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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Skullophile
    @roen I can name a few that I own
    In ascending price
    Tennmak dual driver
    Carrot Titta
    Havi B3P1
    Audio Texhnica IM02
    Fidue A73
    VE Duke
    NiceHCK DZ9

    Who can add to this list?
  2. Roen
    Can anyone provide a comparison between Tennmak Pro and Havi B3 Pro 1?
  3. smy1

    Really want to get it but i am saving up for some end game iem :/
  4. dontcallmejan
    Hi everyone, a local shop here just got the zst a few days back and I was able to compare the zs3 and zst. I don't know if those are burned in so take my impressions lightly.
    Zs3 has more bass, goes deeper, bleeds ever so slightly to the mids. ZST has better control on the bass but doesn't have the same impact as the Zs3.
    Zs3 has slightly recessed mids, sounds organic (or natural, I don't know how to describe it). ZST has good midrange buuuut at some songs it sounded artificial or forced. It just doesn't seem quite right to me.
    I can't describe the treble much but the ZST has better treble.
    Soundstage Zs3 > ZST, small difference only.
    details Zs3 < ZST
    I hope I helped people out. :D
  5. Lurk650

    Just got my Pros yesterday. They are indeed midcentric. Even more so are the TFZ 1S. They have such a forward mid that appears to have more clarity but IMO sounds unnatural.
  6. dontcallmejan
    A lot of people said that the tennmak improved after burn in. I didn't try my tennmak pro long enough(only a few songs) out of the box so I don't really know. Just started using it after 70 hours + and it doesn't sound midcentric to me.
  7. Lurk650

    Maybe depends on source. Right now they are running straight out of my Fiio M3. They've only had JLabs burn in test the past 24hrs. About to throw them on music, Drum and Breaks station on Spotify. Maybe they aren't really midcentric, but I don't find the mids reccesed. Elevated bass may give that impression though. Midrange has a ton of detail to my ears without being harsh or shouty
  8. Cinder
    Midrange can be detailed but still recessed. In fact, my favorite IEM for mids, the Pisces BA, has the mids recessed behind the treble. That doesn't mean that they are smudgey, just that they are less loud than the treble.
  9. dontcallmejan
    Yes, they are really detailed. Tho I used different tips, did the bass port mod, and the upgrade cable(maybe just expectation bias on the cable or placebo) to reduced the mids bass bump.
  10. Lurk650

    Personally I feel the mids are in front of the highs, not by much but enough. Bette 10mm I find the mids behind the treble
  11. Lurk650

    Just put on my stock cable from my banned iems and might be placebo but I swear it gained a bit of clarity and the soundstage got wider. Gonna try the silver plated 4 core I have on those iems
  12. toddy0191


    I'd definitely say the mids were the main strength of the pros.

    Bass is elevated and i agree that the mids are just slightly forward from the treble.
    Lurk650 likes this.
  13. toddy0191

    Just checking my order and noticed they've raised the price to 72$.


    Here's hoping I still get mine and they don't get cancelled.
  14. Roen

  15. tintheman
    Hi everyone, has anyone  seen any shirt clip similar to the one from Pinnacle P1 that will fit for thicker cable? 
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