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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. yorosello
    Different price range tho, T800. Also I never think of getting Kxxs, I'll be waiting for the moondrop starfield instead.
  2. yorosello
    Damn, 12 items?
  3. dharmasteve
    Just been playing the Semkarch against the Blons and I'm not sure about the 'steely' artificial timbre in the highs. I couldn't get or hear the 'artificial', in my set. Actually bells and triangles and the like are a little more forward in the mix of the Semkarch, but timbre is accurate and natural. When volumes are equalled for the sets I'm getting good quality and accurate timbre on both IMHO. It's possible that my ears are older than yours and you have a higher treble timbre sensitivity, and awareness than I do. Boody age....it's a one way street. Probable by a hair, the Blon's will stay my usual daily, but if I was reviewing the Semkarch I would review it highly. Actually I am using them right now and they sound special.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
  4. RikudouGoku
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  5. Cevisi
    Yes a 2 cable 1 iem 2 adapter few earings for my girl 2 phone bumber and a big ass seal plush
  6. yorosello
    Damn bruh. It'll be forever
  7. SoundChoice
    Q: What do you call a collection of 12 IEMs?

    A: A good start.
  8. BadReligionPunk
    To me they dominate the hell out of the Blons. Better highs, and much better lows to me. Blons have cleaner mids but that's about it. CNT is top notch in comfort and good in isolation. Blons are not that comfortable to me and have below avg isolation. I also have never heard any harshness at all. I have had them for over a year now and I am still amazed by them when I put them in. :)

    Just my opinion. Im just a CNT. HAHA.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
  9. Tonymac136
    Blon and Semkarch are both excellent. I've a slight preference for the Blon but normal people would be happy with either one. Like a CNT, I need both and listen to them at every opporty.
  10. FastAndClean
    it was hard for me to get a good fit with Semckarchy, KZ starlines did it for me
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  11. Tonymac136
    Me too. Ended up with spiral Dots but in medium not ML.
  12. BadReligionPunk
    Just an FYI. I was fooling around with filters from LZ A6 Mini and testing them all on CNT-1. Was interested to find that LZ filter nozzles were all wider then the CNT-1 nozzles and the DMG 3rd party filter. This made it enough of a crunch that the regular M size Spiral dots I was using were a bit too thick. Had to go down a size to MS, which of course was just a bit too small for regular filters. Weird. But that tiny of a difference made them go from unnoticeable in my ears and super comfortable to a bit crammed and noticeable.

    Interesting though was that Red filter and Brass filter were virtually identical in sound, and the Black filters were identical as well. The Blue filter which is ridiculously shrill and harsh on the LZ made the CNT a very V shaped iem with a bit to much up top that worked great at low volumes on some songs and just shrill and harsh on others.

    So I ended up with Black filters on both. CNT-1 is a fun bass toy, and LZ is a more neutral balanced details IEM.


    Oh and the white stuff isn't eargoo. Its glue or that sticky booger stuff that keeps the filters on. I know because I tried to clean it off and accidently pulled the screen off of the blue filter. OOPS!
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
  13. Solar1971
    Hey guys. quick question.

    Most of the stuff I order gets shipped to me from China by a company called SpeedPak.
    I have the tracking information. And I’ve been tracking them. I live in LA county and the tracking says it arrived in LA.
    then it says it left LA or rather is uses the word Departed. Does that mean I should be getting it today?
    It says it departed LA yesterday.
    Do they usually send an email when it’s about to arrive? Or does it just show up without any warning?
  14. HungryPanda
    Usually show up without warning
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  15. citral23
    An addiction.
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