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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Solar1971
    Oh my god I want them. I listen to lots of EDM.
    I ordered the TFZ #3 because it supposedly has nice bass. but I don’t know if it’s as much as your graph is showing wow.
    can you imagine some nice powerful drum and bass on those. Wow!!!
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  2. 1clearhead
    So far, I've been listening to them at home and at work for two days straight. ...No joke!
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  3. baskingshark
    TFZ No. 3 is my go to basshead IEM for EDM. There are definitely bassier sets out there but the No. 3 has quite good instrument separation/clarity/details for a single DD (best of the single DDs I own). So it is quite good for electronic music IMHO, especially if there are some complex instrumentation or competing intrumentation in the music. With EQ, the TFZ No. 3 can really give jaw rattling headache inducing bass LOL.

    I would have considered this set @1clearhead is recommending, but for the non detachable cable. Had a few sets die on me at the cable insertion area, so gotta pass on it unless it's something cheap like a Sony MH755. But it does look super basshead from the FR!
  4. Solar1971
    you know I was wondering about the DD of the #3. it says it has 2 magnets. 2 coils. And 2 cavities.
    sort of like having 2 DDs put tother. I wonder if that’s what it has? Maybe a single unit. But made from 2 DDs?
    Hmmmm I wonder. I’m glad you say it has nice bass. Because that’s why I ordered it. For my EDM fixation. Lol
  5. Veyska
    Because the C10 is an awesome IEM, that's why. :p Not crazy detailed, not crazy bass or treble or what not, just generally good and satisfying. ^-^ If I had to winnow my small-but-slowly-growing IEM collection that would be one of the very last ones to go...
  6. 1clearhead
    You'll be surprised how super clear they sound, yet with the smooth very low non-intrusive sub-bass and the incredible micro-details it provides, they really sound extreme! With the right person here in China, I might just get the cables done and make them detachable!
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  7. dharmasteve
    So I was a little lost during 11/11. I'd previously bought a couple of Blon 03's and felt totally satisfied with their subjectively absorbing and pleasing sound. Still as most in this hobby my IEM finger was itchy, but how do you better what seems to be the best? Over the past couple of years I was a Tin HiFi man and later a Budman, but the Blon's were better to me. So finger ready I went out searching for a pretty looking, single, unattatched IEM. The answer came rather quickly in a mail from Linsoul. Reduced price.......Semkarch CNT1 $39. I couldn't find a graph for them, so based on @FastAndClean review I took a chance and my finger pressed the button. Now after a week of listening I can say these have a similarity to the Blon 03. I can listen all day. They have a firmer more well extended bass than the Blon's, with no bleed at all, fairly forward mids and vocals. Highs are good, not the most detailed, but do organically support the whole stage. Like the Blon's there is something magical about these. Sad that they are being sold off. If you can get a cheap pair they stand up to the best, particularly with the gold filter. Does anybody have the graph of the CNT1?
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
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  8. dharmasteve

    Some Klezmer Rock for those that may appreciate the frenzy.
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  9. baskingshark
    Ya the CNT1 is one of my favourite DD chifi. It is more basshead than BLON with black filters. I heard the LZ A6 filters are compatible with it too. It's timbre and tonality is not as good as the BLON IMHO but it's a non fatiguing listen with no weird peaks/troughs on the CNT1. I use it to sleep some days.

    I said this before, but if I had discovered the CNT1 before I purchased the TFZ no. 3, i would have skipped the latter. At the original $95 price there's better stuff out there like the toneking ninetails. But at the current 30 - 40 usd firesale prices, it's a steal.
  10. dharmasteve
    You're a black filter basshead....a good thing. I haven't had a chance to really check out those black filters much yet. I always used to like the way Sade used to use bass in her music. Although I have many full headphones that can mimic the bass for me, there are only a few IEMs that can do it. The TFZ No 3s maybe? But still no in ear experience touches the bass from good speakers in a fairly unfurnished, sound compatible room. I like the visceral bass thump in the Solar Plexus Chakra of good speakers. No in-earphone can do that, so it will always be a missing factor for me although the Blon's compensate somewhat with their musical sound full of timbre and soulfulness.
  11. Infoseeker

    I have the Blon and Hibiscus, the Blon-03 have a longer decay tonality. Hibiscus are better for faster music. Blon are better for classical.

    Soundstage is better on the Hibiscus, probably expected with its better treble.

    Oh and Faaeal's gimmick claim about their isolation design for the Hibiscus is substantial, they isolate better between the two.

    Hibiscus is sensitive so can stick to the amazing 3.5mm cable given. No reason to go balanced. Both iems are 2pin.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
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  12. yorosello
    My 11.11 items had left the custom since 2 days ago but until now there is no single update of my package till now, idk what to say. The post service here is sucks.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
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  13. baskingshark
    Yeah I'm a basshead LOL. Though even when the Semkarch is used with black filters, the TFZ no. 3 to me still has more subbass extension and quantity. But the Semkarch takes well to EQ so if u wanna get a thumping jaw rattling bass, it can be done.

    The gold filters on the Semkarch decrease the bass and increase the treble and makes it more neutralish sounding. Though I personally find with gold filters, the Semkarch sounds a bit like the usual budget CHIFI multi BA/hybrid sets with a bit of a "steely" artificial timbre in the higher registers. YMMV. I gotta get myself some LZ filters one day to put on the Semkarch to try it out.
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  14. Cevisi
    Dm6 is not that good anymore there are better products like kxxs or t800
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  15. Cevisi
    I got 3 items but 12 are still stuck at customs thats pretty normal for 11

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