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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. citral23
    Why? Because I'm the devil in person, and only have bad intentions. This is a picture of me IRL :

    Now seriously, he might have more luck than others, but last time I checked there were an unusually high amount of people who had their tape die on them after a few weeks at best.

    And last time I checked, sending a packet back to china was VERY expensive.

    That's why if there is not a major discount on AE and/or it's not cheap in the first place, getting it from Amazon is the reasonable thing to do imo.

    Let's hope OP has better luck than many.
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  2. mbwilson111
    In that case, I would lnot buy it at all. We have so many choices. I had not heard about all the problems because I was not researching it. It is not a planned purchase for me. Contrary to popular belief, I don't buy everything:)
  3. ShakeThoseCans
    I trust the tuner too, and expect that the Diamonds will be getting pleasant reviews here soon. But I couldn't take the risk of such a purchase without seeing people discuss them. Probably going to kick myself later :o2smile:
  4. illumidata
    I was in the mood for an impulse buy and went with the Diamonds over TRI I3, just as good a chance that I end up kicking myself..!
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  5. citral23
    Well there's little doubt it's an extremely good iem for detail lovers, and apparently someone who got a replacement, was sent one with a "new" sticker on the box. So let's hope they sort the issue out and come with a revision, and everyone is happy in the end.

    I'm not crossing this one out, but it's a good example of "wait and see". It's not going to disappear overnight, need more feedback before pulling the trigger once the dust has settled.

    The trigger won't be pulled for the hibiscus here, another example of patience being a virtue in this wild chifi world.
  6. baskingshark
    Yeah I do agree nowadays with the almost weekly releases of CHIFI, it might be prudent to wait a bit for initial (trusted) reviewers on QC and sound issues. Anyway, most of the CHIFI will drop in price a few months after launch prices, and some CHIFI also treat us as beta tester guinea pigs, releasing a "pro" version just a few weeks after the non "pro" release, which is quite a crap move for the first adopters (cough cough... NX7 Pro).

    2 - 3 years back, I used to snap up any CHIFI that released at launch, as that was when the CHIFI circuit was just ramping up, and KZs were only released once every 6 months in the wilderness. But now we are so spoilt for choice, competition in the budget CHIFI segment is incredible, so just be patient and not so triggerhappy. Of course easier said then done LOL, but if it is a cheap set with good FR, or the company has a trusted track record, I might still occasionally buy something at launch.
  7. chinmie
    I also bought the Tape on AE...you see...i also like to live dangerously...:o2smile:

    Jokes aside, i agree with your point, seeing the high failure rate, it's more logical to purchase from a source with easier return procedure. I purchased the Tape at 11.11 at a very nice $92. Still a risk, but at least it's a smaller/cheaper one
    My Tape is still going strong, the MMCX is not loose (the first common problem), and the driver is still going strong, though i admit it's not getting it's fair time of playtime because of the other earphones i got and busy schedule. Do wish me luck that my Tape would stay this way :ksc75smile:

    @NeonHD i hope your Tape last forever, my friend, it's a special sounding IEM indeed. I like it better than the EX1000
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  8. yorosello
    the tape is now available on the local green store already btw :ksc75smile:
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  9. chinmie
    It's still preorder only, i think, and much higher in price than what i got it for, so i guess i still have a good deal :ksc75smile:
  10. yorosello
    One official distributor sold them already but it's 1.85m
  11. plyr
    My Tin T4 arrived from indiegogo, Spinfit CP100-L is the way to go here, really good and detailed sound. Its clean, vocals are forward but still in a central soundstage.

    The sound didnt seem dynamic before I put the Spinfits probably due to bad fit.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
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  12. Viajero
    The TIN T4 is one of my absolutely favorites. It has actually become my main daily driver. The fit, comfort and sound are all exceptional. Its tuning is, for my tastes, the best tuning out of all the IEMs I own. Nothing seems disproportionate or out of place. And it seems to sound good on pretty much everything. It shows no major areas of weakness. Just a very well balanced and high performing IEM all around.
  13. genck
    What type of music do you listen to?
  14. Viajero
    BTW, I happen to be using the same exact Spinfits on mine. 1214190840.jpg
  15. genck
    My T2 is good nuff
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