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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. alucard177

    The end game headphone is a mythical beast that no one has ever found my friend. Enjoy your 4in1.
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  2. Ruben123

    Zs3 is one of the best KZ I've heard to date. It's very good really, people would pay $60 for them and find them a bargain (compared with that you get a CX300 for $40).
  3. Degree
    How is the bass and do you need an amp to get full use out of them?
    Also where did you buy it?

  4. 1clearhead

    Soundstage on the XE800 is just a step behind the 4in1's, but it has a really good overall balance showing off what a dynamic driver can really perform like when tuned just right. It does have some frontal depth, but really goes well with vocals sounding more realistic, while instruments are nicely panned-out, left to right and vice-versa. The bass has great quality for a dynamic with a good emphasis on the sub-bass while the highs peaks really well with micro-details coming to play. These have more similarities with the GR07 than with any other earphones I compared them with, obviously since they carry the same dynamic drivers. Though, the housing on the XE800 seems to slightly elevate the vocals "just right", in my opinion makes me like these slightly more than the GR07's for its great balance making it a good contender on some of the best dynamics money can buy.
    .....It doesn't hurt to have a pair. I would say -go for it 'CoiL'!  [​IMG]
  5. Degree
    How does the Tennmak Pro compare to the ZS3? Besides the obvious price difference.
  6. smy1

    Time to buy a $100 cable for these.
  7. 1clearhead
    Hey, they are a 4in1 monstrosity! .....Enjoy!
    Don't forget to burn them in some!  [​IMG]
  8. smy1

    I am about to pull the trigger on the astell kern cable crystal pef22 for $1k for my senfer 4 in 1, maybe it will be my end game.
  9. alucard177

    Haha and a 1k tube amplifier just in case you lack one for your 4in1. Let us know your impressions.
  10. smy1

    Going to do a mini impression right now. These things are amazing. Literally almost even with my im03 for $23 with spinfit. The mids and highs can be little recessed and the lows are smooth but the best thing about these are the instruments they are clear and musical with great seperation. The bass is a bit powerful and boomy with the comply foam but with the spinfit they are nice and controlled but not powerful. Soundstage is above average maybe even with my im03. These were bit sibilant with the stock tips but with the spinfit the sibilant is almost gone.

    Oh and these are really heavy maybe little bit heavier then the dunu dn 1000
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  11. alucard177

    Pretty much the same as my impressions of the Senfer Ues. Only difference would be bass. Using comply foams right know and I think I lost some clarity.
  12. smy1

    Basically but makes the bass more powerful. Had to edit some stuff i forgot to add.

    These do deserve the hype. Might get the ex800 next and i really want to try out the super audio 6 :frowning2:
  13. Vidal
    You're not the only one! 
  14. alucard177

    I jumped on the DZ7 train and I'm pretty excited to try them.
  15. Vidal
    I spoke to a seller today regarding the LZ A2S, from what I can understand, difficult with the language barrier. The earphones were universally priced incorrectly then they 'all' realised the error and bumped up the price.
    I tried to buy 10 units at the old price to no avail.
    I can't say for certain that it was prompted by someone reading about the price error on here, but it does concern me that they all jumped to and changed their prices at the same time.
    Certainly feels a bit like price fixing. 
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