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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. fonkepala
    An alternative https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.pushl.agingheadphone&hl=en or simply search for 'Burn In Headphone' in the Google Play store.
    It's like a simpler version of 1More's Assistant app, but it works well. I used it to burn in my KZ ATR and obtained good results.
    If you still want 1More's Assistant app, you can download the APK file here http://en.miui.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=359223&extra=&highlight=1more&page=1
    Before installing that APK file on your Android phone, make sure that you have 'install from unknown sources' turned on in security settings.
    There's a latest version of the app than the one I linked to above, but you can simply do the update process via the app once it's installed. 
    IIRC, the 1More Assistant app is region-locked and is only available on the Play Store in certain countries. Don't know why.
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  2. HiFiChris Contributor
  3. polychroma23
    Just got Senfer 4in1. OOTB, the legends were true, the treble is hot indeed. I'm not treble sensitive but I do think it's a bit too much for my preference. By putting down high freqs by around 2db, I found the sweet spot. Well-controlled, nice bass and impressive clear mids accompanied by wide soundstage and killer build quality. This IEM is great and has potential upon full burn-in
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  4. polychroma23
    K1 or PMV A-01 MK2?
  5. Vidal
    I found foam tips seem to cool the treble a bit but I didn't find the standard silicone too bright for me though.
    I prefer the foamies for comfort as any silicone tips irritate my ears.
  6. Brian Coffey
    Magaosi K1
  7. Inszy
    Like I wrote in old topic - better go for Remax RM-800MD. They are just better than 4in1, with good bass (not bassy), treble (not piercing) and mids (nice soundstage). Little V-shaped, but natural. And they are comfortable, not like Senfer :wink:
  8. dilidani
    Hello guys, anyone could write a wrap-up about YHS 002? Looks so sick on pics, for 35 dollars it should be really good on the asian market. :D
    BTW, Tennmak Pro  is good enough in terms of bass for EDM? Especially for house, trap, trance and harder styles.

    Ordered the dual-driver SEAHF EG009, gonna compare it to zircon, piston 2.1 and iems I have. Vapman from basshead thread says its pretty great for its price (15ish usd).
  9. Degree
    What do you guys think of the Senfer DT2? I haven't seen discussion about it recently and just found out about it, thanks!
  10. robervaul
    Nanodriver ???
    These are pretty small, good thing for sleep [​IMG]

  11. B9Scrambler
    Why hello there. What are those?!
  12. purplesun

    Not used it for few weeks now. IIRC, less extreme version of the 4in1. Not much lower bass rumble. Less of the prickly highs. Not as lean-sounding as 4in1. My favourite cable on it was the basic black cable, which gives DT2 a bit more treble sparkle but not to the levels of 4in1. Also, for me, the fit was more comfortable than 4in1. I had to add some bass boost on my DAC to balance up the highs & low, then it sounded pretty good to me.
  13. robervaul
    It's him. the banned.
  14. crabdog
    Lol B9! Any mention of micro drivers and you pop up. [​IMG]
  15. Degree
    I see, thanks!

    I generally listen to chill-trap, but also to the occasional pop/rap.
    Do you guys have any suggestions for IEMs under <$40 that fits my needs?

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