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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Viajero
    I listen to a pretty wide range of stuff, but I'd say mostly various electronic music and metal genres. I also listen to a lot of movie scores and experimental folk music like Heilung.
  2. genck
    Are you saying the Tin T4 is good with metal? What type of metal?
  3. RikudouGoku
    the aluminium kind. ( sorry had to do it) :)
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  4. genck
    get outta here
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  5. DynamicEars
    Looking at their FR graph, i roughly can imagine how sweet and good the tuning is.
    Is the mids forward and clear? How is the bass section are they have fast decay?
    And then the trchnicalities, imaging, soundstage and separation?
    Maybe with comparison to Spring 1?

    Thanks. I dont know if i can resist. I keep telling myself that I dont need this. Convince me
  6. Viajero
    Yeah, I think so. The timbre of vocals and instruments is really nice and it has enough speed, detail and separation to keep up with complex instrumentation without getting congested. Bands like A Perfect Circle, Type O Negative, Tool, The Smashing Pumpkins, Ningen Isu, etc.
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  7. genck
    Sounds like you need a TFZ T2 Galaxy.
  8. genck
    So, slow boring metal. Got it
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  9. Viajero
    The mids are definitely one of the things I enjoy about this earphone. They are clear, detailed, and forward enough without being overly in your face or harsh. They sit exactly where they should, for my tastes. The bass is fast with a nice decay. Not extremely dry, but not bloated or sloppy at all. It's well defined and responsive. It again hits a very good balance for my preferences. Even though I listen to quite a lot of electronic music the bass quantity is enough for me. Good sub bass presence and rumble and the mid bass punches with sufficient authority and drive. True bass heads won't be satisfied with the quantity, but it's very good quality bass.

    In terms of technicalities it generally is surpassed by IEMs like the Spring 1 and A6 Mini, but it is still very good in these areas and surpasses my other single dynamic driver IEMs. Quite open and airy soundstage, great separation, layering and imaging, clear and well resolving, doesn't get congested. It's not the best of my IEMs in these attributes, but its technical performance is still outstanding. Combined with great tonality, timbre and coherency it just creates a very enjoyable listening experience for me.
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  10. Viajero
    Maybe for some, yeah. It's still faster and more layered than many other types of music. What metal do you listen to?
  11. Nimweth
    Can anyone explain the difference between Carbon Nanotube (CNT), Graphene and Diamond Like Carbon (DLC), or are they the same?
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  12. PhonoPhi
    They are all different forms of carbon.
    While these material themselves are potentially advantageous for IEMs, it is 99% of marketing at this point.
    Different implementations of CNTs, graphene, DLC will matter more than materials themselves.

    The graphene definition, for instance, is a SINGLE layer of sp2 carbon. Are there single layers? No way! But the word is fashionable after the Noble prize and the science hype...
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
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  13. Nimweth
    Thank you, but I did want to know what they actually are, I did know that graphene is a carbon layer one atom thick, but do not know the physical characteristics of the others.
  14. PhonoPhi
    Wiki has a good info.
    CNTs are a rolled tube version of sp2 carbon. Different length, chirality, wall types are possible.
    DLC is an amorphous carbon film, predominantly sp3, very much variable in properties, but not that close to diamond in strength as a populistic info posted by Otto/Kopy can make you think.
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  15. Nimweth
    Thank you!
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