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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. FastAndClean
    it is funny but one of my pairs that is different from the others, sound like the KP :floatsmile:
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  2. citral23
    I've carefully considered that point. When I got the BLON the first thing I fired was the Ella Fitzgerald "Clap hands, here comes Charlie" album. Oh man, I was blown away. The voice timbre was just crazy good and it saddened me that I had paid 166€ for the KPE, which I put on the same tracks and found the mids quite thin in comparison (but tonaly correct).

    Then I started to fire some be-bop and found the blon inadequate, it all sounded like a mess, nothing was defined, I couldn't "feel the swing" of the tracks. Back to KPE everything swinged again.

    I tried to find out what it was that made the blon sound like soup on those tracks and discerned it was instrument separation and slow bass. For some people it might be totally adequate mind you, I'm spoiled by the technical aspect of some really fast earbuds at the moment.

    I think many are not getting my point, it's not that the blon is bad per se, it's that it does not, in my opinion, make the mid-tier iems obsolete.

    If I had to keep only one it would still be the KPE because of its technical abilities to resolve everything quick, and I don't regret paying for them, at all. I would frankly say so otherwise, and it may be the case in the future.

    As I have the 2 I chose the blon for ballads and hip-hop, to me they are more enjoyable for that kind of music, the KPE for anything bop, and otherwise busy/fast tracks.

    Is it possible I have a dud? Yes, absolutely. I don't want to pay again to verify. If they had perfect fit, looked beautiful, and I was sure I would get 30% improvement and not 5% I'd do it.

    But as it is, better wait for the bl-04 anyway, that will probably make everyone forget the bl-03 in a few months, don't think they will stand the test of time all that great but we'll see.

    Also the T4 is coming. There's always something around the corner in cheapo land. But a good mid-tier is a keeper, imo.
  3. citral23
    Completely depends on the music one listens to and personal preference. It's difficult if not impossible to have super heavy, and well defined and textured bass, imho. Also I doubt people who listen to classical are interested in "shaking windows"... Rather on getting the woody texture of a contrabass, which is something I can't hear on bass heavy iems.
  4. citral23
    Well with the KPE you get perfectly fine tips, and a fantastic cable that is worth 80$ sold separately. 30$ blon + 80$ cable + 10$ spinfits = 120$, it's not 160 usd more for the KPE strictly speaking.

    Just putting things in perspective, but I think it's a good idea to tell newcomers to start with the blon tbh, going straight for a mid-tier if they don't even know if they prefer harman, u, v, DD, bas is not the best idea.
  5. ozziecook
    Interesting...one of my three sounds like 64audio tia fourte...
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  6. silverfishla
    I would actually say that an adequate bass section is needed for classical music. When the music swells, it has to have a large enough space to be able to accomodate the the that. Something like a Tin2 will never swell properly. But, to your point, bass definition and good tonality are extremely important for acoustic instruments because long time listeners know exactly what the characteristics of these instruments are. The woodiness, the timbre, the attack. Rock music, electronic...not so much. These are all, sort of, manipulated sounds, in which if you were not there...you really don’t 100% know what it’s supposed to sound like.
  7. TimeSnow
    Does anyone have any experience using the T800s with just a phone?

  8. FastAndClean
  9. voicemaster
    The blon is not even close to basshead territory. Even my kz zsx has more bass impact than the blon. My jvc fx1100 has more bass and sometimes too much bass than both blon and zsx. Is the blon neutral? Hell no, but I think it is pretty balance.
  10. Cevisi
    Yes sounds good on my s8+ and s10+

    And id you want get a dac it will also sound great on es100 and powerdac 2
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  11. 1clearhead
    You can probably find the answer to your question on the BL01. :wink::thumbsup:...Hope this works for you!
  12. peter123
    A dedicated Blon thread would be nice....
  13. 1clearhead
    ...or, better yet? Get the BL01! :point_left::yum:
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  14. Tonymac136
    First me, now @1clearhead ... I think the BL01 hype train is coming.
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  15. citral23

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