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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. SciOC
    Bqeyz bq3 is another great one. Download the Ali Express app and try to order from sellers with 98.5% feedback or better. Nicehck, AK audio, EE audio, lucklz, missaudio are good sellers to start with.....

    Penon audio, lend me ur ears and Linsoul are also reputable and have to their own shops outside Ali.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  2. Nhare90
    Boys why have you assisted me so.. I will be eagerly awaiting sound to deny in its entirety the purchasing price..s as I just couldn’t help myself and went with a few to start. This is a slippery slope I am so going to pretend I’m not excited to fall into
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  3. SciOC
    Welcome back, sorry for your wallet...

    You're going to be amazed what your hear versus even a few years ago.

    The rabbit hole never ends....
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  4. ShakeThoseCans
    I've got to say, the Semkarch CNT-1 is my best purchase and MVP of 2019.

    I bleated a lot about the soundstage (average for a $100 DD), and made unfair comparisons to the technicalities of multi-BA hybrids, but it's actually an amazing IEM for whatever prices it has sold for. [I paid $32].

    Acoustic guitars are crisp and plucky, electrics are punchy, soft vocals, crisp but painless percussion, the deepest bass and the best dynamics of any of my IEMs. I just wish it had a still wider and taller soundstage, and better positioning (like the King Pro has).

    I thought I was a multi-BA listener, but the CNT-1 has sold me on DD. Bring on the carbon nanotubes! Tuning and timbre are important, as we know from the BL-03. The CNT-1 is musical and lyrical, and I just can't take it out of my ears. The admittedly limited soundstage envelops you.

    What might be interesting then, is a 'better' CNT-1. I've heard that the LZ A6 mini is 'better in every way.' I can't imagine it having deeper bass, as the CNT-1 has tricks up its sleeve, but maybe that's the direction I should be looking.
  5. genck
    I concur. The CNT-1 is really good, it's ashamed it's discontinued. I got mine for $50 through Amazon about a month ago.
    On another note, people complain about the Blon 03 cable, really? The CNT-1 has THE WORST cable possible. It's so stiff that it might get my Mom pregnant and she has her tubes tied. That's saying something.
    The CNT-1 is what I listen to when I don't want the peaks of the TFZ T2 (equally excellent).
  6. ShakeThoseCans
    Yeah, I think the CNT-1 might be 'most underrated.' I would have been happy with it had I paid $75 for it. Although at $100, it is beaten in several respects by the No. 3, Ninetails, and iT01.

    The cable is pure crap. My CNT-1 cable broke almost immediately after I received the IEM! Shortly after installation, it just ripped! I replaced it with a NiceHCK copper cable, which couldn't connect, and then a TRN mixed cable that did. [NiceHCK sent me a replacement.]

    Anyway, the TRN copper/silver cable is working great. A $7 cable. Although the right earpiece sometimes sounds quieter than the left one. I don't know if that's a cable or housing issue. I clearly got a 'B-stock' CNT-1, yet it still rises above my other IEMs.

    The CNT-1 is definitely different from the TFZ T2. I substitute the King Pro for the CNT, when I want better soundstage/positioning/imaging and a less relaxed presentation. Or pull out the ZS7 if I need 'impact' and 'flair.'
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
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  7. genck
    I think for bassheads it's very similar, with the same tips. Treble is much more forward on the TFZ T2 however, and that's what makes me like for certain genres. :)
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  8. ShakeThoseCans
    Interesting. But good point. I haven't taken the CNT-1 to its fullest depths with bass. Most of my music is not heavily bass-oriented, so I haven't been able to directly compare the T2 and CNT-1 bass very much.
  9. genck
    people will make fun of my music all they want, i don't care. listen to this song on the cnt-1 and then listen on the TFZ T2, it will show you the massive difference in the drums. Just a mild example without bring up EDM stuff. edit: i meant to also add the forward treble but i thought i made that a point already, lol
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
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  10. genck
    and to test that sub bass:

    edit: or

    you're welcome.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
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  11. DynamicEars
    Alright so 2nd item from my 11.11 purchase was arrived 2 days back and I have few sessions with the DT6 Pro. Not going to write review nor post the pic here of course. Just let me share impressions to buddies that may interested in them.

    So DT6 Pro have more sub bass and bass, and quite well textured, decay is not slow but not too fast too. Same a little mid bass bleed like their predecessor, but the Pro have more sub bass.
    They have big bass but not on basshead level and not too punchy hard.
    Mids arent forward, decent clarity and great details. A bit thin on female voice. No 3khz shouty peak on high mids.
    The highs are quite boosted made them a bit more v shaped (slight v shape not too v shaped) and bright on trebles side but not too worry on 8khz peak there. Just overall bright trebles but they are not harsh, just like trn v90 or BA5 or NX7 pro ( i just received my BA5 too today).
    Highs also very detailed and airy, very airy due open back design. For long sessions, trebles can be a bit tiring.

    Soundstage also on wide side like the old one, nothing changed here. Same good old stuff.

    Timbre part. The main concern of old DT6 for me is very off timbre. This new Pro version have good timbre. Not the best timbre but i can put them on good timbre. Not off tonality, no metallic sound like zs10 pro, they are good. This in a big improvement from the old one.

    Fit wise they are pretty much the same, of you can get good fit with original one, you don't have to worry with the pro version.

    Compared to BL03, DT6 pro have more details more over on high region, more air on upper highs, but can be more tiring for long session. Mids on BLON are more forwarded but clarity, details, resolution i have to give score to DT6 Pro.
    Bass region they have similar mid bass bleed but BL03 a bit more controlled and they have bigger sub bass but still cleaner and tighter than the DT6 Pro.
    Excellent tuning on BL03 is really hard to beat.
    Soundstage both are wide with BL03 have more depth but DT6 Pro more airy.
    Instrument separation DT6 Pro have advantages from their multidriver.

    For me DT6 Pro is an improvement over the original 1, but a bit tiring on highs and i preferred more forwarded midrange and thicker vocals if i can choose. These definitely on same level with BL03 along with ZsX, v90 and others including new BA5, depends on what is your preferences and your most priority section.

    BA5 impressions will come later on..

    *edit : adding some additional impressions
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
  12. BadReligionPunk
    Depends on what you think is "better in every way"?

    LZ mini bass is basically neutral bass with good extension. If on some arbitrary 0-10 number system neutral was 5, then LZ mini would be in the 5.5 area. CNT would be in the 7.5ish area. The music that we all listen to with the CNT is much better on the CNT then the LZ mini.
    LZ mini is much more technical and has more details dependant on the filters used. CNT absolutely crushes and destroys the LZ in comfort IMO.

    IMO its not better in every way.
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  13. HungryPanda
    Got the LZ Mini today, stuck KZ starlines on the default blue filters and have to say I like them a lot. Reminds me of the BQEYZ BQ3 with added sparkle. The highs on the LZ Mini are really good.
  14. SciOC
    Don't say stuff like that..... The bq3 is my favorite pair right now. How does the bass compare?

    Please tell me I don't need them or the a6.
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  15. jibberish
    Just got notification that my A6 mini will be delivered today. My expectations are high!

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