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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. ozkan
    Are they from Ali? How do they sound? You can use a needle to lift and stick back to the noozle.
  2. pat1984

    The set I got did not have any tear in the carry case, neither any tear in the filter. Maybe you should talk to the seller.
  3. knightskid

    Yup...bought from Aliexpress. Will use the needle method. As for the sound, am still a newbie to give impression as this is the most expensive earphone i bought....and i can only compare with a few of kz model that i had bought. If want comparison, definitely ckr9ltd as this is the first time i felt the separation of the music, something like 3D feeling.
  4. knightskid

    Have sent a message to the seller and wait for her reply. I am fine with the slight tear of the case and the paint chipoff on one of the earphone, just that i don't know whether i can accept the tear of the filter.
  5. pat1984
    Yes exactly.. The torn filter is the one which would have me worried as well... Hope you get this sorted out soon...
  6. lextheimpaler
    I would never buy any China made equipment. Too many fakes.
  7. peter123

    Lol, not much left to choose from then :wink:
  8. lextheimpaler

    Why do you say that? I have AK380/Chord Hugo/AK Layla. All not made in China!
  9. peter123

    Tbh I find those kind of statements ridiculous. All manufacturers will have a certain percentage with faulty units.

    Also the specific product in question here is kind of selling at a "to good to be true " price and this may be the reason for that.
  10. lextheimpaler

    Its not ridiculous, it is well known that a lot of fake goods are made in China, and because I live in this part of the world, we have to be wary of how we part with our hard earned cash. Did you know there was a scandal a few years ago where fake milk powder was made and babies died because of it? I just wouldn't buy Chinese branded goods. Thats me.
  11. sodesuka
    And thanks for letting us know I guess?
  12. Whitigir

    Totally agreed, American has to be more cautious when approaching Chinese made products, especially from Ali-express. Unfortunately, there are only a few Asian countries that are trust worthy as of now, being Japan first, second by South Korea.
  13. Whitigir

    Chinese made products are all depend on the brand and it quality control....take Apple for example :D
  14. clee290

    Of course, you should be careful when buying stuff from China, but I find it weird to completely boycott anything made in China. It's one thing to buy a product by a Japanese company (for example, these CKR9LTDs from Audio Technica that people have been buying) from Aliexpress for a 'low' price. But it's another thing to buy a phone from a Chinese company like Xiaomi or Huawei. And also another thing to, for example, buy a phone from a US company that's manufactured in China, like Apple's iPhone or the upcoming Nexus 6P that is made by Huawei.
  15. lextheimpaler

    Obviously you can't avoid Made in China goods, I have an iPhone and of course its made in China. However given a choice between an AK player or Shanling one, or headphone by JH Audio or Hi-Fi man, I would go for the former.
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