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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Solar1971
    dang that sucks. I hope at least they will send an email saying the item is delivered.
    because some days I’m not even home. I don’t think I like speedpak.
    I hate it when my packages just sit outside my door. For anyone to just take.
  2. PhonoPhi
    Q: What do you call a collection of 36 IEMs?

    A: You are getting there!

  3. unifutomaki
    Pulled the trigger on these.

    HungryPanda, Solar1971 and yorosello like this.
  4. yorosello
    Should i pull the trigger on tfz monica :/ it's $87 tho after $9 off
  5. Solar1971
    YeH. Congrats. Let us know how they sound.
    unifutomaki and yorosello like this.
  6. citral23
    Yes. Wait, No!

    It looks to me like you could take a step back mate. Nothing is going to disappear overnight. There is no rush. Sit down, listen and enjoy what you already have, then think about it in a few weeks again?
  7. yorosello
    I'm holding back actually hahaha, going to wait for the moondrop starfield
  8. Solar1971
    All you guys are crazy. I’m including myself in this. I’ve lost all control of my wallet. The money is just crawling out and swimming to China
    As fast as it can. I never knew how fast and far money could swim. Wow look at all those 100$ bills just swim swim swim.
    Bye bye money. It was so nice to know you. I’m sure you’ll be back soon. In the pocket of a Chinese billionaire. Coming to America to buy my house.
    But that’s ok. I can live under this here bridge in my favorite shopping cart. It’s not too bad. I have my cellphone and 10 pairs of headphones to keep me warm. Yea!!! I win!!!
  9. Cevisi
    Tell us something new
  10. peter123
    Yes, we're a bit crazy :wink:
    20190917_205150.jpg 20190917_205202.jpg 20190917_205245.jpg
    But just a bit lol.
  11. yorosello
    I think my parents will definitely kick me out of the house if they have discovered that much of earphones in my room, lol
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
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  12. peter123
    In my case it's probably they kids, and even more likely wife, that'll kick me out eventually :wink:
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  13. Solar1971
    Lol. Oh my god I’ve never seen that many IEMs in one place. Holy cow!!!
    Well that’s ok. There’s plenty of room under this here bridge for all of us to live. Lolololol.
    peter123 likes this.
  14. peter123
    The rabbit hole is endless :wink:
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  15. LaughMoreDaily
    No, they'll tell you to give them back to all the kids you stole them from at school.

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