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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. B9Scrambler
    I know for sure mine are metal....already knicked em somehow [​IMG] You can see the shine beneath.
  2. peter123
    The CKR9's and Ltd's are made of aluminum, only the round pary on the back is aluminum (easiest to see on the regular ones as it's the silver colored part). The CKR10's are made of titanium in the same way.
  3. Ap616

    Thanks for the clarification guys! I'm not sure how to tell if mine are metal or not. They probably are, but dunno...
  4. peter123

    Just put your teeth against them snd you'll know :wink:
  5. Ap616
    Haha! Sounds feasible.
  6. peter123

    Lol, yes but it works. Don't bite though :wink:
  7. Tom22
    brainwavz is certainly churning them out quickly! 
    thoughts anyone?

  8. r0msk1

    Not-so-new newbie here in HeadFi.

    I just placed my order on KZ ATE last night.

    Any other recommendation for BudgetFi?
  9. waynes world
    Well, as long as they're churning stuff out that's better than the R1's, that would be nice [​IMG]
    Seriously, I'm not familiar with what they have been churning out since the R1's. Anything really good?
  10. Tom22
    my favorite sounding from them so far is the R3s and the Jives
    both are just slightly lean for me
    the R3s is a like a much better built re400 (but its odd shape and fit may put some people off)
    the jives is a cheaper (new) offering from them, i think its like 30$ but it took me by surprise. nice and clean with a upper midrange spike similar to the dunu titan 1s (vaguely comparing them), quite clean.
     which for me anyway was easily alleviated with the double flange vsonic tips 
  11. eaglearrow
    I knicked mine too and yep, they are alumunium.
  12. waynes world
    Good stuff - thanks! Apart from the milk jug shape of the R3's, I had read good things about their sound. I haven't heard about the jives, so that 's interesting, especially for $30!
    Here's to hoping that the new offerings have some meaning as well (they look good).
  13. Tom22
    yea the shape of the R3s is quite odd. and the nozzle is a  it too fat. but they certainly sound good, nicely transparent and light.
    the jives play nicely with my S3 (yea i'm still using a S3 in this day and age) with full functionality, the buttons are easier to "feel" then my xiaomi piston 3s (which feels like i'm guessing which button i'm pressing at times)
  14. waynes world
    Well, I was using an S2 until about 6 months ago. Stupid three year contract finally expired (thank goodness they are two year contracts here now in Canada), and I was able to get an S5. Not sure of the sound quality (although I suspect good), but I love it's camera, and I really love the fact that it's water proof - I tested that a few times accidentally this summer lol.
  15. knightskid






    The case have a little damage at the side which is still acceptable.

    One side of the earphone has a bit of paint drop which is still acceptable.

    Lastly, would like to know for the filter at the nozzle as shown in the last photo, one of it is torn and hang it inside, Is that just a protective layer? Can i just remove it?
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