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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. clee290

    If A&K was a Chinese company and their products have the same reputation that they have now, would you avoid them?
  2. peter123

    Where do you think most of the parts in that Hugo of yours (and pretty much every other stuff you use every day) come from?

    I also find it really bad taste to bring up something like the milk powder stuff in here. Not only is it totally irrelevant for what we're talking about here but with that kind of arguments one really would not be able to buy stuff from anywhere.

    I can't buy stuff made in Germany because VW cheat with pollution measurements.

    I can't buy stuff from the UK because of the mad cow disease.

    I can't buy stuff from The US because Coca-Cola made huge profits on selling Fanta to the Nazis during WW2.
  3. Hisoundfi Contributor

  4. eaglearrow

    Bang on!! buddy [​IMG]
  5. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I'm with Peter on this. China is the manufacturing capital of the world. 
    I have to say that if you want high fidelity earphones for the best price possible, look at Chinese companies first. I have a LARGE inventory of earphones that punch above their price, and MOST of them are Chinese goods.
    MOST headphone companies outsource their operations in China as well. They might not say it openly but its true.
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  6. eaglearrow
    ROFL.. Epic!! Best video ever!!! 
  7. Trapok
    Someone had bought the "DT2 circle Iron Mixed Double Unit" in Ali?
    With the silver plated cable, really sound very good. It is a little bit expensive Vs KZ, Rock, and YNJW but it's on another level, i lol try a comparison with my TTPod T1E.
    Ps: if anyone can tell me where can I find a mmcx cable with mic with the same quality than the silver plated but not to expensive
  8. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Have a link you can share friend?
    Thanks in advance
  9. knightskid

    Is it from this seller?
  10. peter123

    +1, very funny indeed :)
  11. Trapok
    yes, this model with the silver plate cable. But not at this price( too expensive)
  12. aaDee
    How about this??
  13. peter123
  14. r2muchstuff
    From Discovery thread:
    "Ali CKR9LTD arrived today.
    Box, inside the box packing, housing, finish and cable have no apparent issues.
    I would take the box off the shelf and know I was leaving the store with the real thing :wink:
    Test listen turned into a longer stay, only interrupted by wife."
    They are playing to a pillow for a while right now.
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  15. RedJohn456

    Edit: Not worth it lol
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