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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. TurtleRecall
    Have the CKR9LTDs on aliexpress finally sold out? Decided to go for them but unable to find it within the app and when I Google it and open in the app I'm unable to add them to my cart?
  2. EarTips

    Looks like PLEXTONE X41M ?

  3. EarTips
  4. slowpickr
    Guess it's like the old saying "you snooze, you lose".
  5. TurtleRecall

    I snoozed, I lost.
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  6. alme83
  7. jericm
    Does anyone have experience with the 3.14 MR3's yet? I've seen a few people talking about them so far, but no real impressions.
  8. slowpickr
    Done it many times.[​IMG]
  9. Skullophile
    I'd spend 50 cents on fake iems (not really) but not $90.
    Especially when this dude was sent them to review and paid to
    Plug them. Pretty obvious... not sorry about wallet.
  10. B9Scrambler

    Sorry...who is this referring to? I missed something here...
  11. Skullophile
    I'm referring to 1clearhead who's trying to get us to buy expensive Chinese imitation k3003's.
  12. pat1984
    Got my aliexpress ckr9ltd today. They sound so so good!!!! WOW!!!! I don't really care if they are real or fake as they sound awesome anyway... My only problem is that there is a lot of driver flex on the right earpiece... Even moving my jaw produces audible clicks, and its not microphonics from the wire... Any suggestions as to how that may be reduced is much appreciated... Thanks in advance...
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    I was in touch with a retailer in China who stated that despite the claims from sellers on Ali of the CKR9LTD being genuine, they are indeed fakes. I personally haven't heard or tested them vs the real ones, so can't compare the the sound quality, but maybe someone who has or tried both can chime in? Also anyone compared the Senfer K3003 to the genuine AKG K3003? These would be some interesting comparisons how how close these are to the real deal. 
  14. Inszy
    Welcome to Fake-Fi?
  15. sodesuka
    It does sound good, and this isn't something that only a single person acknowledges or 'hypes'. So... *shrug*
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