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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. toddy0191

    audio123 would you explain what the flaws are in your opinion?

    Having never listened to any iem / headphones over 300$ I'd genuinely like to know what I'm missing as the xe800s sound amazing to me for the 18$ I paid.

    Listening to Prokoviev piano concertos at the moment and to me the detail, clarity, timbre and seperation are fantastic, and the imaging is spot on IMO.
  2. haiku

    Being "allergic" to ba drivers like I am saves you at lot of cash, I can tell you...
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  3. CoiL
    Don`t mind him... imho he is misguiding many ppl here and changing his opinions (which are often very exaggerated). 
    I don`t agree about his opinion on Senfer 4in1 and some others. Different persons have different personal preferences and perception (hearing etc) about sound, different tips used, source gear, amping, file quality etc. 
    And then there are differences in production QC and batches (some chinese IEMs change inner parts without noting users/buyers). 
    1 guy bashing some products with such exaggerated "emotional" posts... baaaah... forgetaboutit! :wink:
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  4. loomisjohnson

    i hope so too--there seems to be one outlier at $24 and that everyone else has raised the price (probably after reading this thread...)
  5. DynamikeB
    I agree with you on Carrot Titta. Had the pleasure to enjoy these for a little time and they have really sweet mids and nice warm balanced sound.
  6. yoowan
    I've been buying quite a few earphones lately, slowly but surely homing in on my preferred sound signature. As far as I can tell, for 18$ you can't find a better earphone for classical music or acoustical music in general. If you want a balanced sound signature with good clarity, separation and imaging the Vivo XE800 is the perfect starting point. I still think the GR07 on which it is apparently based, is slightly better (fuller sound) but this is nitpicking. The XE800 on the other hand has a mic which makes it perfect for use outdoors.
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  7. yangian
    NO, I don't think Audio123 is misleading. He is very exaggerated sometimes, that's true. [​IMG]
  8. Podster

    Understatement of the friggin year[​IMG]
  9. Majin
    I really wanted to buy the XE800 but a lot of people say soundwise the 4in1 is a tier above.
  10. Saoshyant
    Just remember people, Mods said everyone gets a clean slate.  I don't really feel like watching this thread get shut down too.
  11. Podster

    Sorry Saoshy, I was just exaggerating again[​IMG]
    DynaMike, you should hear those Titta's on Carot's Super Ernestolo/Pacolo DAC combo[​IMG]
  12. audio123

    honestly dont think recommending established iems like andromeda, flc8s, etc is being misguiding/misleading as compared to recommending iems that have inconsistent qc imo
  13. yoowan
    I've never heard the 4in1 so I cannot tell you. I have a few hybrids in my possession and while they are quite good, I feel they are not as coherent in presenting acoustical music as a single dynamic driver does. It took a lot of listining to come to that conclusion as at first you're baffled by the detail.
    I believe if you start spending a few hundreds (because of R&D) on hybrids or ba's you can get better quality. If you spend below 50$ I think you're better off with a dynamic driver, especially if you prefer classical music and jazz. 
  14. Majin
    Any comparison between these. The 1More Triple Driver has been on my list a really long time, but after reading about them being bass heavy i've shied away from them. The VSD3S has been high on joker his list and besting out the Havi.
    Vivo XE800
    Vsonic VSD3S
    HLSX 808
    1More Triple Driver
  15. 1clearhead

    Get both! Just different sound signatures.....I enjoy listening to both!  [​IMG]
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