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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. voxxonline
    Well, let me tell you my story.
    I have purchased LTD's and never expected to receive good sounding earphone. It was a risk and I was going to live with any result I'd get.
    From other opinions, it was clear they are good to the point you can just enjoy them and listen to the music.
    Well, (I don't  have to tell you) any headphones should sound like a good hi-fi system- natural, engaging and "as performer intended".
    These IEM's deliver natural, undistorted sound with good spatial presentation and every instrument sounds real. I always seek sound reproduction of real instruments to be as close as possible to the original. Am fully satisfied now. 
    My friend quietly purchased LTD's too without saying anything, but now I am being bombarded on skype with links to the music he has just rediscovered. Every day for the last few days, tens of messages.
    A question whether they worth RRP? Possible, but with prices above 100£ I would always go for the cans, not IEM's. At the moment I am screwed- B&O H6 I wanted to buy will have to wait. Indefinitely long.
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  2. 1clearhead
    I don't have the CKR9LTD, so I really don't have a say......by the way, liked your picks on the ATE mods!
    Yes, compared them with DN1000, Titan 1, and also with Urbanfun, DGS100, SM PL50.......K3003 is just better in everyway.
    Can't comment for the Havi B3, I never tried them.
  3. yangian
    Sorry I have no budget to try. Anyone want to try it? haha 
  4. 1clearhead

    Sorry yangian, but basically 1 review don't mean nothing compared to many positive ones. And surely, when I translated the Chinese version you posted......it doesn't say anything bad or much about them. 
  5. CoiL
    Well, I feel same about my modded ATE`s and totally satisfied... BUT... all this chatter about LTD`s just makes me soooOO curious about their WOW-sound and how far is my modded ATE from that WOW factor [​IMG] And I haven`t had dual dynamic/hybrid IEMs before yet.
    Atm, I`m going to hold myself back and let it be. Also I have YINJW "IE800" incoming (wooden and ceramic both versions). If those cheap LTD`s are still available after getting YINJW`s, then probably pulling trigger on them.
    Btw, what about these?
  6. yangian
    Why not try this: 
  7. clee290
    I'd be careful with these ones. They don't claim to be 'original' or 'genuine' like the other ones people have bought. So it could be a little more difficult getting a refund if they're fake.
  8. CoiL
    They are same as some here got and same seller, just changed list naming (probably issues with audio technica brand name).
  9. clee290

    I believe people bought these:
    With these, you can go "Hey, these are fake even when you said they were original!", but the ones you linked never claim to be original. So you may be like "Hey, these are fake!" and they'll just be like "Well, we never said they were original/genuine." Just a thought :p I won't stop you from buying them.
  10. knives

    Probably a lot of people bought and asked for refund. We know that, even if they are genuine, it is hard to prove it when you sell without package.
  11. sodesuka
    I guess it's easier to believe that lol.
    About 40-60 hours of burn-in, the bass do start to come out, and the upper mid become less shouty. I still like E80 better FWIW.
  12. B9Scrambler

    Funny you mention those. I ordered them for the tips. Fully expect the earphone to be crap, lol. I'll report in when they arrive. Should be another week or two. :)
  13. encoreAC
    I dont think anyone reported fake/bad sounding CKR9's yet right? I wonder if they even exist. I kinda suspect that all ckr9/ckr10, which are sold at the moment are genuine. 
  14. Igor Eisberg
    Anyone hear any of these?
  15. slowpickr
    Ha, ha the one towards the middle looks like Monster Turbines.
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