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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. destrozer
    A review was posted a few posts up before your question.
  2. aaDee
    Now this is something interesting.
    Packaging is unique for sure.
  3. Inszy
    What a stupid design...
  4. yannnniez
    Hi all, 
    Looking to go for a crazy spree on taobao.
    Could you guys recommend the best bang for your buck chinese bluetooth headphones and also non-bluetooth IEMs? :) This list is too long.
  5. RedTwilight
    Non bluetooth: KZ ED9, ED10, ANV, ATE, ZS1
    But my personal favourite is still Havi B3 Pro 1
  6. peter123
    Dunu DN-1000 @ $150!
  7. Gracesheng
    Yes, i am fine, why i quoted you? let me think about that [​IMG]
  8. Gracesheng
    why you want non-bluetooth ?
  9. 1clearhead
    I would also suggest to you the ROCK MULA. They come in blackgrey or gold/white.
    ......less emphasis on heavy bass, but has a nice tight sub-bass/bass response and also provides very clear midrange and treble.
  10. devo396
    Just received my alickr9ltd.
    They sound great but I'm pretty sure it's not a genuine product.
    The earphones itself sound amazing, a lot better than my zircons but judging by the box and its poor print quality its not a genuine product.
    Although they sound so good that they might be using genuine drivers etc.
    Definitely worth their price.
  11. eaglearrow
    Well buddy, that's the question here. There are speculations and talks (both in here and in discovery thread) about, weather the box and pouch were manufactured locally outside to sell these rejected (possibly genuine) LTD's as new pairs. 
  12. devo396
    I'm not too bothered about box or anything else so overall I'm very happy with my purchase. 
    You could call me a basshead, I really liked Piston 2.1's and Zircons and although there is not as much bass here I like them better!
    I don't know a lot of your audiophile terms but these sound wider? It's like ckr9ltd are 5.1 and all the other earphones I had were 2.1, pretty much [​IMG]
    eaglearrow likes this.
  13. eaglearrow
    im not an audiophile by a long shot.. but i believe the word you are searching for is soundstage and imaging [​IMG] Yes. They are just spectacular. 
  14. Bananiq
    all this CKR9LTD talk make me wanna pull the trigger and see how can it compare to imho soundstage king, modded R2A or VE Duke that I currently have on a loan :)
    leobigfield likes this.
  15. slowpickr

    Go ahead and pull the trigger. It's only money...
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