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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Ahmad313
  2. leobigfield
    Chi Kong Hui (Penon Audio) put that link on a facebook group saying that they (Toneking) opened their official store on Ali 11.11.
  3. crabdog
    I can tell you the TNT has very lush vocals and sweet highs which are smooth but not recessed. The bass has plenty of body but is not at all exaggerated. Don't write it off before you've heard it for yourself.
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  4. crabdog
  5. Sound Eq
    so is TNT a good buy compared to what else is being mentioned here, can u compare it to a well known iem that get mentioned on headfi from companies we know of
  6. Spelaeus
    Anybody know comply/foam size for the tfz king? I've got a ton of the Aliexpress knockoff t400/t500 4.9mm foam tips for my kz iems and was wondering if they would fit the king too.
  7. tayo15
    If only AE could keep this sale till 11/24 I'd buy both and, I'm not trying to spend more right now. Based on the reviews the TFZ seem to fit my preferences, I have own, the momentums m2, b&o h6 second gen, Mrspeaker mad Dogs, ad900x, hd25 ii, NAD Viso hp50, mdr v6, mdr 1000x, Audeze sine, and in the end I prefer the ad900x and the mdr v6, the mdr v6 can be fatiguing but I still appreciate them on certain tracks, the ad900x was my favorite just bad design on headband and the pads were shallow, but the vocals were the bread and butter.
  8. crabdog
    Well like I said I'd take it over the TFZ King and the Series 4. Definitely a step above the Kinera H3. It sounds a lot like a hybrid because of its ability to create space and layers between sounds but because it's a single dynamic it's more cohesive and sounds more organic than most hybrids. Definitely my pick at the $100 mark from the ones I've heard.
  9. Adide
    After much reading and help from local connoisseurs I've myself decided to take my chances with TNT as well.

    I have the feeling that TinAudio T2 is more or less a sidegrade compared to my current ZS5 (which I like very much) - thanks @B9Scrambler for the quick comparison - so I struck that one off as not much of an upgrade if any.
    For me the finalists were TFZ King and TNT (and to a lesser extent the Macaw GT600s).

    I'm a bit concerned about fit and isolation but in the end I've chosen TNT for its versatility and for seeing how @crabdog is praising them as one of the best under 150.
    I think fit wise I'll be ok as I have biggish ears.

    TNT can be as low as 73 euros at NiceHCK, even lower if you have one of the AliE 8 or 5 dollar coupons (still hunting for one in the Rain game) so that's pretty nice compared to 110 euros regular price.
    Good luck to you all as well.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  10. crabdog
    Wow $73 is a great price! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
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  11. Slazyel
    Can you send me the link?
  12. Slazyel
    Is this TNT better than the 1more Triple Driver?
  13. Adide
    2017 New MusicMaker KTONEKING Nine Tail In Ear Earphone Full Alloy Earphone Nine Tunes HIFI Fever Metal Headset MMCX Earphone
    (from AliExpress Android)

    My math says 84 euros mobile deal - 4 euro store coupon - 7 euro select coupons. Haven't bought them yet though, hunting for a 5 dollar rain coupon still.
  14. Holypal
    Are these new? VEclan monk iems, Monk IE Biggy and Small.
    They have single 13.5mm dynamic driver and N50 magnet. Biggy has impedance at 80 ohm and Small is 24 ohm. Both are priced at around 50 USD.
    img-fd6d307cad06c77e32faba2fbfe4fc10.jpg img-466344adec25562a70032e8faf7411d3.jpg
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  15. Skullophile
    Check out this seller on Ali


    They do $4 Epacket so it blows the other sellers out of the water. Hck, One who should not be named and Ak (same store anyway).
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