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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. yorosello
    Maybe because of the asian's pop song differ from westerns?
  2. CYoung234
    Well, compare the sound of a Yamaha grand piano to a Bosendorfer.... Or Yamaha trumpets to the classic Bach or Monette....
  3. Slater
    You know, that’s an interesting point.

    Some instruments, being regional, operate over narrow frequency ranges. Like a sitar, bagpipes, qin, etc. Some of these regional instruments only operate over 1, 2, or maybe 3 octaves.

    So I can totally understand how some areas of the world may prefer a sound tuning that accentuates/boosts those narrow frequency ranges.
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  4. chinmie
    biting Marshall and raspy Vox amp sound :darthsmile:

    all (guitar oriented) jokes aside, this generalization of sound while understandable at the early eras, now it is harder to use because the line seemed blurred, because many companies produce variety of products that even stray far from their "house" sound. for instance, i got two Audio Technica headphones and had several of their IEMs that don't sound similar at all.

    for some headfiers who follows the thread often, they (and me) might not have a problem knowing what eastern and western ears definitions are, but even that is a bit broad..

    might i suggest the use of EQ terms like for instance 4K emphasis, or slight boost/cut in the 100hz region (that sort of stuff) has a more general understanding and easier to visualize :ksc75smile:
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  5. DynamicEars
    they still have another damper on BA's mouth which are responsible for midrange, they won't go that wild, and if needed, put just a very little cut of sponge (I did), gone that wooly boomy bass and more clarity on mids. Wonderful midrange.

    yes they are not offensive, boost the clarity too, but still smooth.

    I agree that Spring 1 need some effort to sounds great, I wrote that on my review. But once you did, wow just WOW.
  6. Otto Motor
    Second round: KBEAR Diamond i1 vs. Blon BL-03

    Headfier @baskingshark asked my "co-tuner" which earphone is "better": the highly popular Blon BL-03 or the forthcoming KBEAR Diamond i1. He would have possibly written something here, but he cannot. You will find his discussion in a place 1-2 cm below this post.
    Second .jpg

    My 5 cents: that's an uneven competition. The Diamonds resolve infinitely better and they have a much taller and deeper soundstage. The difference is quite big. They are so good that I cannot be bothered right now fiddling with the screens of the BQEYZ Spring 1, as suggested by @DynamicEars (did you lift the screens off with a needle?).

    P.S. Will try tomorrow. There are a thousand ways to replace the screens...as summarized on my blog under "Modding 101".
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
  7. chickenmoon
    Silly me for thinking the discussion was about contemporary IEMs... :)
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  8. Infoseeker
    My Faaeal Hibiscus can also be described as resolving better and a better soundstage. Seems this Diamond-Like Carbon tech is promising.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
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  9. DynamicEars
    will be watching the Diamond i1..

    I was using watch tools but you can use anything, including needle, just be careful don't put in needle too deep as there is a BA driver near the nozzle, just a few mm will do right to uplift the nozzle grill. And put in the needle slanted instead of straight from top. It's easier than your imagination
  10. Otto Motor
    I just took the screens off and listen without: still wooly bass, sorry. The midrange has become shouty and the tonality is now off balance. It has not changed the bass at all, but the now boosted upper midrange leaves the impression the bass is reduced...as the human ear hears the whole FR spectrum in context. I would not even claim the midrange is particularly clear.

    I just created a $50 earphone out of a $139 one.

    UPDATE: I put the original screens back on -- and now the Spring 1 sound much better. So much better that I don't even mind the wooly bass anymore after I got the balance back. Beware of inverse placebo effects.

    I could have documented this by measuring before and after: screens typically only affect the 5-15 kHz area. Here the theory with a graphed example:

    ANOTHER UPDATE: comparing the Spring 1 with the Diamond, the midrange (vocals) including resolution is actually quite similar between the two. Both have a nice depth. Timbre is slightly better in the single DD, and its bass is not wooly. The other difference: $60. Cheaper to produce a single DD.

    NON-BUYING ADVICE: if you own the Spring 1 you don't need the Diamond. Too similar where it matters most: in the midrange.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  11. DynamicEars
    Well i heard more texture and better articulation after grill mod, are you using small bore eartips? because they tend to boost midbass which is already big (they should tune sub bass bigger than mid bass, I wrote on my review about that) Most of user doesnt have complain on bass like me, I thought im the pickier user concerning about the bass. And yeah they are very eartips dependant so maybe try to roll tips if you got free time. Well in the end we have different ears and equipments, and we are to listen to different pair although they are same model. anyway still appreciate your impressions otto
  12. Otto Motor
    You can document your modding steps by measurements.
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  13. normanl
    I'm deciding to purchase one among LZ A6 mini, Semkarch CNT1 and CCA C12. Does anyone know which one has the best sound quality and most appropriate for classical music?
  14. igor0203
    Having previously owned KZ ZS5, I'm very happy with purchase of my C12. Can't comment on others tho, but I had similar shortlist and ended up with C12.
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  15. Slater
    Wow, I forgot all about the ZS5. I need to get out my ZS5 v1 and check it out. Especially now that I am able to try them out balanced.
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