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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. Hal Rockwell

    You can try memory foam tips (like Comply). This seems to help me whenever I encounter IEMs with extreme driver flex that can't be tamed any other way.

    I own the 3.14 microdriver IEMs. It's basically the same form factor as the MR3's but with a single microdriver instead of 3 way BA configuration. I must say that all 3.14 models are tuned the same, sound the same and suck the same. At least this is the conclusion I reached from my discussions with another member of head-fi that purchased the 3.14 BA models.
  2. RedTwilight
    I'm i remember the 2 BA and 3 BA models sounding markedly different though, the 2 BA one is brighter and airier while the 3 BA one is darker and smoother.
  3. stilleh
    Soo tempted to press the order button on these but not enough info or feedback :/
  4. encoreAC
    Damn, the CKR9LTD offers on AliExpress aren't coming back huh. So glad I could still at least grab one of them. Makes me more confident that they are genuine too. Never heard of fakes being sold out.
  5. clee290
    I contacted the seller about the CKR9/CKR9LTD/CKR10 all being gone. Got the reply:
    [color=rgb(51, 51, 51)] Hi, friend, we still have this model instock, but not sell on site now. So if you still need, pls contact us, we can help. Kind regards Lisa[/color]
  6. Hal Rockwell

    Heard of fake Sennheiser CX55 to be sold out through DX. They were that good.
  7. TurtleRecall
    Cool, just ordered the CKR9LTDs from a different link they sent me. Search for 'dual phase Ltd' and that should find it. They've assured me they're genuine and the same product as before.
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  8. pietro77
    I wonder, what difference is between ckr9, ckr10 and ckr9ltd?
  9. slowpickr
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  10. peter123


    There's a search engine on this site that works great :wink:

    Edit: slowpickr beat me to it :)
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  11. pietro77
    Thank you. I was looking for it, and I don't know how I missed it ;/
    Time to read.
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  12. 1clearhead
    This is an opinionated thread, I don't have no chains around your neck. You're free to buy what ever pleases you. Sorry if you're dwelling your decisions according to what I write.
    Really? You'll spend 50 cents on fake iems? Than you're on the wrong thread.
    Yes, I tried both K3003 and they are more similar than different in every which way from soundstage, depth, mids and highs. I couldn't tell any difference in both reference tuning tips. The OEM 3-way hybrid seems to be the same used in the K3003 according to the Senfer's Chinese web page. All I can tell you is that I own the Senfer K3003 for around 2 years now, and they are really hard to beat with any IEM's I own, by far. And that's even after comparing both the original and OEM K3003 2 years ago.
  13. CoiL
    1clearhead , but what about that Senfer K3003 vs. CKR9LTD? Holdin trigger now at CKR9LTD`s for 60$ but trying to resist! [​IMG]
    I`m really pleased with my modded ATE but just too many WOW comments on those "fake" CKR9LTD`s.
  14. yangian
    This is a review from the Taobao:
    Basically, it means this Senfer K3003 is obvious worse than genuine one.
  15. yangian
    Actually, I don't expect it to be at the same level of original. But based on it price, Really expect someone compare it with similar price products, like DN1000, Titan 1, B3, or other BA/dynanic hybrid.
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