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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. crabdog
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  2. yorosello
  3. paulindss
    Me too
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  4. mbwilson111
    That first link is not a dedicated thread for that... it is quite different...although of course you are welcome to join in with whatever is going on. . The second one that crabdog posted is a dedicated thread for pictures.

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  5. LaughMoreDaily
    How do the Blon 01 and 03 compare? Is the body weight the same? The fit? The shape?
  6. Tonymac136
    Apples and oranges. They are a similar weight but a totally different shape. Fit isn't great with stock tips on either (though the later 03 with the black bag may be different) but most aftermarket tips fit fine. 01 is worn down, 03 up. 03 has a removable cable, 01s is integrated. Soundwise, too, they are different. The 01 is tuned more closely to a Tin T2 than the 03 which is much meatier. Sub bass isn't really a thing with the 01. It's not light (even with a phone as a source it goes as deep and has as much punch as a Tin T2 on an amplifier).
    The 03 has a bigger soundstage. The 01 has a better soundstage and separation (except for a bit of confusion between bass guitar and bass drum - though this has improved no end with burn in, it is still there a little).
    Timbre is roughly equal on both units, pretty much bang on with instruments I know well.
    The 01 has more tonal consistency to my ears and seems to have a little more detail though this could be the more treble-oriented tuning of the 01. The 03 presents music as a whole slightly better.
    I tend to use my 01 more because I can just plug it into a phone and enjoy the music. The 03 sounds at its best on the end of an amp. It's picky about tips. I mean, it's glorious and my favourite IEM of all. But just as I won't always listen to vinyl when I want to listen to music, often the simplicity of the 01 "experience" beats the "better" 03 hands down.
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  7. SiggyFraud
    No idea. From the ones you mentioned I only have the ZSN, but it's tucked away in its box, waiting to be sold.
  8. ShakeThoseCans
    Yes, exactly. Try it with Tubular Bells (remastered), where it shines above my other IEMs:

    I definitely notice the dynamic advantages of the CNT-1 on certain tracks. And the bass goes deeper than most. Even though bass is of middling importance here, the Interstellar Docking Scene [SPOILERS] is simply better on the CNT-1 than most of my Chi-Fi IEMs, including the capable King Pro:

    Honestly, the CNT-1 is making me more sensitive to 'artificial' tuning on my other IEMs. I thought I was more of a BA guy than DD, but it's kind of all-for-nought if the tuning's off. So there's an argument to search for a 'better' CNT-1, with substantial improvements in soundstage (width, since it's already deep), imaging, detail retrieval, and positioning.
  9. ShakeThoseCans
    The way you are describing the Kanas, being good with synthetic drums and bass, it might be good for certain prog. rock. What do you think? Kanas vs CNT-1 vs. TFZ No. 3, which is probably better? lol, you might not have tried them all.

    BL-03 sounds like it would be best for music produced with traditional instruments.
  10. chinmie
    yes, it might, especially those with "click-y" bass drums. it's fun to test both of them (the Kanas and Blon) on the same song, just to hear different aspects of the mix they accentuate.

    unfortunately i haven't tried the CNT and No. 3 yet
  11. 1clearhead
    Okay, why did you go on and write something that good about the BL01? Now, I'm going to end up buying a pair! :sweat_smile: ...The flow of cash comes and goes!
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  12. superuser1
    I just want to ask if you guys have any preferred iems for listening to ambient, space genres. All and any input would be welcome.

  13. crabdog
    The Shuoer Tape is great for for ambient stuff. Very clean sound with deep bass and above-average detail retrieval. Also the new Tipsy Dunmer Pro is ticking lots of boxes for me. Not sure what price range you're interested in though, both of those are between $100-200.
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  14. Otto Motor
    @loomisjohnson is taking on a crowdpleaser...

    KZ ZSX .jpg
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  15. ozziecook
    Been mentioned before I expect, but what’s the best Spinfit model number for the Blon 03?

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