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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Another day, another review...
    Peter did a great job covering these, but here's my two cents on them. Enjoy!
  2. soundaware
    [​IMG] Another new high sound quality DAP of Soundaware: Esther http://www.head-fi.org/t/750875
    Does anyone hear or try it?
  3. sodesuka
    Macaw had a child with Westone, RT10 http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2015-NEW-Original-MACAW-RT10-HIFI-Headset-All-metal-HIFI-Earphones-Bass-Sports-Headphones-In-Ear/1825606_32479546347.html
    KZ HDS1? http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2015-Latest-Design-KZ-HDS1-Miniature-Earphones-100-Original-KZ-Headphones-Metal-Bass-Stereo-Dynamic-HIFI/1825606_32479302753.html
  4. ozkan
    They claim it has an anti bacterial surface.

  5. pat1984
    Okay another comparison - ATH IM50 vs ALI CKR9LTD:
    Vocals are much more forward on the CKR while the IM50 has them very much recessed. Songs like "someone like you" by Adele sound a little lacking with the IM50 in comparison. The clarity is at an entirely different level with the CKR. Listening to the album "True" by Avicii shows that the CKR is much clear sounding. Its strange that the treble is cleaner but somehow sounds a little less emphasized on the CKR9 while the IM50 sounds much more congested in spite of the treble being a little more forward. The bass of the CKR is better than that of the IM50 as well. For me the IM50 has some bass bleed which is totally absent with the CKR. The drum beats at the end of the song "Dear Boy" by Avicii is almost as hard hitting with both, with the CKR being maybe a tad bit tighter. Dido's "Dont leave home" sound a lot cleaner with the CKR with a leaner sounding presentation while IM50 is more dark and a little congested to my ears. "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson sound absolutely awesome with the CKR. The soundstage is also much better compared to the IM50 but I think the IM50 has one of the narrowest soundstages out of all my IEMs. Overall I would say that sound quality of the CKR is a huge step up compared to the IM50. The CKR has a much more balanced and mature sound with better clarity compared to the IM50.
    Build quality wise, the IM50 is built like a tank and the CKR seems a lot more fragile. I mean CKR is built very well but cannot compare to the IM50 which to me seems like unbreakable... Also the microphonics is much higher with the CKR as I had already mentioned in my last post.
    For me the CKR is well worth the money I paid and may be one of the best bargains I have ever got. Again these are just my personal opinion, YMMV. All my listening was done with the Fiio X3. These impressions were with filters being removed from the IM50.
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  6. destrozer

    Yes, I've heard them. They're excellent SQ wise, but the UI is very unusable.
  7. sodesuka

    Oh, was interested with Esther though they don't have any presence in my country so it ended as just interest. How was it with R2Pro? I'm thinking that the analog edition with the reportedly forward mid would do well with it.
  8. ozkan

    Glad to hear that they are better sounding iem than IM50 w/o filters. I'm sure I will like them. :wink:
  9. B9Scrambler

    They are pretty awesome man. Definitely pick up a pair of you haven't already. Well worth the cost.
  10. ozkan
    I've already ordered one from aliexpress. Should be getting them next week [​IMG] 
    Are they better than your FXH30 man?  [​IMG]
  11. B9Scrambler

    Awesome! Hope you like them.

    They're very, very different. The JVCs have more enhanced bass and treble, with less forward mids.

    The JVCs definitely have quicker bass, but the CKR9s are no slouch. The JVCs are also more detailed and resolving, up top at least. Bass quality between the two is similar and both are excellent. Due to my current cold I can't really tell which "wins" here. Mids on the LTDs are just sublime. On another level vs. all other iems I've tried.

    Which do I prefer? Don't know yet. They're both way better than their price tags would suggest (I paid ~60 something Canadian each). Due to their wildly different signatures I'd say they compliment more than compete.

    The FXH30, LTDs, VSonic AN16 (which I've recently started to adore), Sony AS800AP, and NarMoo W1M make for a pretty badass lineup of quality, reasonably inexpensive earphones with varying signatures.
  12. Hisoundfi Contributor
    The Macaws look really cool.

    I'm not 100 percent sure the KZ hds1 is authentic kz though. I will try to find out more and get back to you guys.

    A resent trend has been sellers adding kz to their title to attract attention.
  13. eaglearrow
    Told ya u'd love them LTD's.. [​IMG]
  14. B9Scrambler

    Once impressions started rolling in there were few doubts I would dislike em :)
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