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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Otto Motor
    I don't have that overwhelming mid bass sensation (I would be sensitive to it), probably because I effectively extended the nozzles by reversing the Starlines eartips according to the Slater flip method:
  2. Cevisi
    I would be interested in a comparison between t4 and kxxs. But befor i bull the trigher i wait for starfield und stellar
  3. DynamicEars
    How is the T4 compared to Spring 1? especially in soundstage, imaging, separation and details and clarity?
  4. logiatype
    Sound wise, they are extremely similar (in my memory). The only difference is that songs that were sibilant on the KXXS are not on the T4. I'd say the KXXS has a hair more bass but it's probably a wash.

    The KXXS is a lot heavier and i dislike the smooth nozzle. They both have pretty crap default wires.
  5. superuser1
    Which one is the stellar?
  6. Cevisi
    The 1dd from fearless
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  7. logiatype
    Moondrop Starfield and Fearless Stellar. Both 1DD.
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  8. Viajero
    I unfortunately haven't heard the KXXS, but I am interested in how they compare too. There have been some comparisons I've run across such as:

    "Moondrop KXXS
    Normally, I would compare it with the Moondrop Kanas Pro, but since the IEM is now discontinued, the next best thing is their successor, the KXXS. I actually think the Kanas Pro and T4 sound very similar up to about 4KHz, but the Kanas Pro has a more laidback sound with reduced treble, while the T4 has more clarity due to the increased treble presence. Ok, so I guess, I did compare to the Kanas Pro after all.

    Now, the KXXS, it has noticeable more bass elevation, impact, sub-bass quantity, and longer decay than the T4. This could be good or bad depending on your tastes. For me, I like the T4’s bass levels because, in comparison, I find the KXXS’s bass decay to extend into the lower mid-range and actually that actually ends up muddying up a bit.

    I also find the KXXS to sound harsher and brighter, and surprisingly the T4 doesn’t have that issue, despite having what seems to be a measured higher response in those areas. I think where it differs is that the T4 has a big roll-off in the upper registers, and the KXXS has some rise there.

    So, for me, I was surprised that I prefer the T4 more than the KXXS."
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  9. superuser1
    I agree with that review however, using Final Audio type E tips i was able to get rid of the harshness and get as a good sub bass enhancement.
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  10. DynamicEars

    How about T4 compared to Spring 1?
  11. zenki
    Don't have any but I'll go for spring1
  12. Nhare90
    hey guys it’s been about two or three years since I’ve been active on headfi after I made that thread you have an away all my headphones I just kind of kept my eyes out of the cookie jar so to speak that being said a friend of mine gave me a pair of cheap Chinese iambs and I’m starting to think I’m a entirely interested in the top three picks for under 100 or so dollars. As far as what my top three headphones were the TH 900 fostex we’re always my standard in terms of their ability to go very quickly like you realize just how magical what you’re hearing is which warranted a sit down or sharing to nearest friend. Second place will be oddly the V sonic GR07 or V moda m100 as they both greatly emphasized a Sam signature that worked well and louder environments and I’ve always been somewhat of a bass head unless the entire frequency range is absolutely beautiful and the other headphone that I find myself missing more than anything is the westOne um3X-RC.

    obviously I’m coming into this thread way late and throw in a while I texted you guys but while I sit through 100 pages or so on this very dead shift; any immediate or always recommended iem’s That the community has dubbed as always worth the money wether thats because the price being so low or tip top sounds for around 100 (ish) being available- I’m all ears.
    A mic would be awesome as using them to game would be great for when over ears get too cumbersome.
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  13. baskingshark
    What music genres do u listen to? I haven't heard the Fostex, V sonics/V modas or Westone um3X, but I made a few recommendations for various preferred tuning for < $100 USD in this other thread a few days ago:

    If u are basshead (like me), a few options I can recommend would be the TFZ No. 3, Semkarch SKC CNT1 (if u can still get it, it's been out of production a few months back), TFZ T2 Galaxy, TRN V90, TRN IM2. I think the TRN V90 would be closest to the westone triple driver house sound for being V shaped with good bass and details/clarity/instrument separation. I think there's a sale going on on AE the next few days where it's around $30 USD.

    Other folks have also put their recommendations after it. Hope it helps!
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
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  14. Nhare90
    dude you rock. i will order the 30$ v90 right now i just need help with what AE is so i can do so. will any of these have balanced armatures or dynamics or both (hybrid) setups? i am a basshead if im honest just not the traditional basshead that seems so common in my sub 30 age group where BASSBASSBASS what even is treble mentality takes over where the sounds all muddy. i enjoy music genres that reward the listener with lows that compound if drivers can handle it
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  15. Cevisi
    Tfz no.3 is also a heavy hitter when it comes to bass its around 100 dollar
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