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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. SoundChoice
    Welcome to Head-Fi.
  2. Dcell7
    My A6 is in transit since last week. It was sent with China Post registered airmail. The tracking stopped at somewhere in Guangzhou, China. I don’t know if it has left China. Maybe the tracking updates just stopped. Probably will take weeks before it arrives. I should have insisted on Singapore Post or ePacket which mostly takes 10-15 days for me and the tracking is more accurate.
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  3. chinmie
    i think I'm gonna hold on to my wallet this black friday. my Tape from 11.11 has just arrived yesterday (along with a couple of TWSs), and so far I'm really happy with it, reminds me of the PP8's signature (albeit with a warmer bass region) and soundstage a lot. so far no problem with the MMCX and I've been using it around 5 hours since yesterday
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  4. DynamicEars
    as I love the Spring 1, they are very good, but A6 will be on another step up from what I've read so far. @Bui Hai Anh have both and put the A6 on his top list with T800 while spring 1 on second with Tape.
  5. unifutomaki
    Looking into picking up a FAAEAL Hibiscus myself. They've rather flown under the radar for the most part and there aren't really any detailed reviews of it out there but I'm captivated by the way it looks, and am looking to start building out my collection with a slightly more upscale single DD.

    This comes after taking a punt on the KZ EDR1 over 11/11 after years of budget Philips and Sonys and being pleasantly surprised by what they accomplish for like two dollars. I've been bitten by the Chi Fi bug.
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  6. 1clearhead
    Trust me, I tried to stop myself and others tried to help, but it never worked. Whether, you like it or not, you have no choice to just accept the inevitable.
    Hangman.jpg Self Inflicted Pain.jpg thanos-snap-1093771-640x320.jpeg Jump off bridge.jpg

    ...But, after all that, I'm still here.
    AR-180319892.jpg ...:point_left::blush: PS. By the way, that's not me, haha!

  7. Solar1971
    Lolololol. I think I’m screwed. But I like it. Is something wrong with me? Hahaha.
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  8. LaughMoreDaily
    Why would you be screwed ordering awesome KB100 earphones?
  9. LaughMoreDaily
    I've heard from one person the Blon 03 sounds better than Hibiscus. :frowning2:
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  10. Solar1971
    Because. I don’t think I can stop. Lol.
    I just placed an order for CCA C10’s. They were on sale on eBay for 28$ with mic. Purple color. Oh my god why?!?!?!
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  11. unifutomaki
    Maybe I shall take the oppoty to grab the Blons as well, and figure that out for myself :p annotation and driams as it were

    Pray tell, might anybody have thoughts about the TFZ T2 Galaxy? They look pretty great too.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
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  12. 1clearhead
    I am very surprised with the HECATE GM360 by EDIFIER. I bought these on 11/11 sale for around $16 US dollars (113 yuan) on taobao and performs way above their price! Very similar to the BLONS, but with slightly less mid-bass and more micro-details! The only CONS are the non-detachable cables, but everything else about them is very positive!

    HECATE GM360.jpg *Below are the FR GRAPH of HECATE(left) and BLON BL03(right) from current postings.
    EDIFIER GM360.png Screenshot_378.png

    I bought mine on taobao...

    -Clear :yum:
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
  13. Solar1971
    wow that’s a LOT of bass. I bet they’re great for EDM.
  14. yorosello
    They sounds good too
  15. 1clearhead
    Sub-bass is smooth, deep, and clear, never bloated! ...No mid-bass bleed at all!
    These are micro dynamic drivers done right! :sunglasses::thumbsup:

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