Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread
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I have the DZ8 and they're awesome. They're fun and coloured not reference type. However after reading the reviews on the LZ Big Dipper, that's where I wish I spent that dough.
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NEW KZ (KZ ES3)!!!


I look forward for critics and reviews :boy::boy:.
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Dang even cheaper with faster arrival than AliEx, mine said manufacturer none but at least they now say it's YJ youpin! Nice Avatar by the way @ru9 :)

U R killing me @crabdog , you know me I went ahead and even ordered that latest ZSE (Skipped the ZS3 as I think I have 4/5 KZ in that shell already)! But like you if they built a metal Andromeda rip-off and props are good I'm in, who am I kidding as long as KZ keeps new shell designs under $40 I'm like a fish watching the worm dangle:scream:
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Can't buy any new iems till I finish my move at the end of Sept. F you crappy shipping times from China to Canada....le sigh.

LOL @B9Scrambler , you know AliEx teaches the old adage of "Patience is a virtue":rolling_eyes: With that said I'm always reminded of the little cartoon picture of the two Vultures sitting on the high wire waiting for the ailing young Buffalo to collapse where the one says to the other: F this, I'm just going to fly down and kill one":wink:
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LZ Big Dipper ... I know but there with switches we get to much more! 800+
FWIW, from what I read, most people only use the Low and Mid switch so that saves you from buying the 3rd switch for highs

On another note, buying blantant shell rip-offs is kinda messed up and shouldn't support KZ for their laziness but I guess since they aren't trying to sell them as clones it's not too bad. It's a good thing that KZ gear has never really impressed me or I'd be buying it up lol

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