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I've had IE800 before and they certainly are impressive, the details, resolution, how the sound is presented, it's all very good, but I agree that the balance is just...wrong, for me at least. They were enjoyable even with compromised relationship between lows-mids and then mids-highs, I am talking more about quantity of each rather than transition which is impressive as they are a single driver. Their days are numbered, Chi-fi is quickly approaching IE800 level of sound quality for much much less money plus you get so many models to have an option and ultimately get what you value most. I made a mistake and bough KZ ZS5, many qualities but same issue as IE800, wrong tonal balance and the music doesn't sound the way it's supposed to. I guess I am very strict when it comes to V and U shape and then neutral or mid focused, I tolerate it to some extent, but many IEMs go beyond it and it ends up sounding wrong compared to what music should sound like.

This is one thing that kinda makes me laugh and why I get annoyed at "critical listening" or other such terminology when it comes to headphone reviews. I see them all the time trying to slice up the review into each "element" of the sound and then "bring it all together" in the end, and the result is a review that comes at its conclusion backward. Instead of listening to the "whole" of the sound and then explaining that via examples in details, they look at the details first and then attempt to stitch together an overall picture that doesn't actually end up describing anything. It doesn't matter how "good" the minutiae of the headphone is when the end result is a bad presentation.

I'm not going at you BTW, just mentioning that this phenomenon of reviews that don't start with an overall thesis are problematic. It'd be like writing a term paper where you just start pulling together various citations and examples and then attempt to give a concluding paragraph. You have to start off with what you think about it overall before you start picking apart the details.
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Well, I guess if we get to the technicalities of a organized paper catering to the reader, you'd start out with an abstract(which has the point of what to be discussed), and support it with the details in the body, and then conclude by reiterating the broader points(but, isn't this putting it all together?). Because with the details, the reader may not see the broader perspective. But, I do like to the point, and not beating around the bush type of talk really. When you read, you can tell if somebody is beating around the bush(if they are trying to cover it with positives with the review sample). I think the smart way to review is to provide the points the reader needs in determining if the product is what they are looking for.

We like transparent sound right? Don't we like transparent reviews as well? :beyersmile:
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TBH I have no idea. The ie800 is one of two headphones I've ever put on in my life and been genuinely confused as to how anyone enjoys them (the other being the Grado RS1). But apparently they're highly regarded, so what do I know.

All you need to know is what you like.

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Every time I see one of those IE800 clones I really want to see someone compare them to the real deal. Not because I expect them to be on par, but because I'm curious just how wide the gap is.
Agreed, as do I. I'm especially curious about the one hotfi is selling for 95.00 and claims it's sound is 98% the same as the original.
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You're referring to the B3S and not the B3, correct?

If you're talking about the B3S, can you give a little more description about them? Sound, etc. Also, how they compare to a few other IEMs.


I'm actually referring to the original b3. I bought a special version of it from AK audio store after hearing the b3 a friend of mine owns. The version I bought has a silver plated cable but still sounds very close to the original b3. I can't speak on the b3s, as I have not heard it myself. I am considering buying it though for comparison reasons, and also just because I'm really curious to see if it's an actual improvement over the b3 that I love so much.
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Interesting, the IE800 is honestly about as close to my perfect sound sig in IEM form I've owned so far. It's also remarkably comfortable, probably the easiest for a proper fit/seal I've ever had too. My only complaint is lack of detachable cable. @SomeGuyDude @Vidal Would you two mind making a suggestion for your favorite IE800 clones? I'm kind of curious about the gap myself.
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They seem to be on the bright side .... I rather have a more flat or light v tuning.

Very possible. I noticed that from the graphs but people seem to be really big on 'em.

I gotta be honest, with the ZS5/P1/Quad setup I got so far, the only place I feel like going now is waaaaay up.
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I know one is the Kinera H3 that's been getting a lot of love. Of course, you could always take the leap up wayyyy higher...
Not tuned for my preference to be honest, I'd rather take the TFZ King. For something a bit cheaper I still recommend the Veedix NC50.
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