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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. silverfishla
    I disagree with the other assessments of the Kylin. I think it has good mids, nice treble and good present bass. A nice visceral bass. It continues to be one of my favorites, especially with smaller DAPs where the Kylin can pull out a bit more luscious bass than some of my other IEMs. I find the soundstage very nice and spacious.
  2. ShakeThoseCans

    I just tested the CNT-1 versus the TFZ T2 Galaxy on the first 3 tracks. Koffee, especially, is spectacular with the CNT-1.

    The T2 Galaxy isolates the different elements of the song better than the CNT-1, and may give better detail on some instruments. Positioning is also a little clearer with the T2. But the CNT-1 is more melodic, more pleasant to listen to, and the bass seems integrated more 'naturally.' The instruments and bass are also smoother, and bass is thumpier. It's a warmer and more human presentation that better matches the video.

    With "The Sky is Falling," the T2 Galaxy presents clearer vocals. But I'm not sure all the elements of the song integrate as well as on the CNT-1. The CNT-1 muddies it some, but it's more compelling. There's more 'stages' to the CNT-1 bass. Female vocals are pleasantly rounded. [T2 foregrounded the male vocals better, though.]

    Majik is just smoother and better integrated on the CNT-1, with more sparkly highs as compared to the T2 Galaxy. T2 Galaxy presents the song's elements distinctly, but lifelessly. CNT-1 bass here reminds me of a car subwoofer.

    With the T2 Galaxy, I appreciate its instrument separation, it has some good technicalities, but it just sounds 'flat' and 'dead' with most of these tracks, whereas I don't want to stop listening with the CNT-1. By contrast, listening to these tracks with the CNT-1 is a little like looking through a glass with a light coating of vaseline: the elements are softened and some of them become a little unclear. [I'm thinking of the old Nintendo 64's 'Vaseline-O-Vision,' which killed some detail and clarity, but presented a smooth overall experience, if framerates kept up.] It's probably more tuned to the human ear.
  3. ShakeThoseCans
    I've also been testing the CNT-1 against the KZ-7 a little. It gets in a real shootout with the KZ-7 in some of the bassier Daft Punk songs like Da Funk and Doin' it Right. I'm not sure which I prefer more. The CNT-1 bass is tighter, and I think it goes deeper. The KZ-7 continues to surprise me though, and actually did okay with John Coltrane "My Favourite Things," where it presented the song in a powerful fashion. The CNT-1 was more relaxed, but maybe a little too relaxed. My expectations are very subjective, though. [Even the T2 is handling that Coltrane song okay. But the King Pro might be smoother, more relaxed, except for the main saxophone, which is too much.]

    The CNT-1 also handles ELP's Fanfare For The Common Man better than most of my Chi-Fi. The soundstage works in its favour here. You're surrounded by the guitar and synths, and heavier bass sneaks in once in a while, which the CNT-1 handles well. It really pulls you in, and the CNT-1 keeps the beat.

  4. FastAndClean
    CNT1 is one of my favorites, it has incredible bass control, unmatched by my other dynamic earphones, the bass is not only the fastest and tightest, it is very dynamic as well, when you have amazing control with high dynamic range it can wow you on some tracks like nothing else, i use mine with 5db bass boost under 60hz and with that it is the most impressive earphone for electronic music that i have
  5. chickenmoon
    I don't think the Kylin's bass qualifies as visceral as it lacks both punch and definition to my ears.

    To me the Kylin is a warm and smooth iem with so-so bass quality and good but too subdued rest of the frequency range, almost completely lacking bite and excitement. I also don't like BA treble in general so this one turned out to be one of my most underwhelming purchase. I bought them immediately when they came out based on my appreciation of their previous A15 models but was very disappointed..
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  6. BadReligionPunk

    Been doing a lot of comparison and note taking with Kanas VS CNT1 and its fairly close at this point. There is more sub bass and mid bass with Kanas and the mids are a touch cleaner and more detailed, but stage and space is bigger on CNT1 and there is just some special sauce I am trying to figure out with them(I think its just presence). Was listening to this album today with Kanas and was blown away. Came home and listened with CNT1 and it just sounded better. My personal feeling is that Kanas is dark. CNT is not. that's probably what gives the sense of space and air which works so well with this style of music.
    Along the same style as Toast. This songs bass is really intoxicating to me.

    BTWn BL03 is no slouch here either. Less low end then Kanas or CNT1, but still has enough grunt to make it fun IMO
  7. FastAndClean
    Kanas have more natural timber compared to CNT1, agree about the bass, Kanas have a little bit more, especially sub bass, Kanas is dark only if the recording lack upper treble, if there is upper treble recorded the Kanas is not dark, it has energy there that is lacking in the CNT1, CNT1 have more mid treble, so for most song it will be more balanced in the treble region
    Kanas for me have longer decay in the bass, the attack is slower as well, the texture is very good though, it can separate the notes well despite the slower response there
    overall i find the Kanas closer to Blon BL03 sound, they are like from the same family, CNT1 is a bit different, a bit colored in the mids and treble
    that is the reason why i am not using CNT1 with vocal music like folk for example, it is good but the other two are better
  8. BadReligionPunk
    Im pretty shocked at how good the Kanas mids are despite having the bass that they have. They are great.
    BL03 to me is a great all rounder. The only thing that keeps it from being a daily driver is that the isolation is not that great.

    BTW. Have you had chance to hit the TFZ No3?
  9. PhonoPhi
    A very interesting point.
    I simplistically assumed that wide bores enrich treble.
    I use either JVC Spiral dots or similar wide bores on all my favourite IEMs for a simple point not to cut/constrain anything unnecessarily.

    Then, if to think about it, the closest analogy that comes to mind is the bore acoustics of woodwind instruments, e.g. clarinets that I am most familiar with.

    There wide bore instruments (French and English clarinets) have more open sound (of clarinet in jazz or klezmer), rich throughout the spectra with sometimes clashing overtones.

    While narrower bore instruments (German clarinets) have more clear sound with less but more pronounced overtones, which some may perceive as brighter sounding.

    If to take further analogies from woodwind acoustics, the bore mismatch (such as that of mouthpiece and the upper joint) is quite disturbing, so again using the tips with the same bore as a nozzle is the least perturbing option.
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  10. FastAndClean
    agree 100%, about the mids on Kanas, it is a rare thing to have pure DD with great mids, usually the BAs can nail the midrange, DD earphones are most of the time V shaped
    the isolation on the Blon is ok for me, but i am using earphones at home, for outside i don't want isolation, i prefer to be "aware" of my surroundings

    i was gonna buy it at one point, but after that i saw some measurements showing recession in the mid range and i am not a fan of V shaped sound, my perfect signature is L shaped, but for vocal music i like mid forward earphones, the BAs that i have all of them have forward vocals, it is rare for me to use them though, 80% of my time i listen to electronic music
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2019
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  11. chinmie
    I've said this already somewhere in this forum: for anything that uses a synthetic drums and bass, the Kanas is superior than the BL03. for acoustic drums and stringed bass sounds, the BL 03 would sound more natural while the Kanas sounded like being applied with another mastering compressor..it sounds cleaner, but slightly more compressed.. so I prefer the BL03 on that
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  12. baskingshark
    Agree 100%!
    I'm actually using my CNT1 more than the TFZ No. 3 these days. I think I previously mentioned that if I had heard the CNT1 prior to purchasing the TFZ No. 3, I wouldn't have gotten the latter.
    Even though the TFZ No. 3 has more subbass extension and quantity, there is a midbass bleed and it is not as fast as the CNT1.
    The TFZ No. 3 has a spike at the 8 kHz area that makes some horns and trumpets sound harsh, but the CNT1 doesn't have this nasty spike. CNT1 has great control of the dynamic range indeed.
  13. FastAndClean
    it can really jump at me with a massive but tight slam, funny little things
  14. BadReligionPunk
    I'd love to find a upgrade, but I am happy with what I have. Weather getting cold so I am almost in exclusive headphone weather anyway.

    At a reggae show now but was still browsing aliexpress and saw BLON had a new earphone with the 10mm carbon driver. Saw there was only 1 order so far, but I am guessing that it's same driver as bl 03? It's also $65. Interesting.
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  15. silverfishla
    I think we all need to take our Kylins out and have another listen! Haha.
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