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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Degree
    Anyone had experience with this seller? https://wooeasy.aliexpress.com/store/519064
    Looking to buy the KZ ZS3, thanks!
  2. Thomas De Brito
  3. 1clearhead
    No worries, Twin. [​IMG]
    These perform very well above their price and much more. There are malls and markets in Beijing selling them for twice as much!
    I bought mine during my first week of vacation at a market place, which I was allowed to try the sample. So, from 140 RMB, I negotiated down to 70 RMB; roughly around 10 US dollars. And though he was selling name brands as well, he told me that these were his personal favorites. Sometimes, I don't take some of these market sales representatives seriously, but man! This guy wasn't joking!
  4. gobin
    You should buy them on Gearbest if you dont mind the free slow shipping (a bit more thanone month in my case) as it's significantly cheaper there
  5. trivium911

    I prefer the kz zst, more balanced sound and more accurate bass. Agree about gear best, he shall not be bamed has some decent others but i would not buy the kz through him due to price...its cheaper on gearbest.com
  6. MadMusicJunkie
    My pick for under $50 would be the Kinera BA05 hybrid dual-driver.  Great bass, good resolution, tame but present highs, good soundstage... all with removable cables MMCX.  One of my favorite IEMs; for the sound, fun bass,all-day comfort, and only $20-$30.
  7. Roen
    Some of my thoughts from the Shockwave III thread as it pertains to other IEMs:

    Stock Tennmak Pro Cable:
    WIth the added benefit of having a mic, this produced slightly more treble than the Tennmak Pro Upgrade Cable, but definitely less than the other three cables, even the Stock Senfer 4in1 Silver Cable. I honestly think Tennmak Pro with either of its paired cables are meant for treble reduction, those who are super sensitive to Treble should apply. For all others, the Tennmak cables are terrible matches for the Tennmak Pro.

    The Tennmak Pro Upgrade Cable is one that can be used (at least, to my ears) to lightly tame the treble of some sibilant MMCX-connected IEMs. However, Comply Foam Tips (in their normal orientation) have been my biggest weapon against sibilance.
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  8. MadMusicJunkie
    The Magaosi K3 triple-driver hybrids arrived at my door.  Shipping said signature required, and DHL came just as I was about to leave.  However, the guy just left it on my doorstep and walked away.... ?  
    Anyway, the packaging is solid and professional-looking.  I like the case a LOT, actually.  The cable is the very familiar-looking cable that it seems like I see a LOT with the Asian brands.  Looks just like the Kinera, AD01, and others.  But, it seems solid.  The buds themselves look very high-end; sleek texture.
    First impressions, sound-wise, are that the details are very good.  Also, the highs seemed very agressive.  I'm hoping that these will tame a little bit with burn-in time (or that my brain adjusts for it, whatever).  The highs expose bad recordings, and they still have a lot of detail in their presentation.  Instrument separation is great.
    First instinct was that these were just like the AD01.  However, doing a quick A-B, I think the clarity is better on the K3.  Bass on the AD01 is ever so slightly higher, but that the K3's still have BIG bass.
    Not over the moon excited about these, as I think I already have comparable headphones.  i keep leaving them in my ears to see if my perception changes over time.  I will also do an A-B comparison with the Cardas A8, Kinera BA05, TFZ Series 5, and the FLC8s.  If one can find these at $80 or less; I'd say its a great buy.  Not sure these are worth $150 until I compare them more closely with $150 headphones.  But, for sure they're very good.
  9. Singleton
    Adding to @bhazard's info on ePacket: ePacket is now also available for Australia, Canada and France [​IMG]
  10. Vidal
    Seems to be also available for the UK
  11. MadMusicJunkie
    Update on K3.  Doing some A-B with these and the Legend Omega.  The clarity holds it's own on the K3, while adding more treble.  Then, I put the JVC Spiral Dots on while listening to some Vanilla:
     and dang if the sound didn't just open up.  I get these now; my brain has adjusted.  Highly recommend the Spiral Dots with the K3's for added soundstage and resolution.
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  12. Shinry
    It should be 13$ for the IE and ~6$ for shipping and fees. Seems about ok
  13. To.M

    Amen to that!:smiley: I have BA05/BD005 and I can fully agree with your opinion!
  14. egzbuen
    Push budget further to 70USD and you have a winner in 1more triple driver. That is, in my book. YMMV of course.

    Sent from Nokia 3210
  15. vapman
    I have a lot of respect for you if that was really posted from a 3210.
    But.... if we are talking $50 and under units... not  a lot is better than the Seahf dual driver for the price. Also would recommend senfer pt15 if you like crisp highs.
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