really ARE just as good in the bass/sub-bass as everyone says. It's an amazing feeling to have your head vibrate w/these 2 subwoofers on either side of your skull.
    My problem was I just couldn't get them to sound predictably/reliably good on my usual wide range of favorite music, across 3 or 4 different HP amps. I tried every combination of amp & DAC. Sometimes they sounded amazing; other times muffled & weird; great soundstaging on one song, none on the next. It takes work...
    Ultimately I decided to put my energy elsewhere, so up F.S. they went. Apparently these models are no longer available new, so hopefully my pair of HZ1000's will go to a basshead who can tame these very capable but variable headphones.
  5. slowpickr
    Thanks for the detailed reply.  I was confused by the "HZ" label but I believe you are talking about the same "SZ" models on HF, Amazon, etc.
  6. Pharmaboy
    Right you are!
    Just checked my own F.S. listing (which has correct model #). It's "JVC HA-SZ1000-E."
    JVC could have made the model # more complex by using Egyptian hieroglyphics, but apparently ran out of time.
  7. quisxx
    I ordered the bosshifi with the sole intention of seeing if I can put the twister pro 80 driver in the housing. If they sound good when they arrive... Even better and I'll buy another pair for the housing.
  8. Roderick
    What is a twister pro80?
  9. Vidal
    I'm guessing that could be a Takstar Pro 80 that's been auto-corrected
    Vaga Liki likes this.
  10. Roderick
    Haha, good point :)
  11. quisxx
    Yes, pardon. Auto correct is killing me lol
  12. Zaroff
    So, I received the BossHifi B8 three days ago.
    This is one hell of a surprising pair of cans. The price has to be a joke (in the good sense). I don't know if it's the Beryllium driver or the hybrid nature of what powers those, but the clarity and level of details is crazy. While this isn't a basshead phone, like Fostex stuff can sometimes be, it does have a powerful slam and the lows go really low, there is sub-bass. Now, they're not overtly bright or sibilant, but suspect they can become so depending on the pairing. I use them directly out of ZX2, and they're not fatiguing, but a tad brighter than cans I usually use.

    This is more than a diamond in the rough, it's a revelation. So far I've just compared those with the cans I have at the moment, which are Denon MM-400, and Bowers & Wilkins P9.
    First things first, P9 are thoroughly trounced by the B8. And they cost TEN times as much. The P9 in comparison sounds plodding, bloated, veiled and overall unpleasant to listen to in direct comparison.

    Since B8 is more or less, in design at least, copied from MM-400, sound signature is closer, but still B8 manage to be clearer and more detailed. It's also, importantly, the most comfortable of the three, and it cancels the main flaw of the MM-400, which is that some people might find the earmuffs of the 400 too small for their ears. No such problem with the B8, they are large enough to accommodate most people on that count. They are supremely comfortable.

    Soundstage is also quite remarkable, when one remembers they are closed cans. Separation and details level is stunning as well.
    One con: the cable they come with is rather long, and very prone to be microphonic. But thankfully, it's a very standard 3.5mm-to-3.5mm affair, and can be easily replaced. Already ordered a replacement.

    I cannot recommend these cans enough. They are incredible for their price, and do things a lot of much more expensive headphones can only dream of.
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  13. Vaga Liki
    Wait you "cannot recommend" them?

    Edit: misread the sentence
  14. Zaroff
    "I cannot recommend these cans enough." One word too many for you to read? :wink:
    Vaga Liki likes this.
  15. Vaga Liki
    2 questions:
    1. What's Ali Express's return policy? It sounds like it may be a good idea to return the Yenonas and get the BH B8.
    2. How do the B8 compare to the Status Audio CB-1?
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