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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] yangi, Brotherhood has NO religious boundries.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  2. yangian
    Sure. But it has an age boundary in my culture. But if you don't care, surely my great pleasure to regard you as a brother! [​IMG]
  3. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Sure thing Grasshopper. (I hope that reference doesn't go over your head)
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  4. Ap616
    Hey guys, so I got my ALI-CKR9LTDs in today. Ordered them off Aliexpress for $54! First purchase from there as well.
    They seem very well built and premium as @Hisoundfi stated. Great attention to detail in the design it seems. Mine have just a few very minor paint scuffs as others have stated. Haven't burned them in like others which have said may be necessary(whether you believe in it or not doesn't pertain).
    Out of the box/on first listen... Good impressions. Comparing them to the Duoza they have similar bass extension and quantity in impact, and the quality is very similar. Maybe a hair better quality, but will need more time for comparison.
    The lower mids are pretty prominent like the Duoza, which gives them a nice warm tonality for the lower half of the sound signature.
    The mid-mids are similar in forwardness to the Duoza.
    The upper mids and lower treble however are brighter/more shouty than the Duoza, but again not by a whole lot.
    However, the Duoza has more upper treble presence to my ears than the ALI-CKR9LTD. Duoza has a little peaky upper treble I think, but don't know if people focus on that much as it's not a prominent part of the signature usually. 
    Soundstage width is less than the Duoza. Not bad and above average, just not super great or anything. Duoza has great soundstage width, but not amazing! or anything like my Sony MDR-MA900.
    The soundstage depth and imaging is superb on the ALI-CKR9LTD though. I think it even surpasses the Duoza(notably the imaging), which I already view as fantastic in this department.
    The timbre is pretty good, especially in cymbals. Rock and Alternative sound pretty dang good on these!!! And it handles all the EDM and Dubstep I listen to great as well. I don't think it beats the Zero Audio Duoza/Tenore timbre though fwiw.
    I'm anticipating @lalala6's impressions/comparison!
    I did my bass extension test with this song and it passed well; similar to Duoza with maybe a hair more extension:

    This rock song that @Hisoundfi shared once sounds good with ALI-CKR9LTD!
  5. B9Scrambler
    Great impressions. Mine arrived too and while I haven't spent much time with them, I can't really disagree with anything you've said.ap616
  6. Nrocket
    Money no object what is the best in ear and over ear finds so far in this thread?
  7. Whitigir

    JH Layla Angie from Astell&Kern Limited edition :wink:
  8. RedJohn456

    if we are sticking to the whole chinese theme, Noble Audio is based out of China is it not? And so is Lear Audio along with Unique Melody
  9. earfonia

    Just ordered both Zircon and Mula :)
    Curious how they sound.

    Will borrow @RedTwilight Havi and compare them :wink:
  10. kaiteck
    Anyone here can recommend a very cheap usb dac? My desktop headphone port died. My iem is $10 kz ate
  11. RedJohn456

    SMSL M2. You will be set with that for a LONG ass time. I still use mine, very clear and transparent. Amp isn't half bad, but it has line out and optical out so you can add an amp later if need be.
  12. pat1984
    I have been enjoying the ALI CKR9LTD for a few days now. Today I compared the CKR9LTD with my beloved A83 and right out of the gate I can say that the A83 is a much nicer sounding pair. But I guess you all expected that already. The A83 can mop the floor with the CKR9LTD when it comes to soundstage and treble extension. Although the clarity of the CKR is quite good, the A83 is at least one tier higher. Only things going for the the CKR is the tight bass and the mid forward sound. The A83 bass is more thunderous but the CKR bass is a little tighter. Listening to vocal heavy songs like "baset hound" by Jillete Johnson or "someone like you" by Adele, the CKR sound really good while the A83 sound a little mid recessed. But anything which needs a good soundstage falls flat on its face with the CKR compared to the A83. Listening to "Dido live at Brixton academy", I felt something is a little off with the CKR. The instrument positioning is great and accurate with both but the atmosphere seems to be missing with the CKR while the A83 makes it feel like a live performance, if that makes any sense. The A83 is a little warmer sounding compared to the CKR as well.
    In terms of fit and isolation, the CKR is much better than the A83 for me. Though the under ear cabling of the CKR makes it much more microphonic and more prone to tugs and pulls for me.
    All these are my personal opinion and like everything else in the world of headphones and sound your experience may be completely different. Hope to do some more comparisons soon. Will keep you guys posted if I have anything new to report.
    P.S. I used spiral dot tips on both and Fiio X3 DAP as my source.
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  13. earfonia

    How about Fiio Q1...
  14. kaiteck
    Can recommend under $20..?

    Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  15. Shawn71
    check behringer uca202 or used hifiman hm101....if you don't find them in your place, click the link below for muse audio (USB/DAC).
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