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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Vidal
    Any seen these yet? Ty Hi-Z G3
  2. smy1
    Next thing on my list is either getting the super audio 6, super dolphin 6, fiio x7 or the lcd 2

    What should i get first?
  3. B9Scrambler
    Any chance you could PM a link? Can't locate it on his store. 
    I am anything, if not predictable :D
  4. loomisjohnson

    where did you get the remax rm800?
  5. TwinACStacks

    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
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  6. Podster

    Ear Orbs and Ear cans of course[​IMG] I'm still laughing at Crabby calling out the Micro Maniac[​IMG] Since they are by the Banned we can just call them the unmentionables[​IMG]
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  7. B9Scrambler
    Well, if I order them you can expect coverage...just not here.
  8. slowpickr
    Ha, ha I thought the same thing.  I think he needs to change his HF name to MicroMan, 6mmDude or something similar.[​IMG] 
    Edit:  @Podster MicroManiac is good too! 
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  9. 1clearhead

    These have been on my radar for two weeks now.....[​IMG]
  10. Vidal
    Cool, if you buy please share your thoughts. Only thing holding me back is the main audio sellers are asking $6 - $7 more than other sellers on AE.
    If I'm going to be able to retail them UK side I need to know where the price will end up.
  11. hakuzen
    i think i was the 1st trying Vivo XE800 from XiaoYou Trade..
    well, i've found new links, my intuition (and observation) make me guess they are also legit, and they are cheaper (some are <$14!). check yourself:
  12. Subhakar
    Guys, can this be a good upgrade cable for AKG or might it be just snake oil?
  13. Holypal
    Hmm, I remember OCC is at least 6N and quite expensive. 4N is OFC. Maybe I'm wrong.
    The original cable is OFC.
  14. mochill
    the micro iem is called T and uses 5mm drivers :)
  15. carltonh

    I think only @hakuzen and I have the YHS 002. If you like the sound signature of the Tennmak Pro, then you should like the 002, as they are not too different. It has subbass a bit deeper, treble a bit more extended, a bit better micro-details you expect from a good BA, very good soundstage like the Pro and airiness is a step above. Further comparison I'd have to do a direct A/B vs. going from memory of having used and still use both a lot. The comfort and fit of the two are about identical. I say that, but my Pro is with the original cable, which has the same type memory wire as the 002.
    That said, I'm no pro reviewer, and don't have TOTL IEMs to compare unless you count a banned one.
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