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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Slater
    It usually smooths treble peaks for me. Really narrow bore tips make treble peaky. But we all hear differently, so YMMV.

    Wide bore tips reduce the low end slightly, which does rebalance the sound more towards the treble. But it’s not like it creates sharp treble spikes where there were none before.
  2. 1clearhead
    +1 ...Same here.:thumbsup:
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  3. Coyro
    IMO the most apparent cause of differences can be the insertion depth change. The combination of different tips in different ears in an attempt to get the optimal seal with a decent fit can do very confusing results.
  4. requal
    Few words more, after few days later with GuideRays GR-I68.. - Relatively there's not much reviews of those, so I decided to share some impressions.

    I would mention that those who have large ear canals can be little disappointed, because tips are relatively small. It seems like biggest is as M size of normal tips. Tips are very important with this earphone.. and it could be problematic to find replacement.

    Sound from GRz is coherent and sound-stage is large. Highs and mids are forward, and it isn't typical v-shape signature. IMO mesurements makes misrepresentation, because longer tip nozzle makes them like v-shape on graph. On stock tips perception of sound is like this:
    High ***
    Mid ***
    Low **

    Bass isn't primary part of tuning, but sub-bass can rumble when needed and mid-bass doesn't bleed on midrange. Overall nice textured and not distorted.

    Vocals both male, and female are in my opinion very good, especially female vocals can cause a little thrill. On other side could also show bit sibilance ocasionaly

    Highs are on edge of sharpness, but it could be perceived as exciting.
    Definitely, when I changed cable to stock Rhapsodio Orla or included bi-flange tips top end has toned down, but I miss this sparkle, so I decided to still use stock cable and normal tips.

    Earphones are worth to try, especialy for those who likes experiments. Personally I prefer them over Blons BL-03.

    Those are my personal units (not samples) and I was listening them with LG G7 Fit with quad dac mostly.

    Last edited: Oct 24, 2019
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  5. Jmop
    Still eagerly awaiting my Blons.. Would love to hear more recs for other smooth sounding earphones in any price range.
  6. baskingshark
    Two other smooth IEMs i have used:
    1 - Hisenior B5+. 5 knowles BA, retails ~ $80usd. Very midcentric, good for vocals, acoustic, jazz. Good isolation, clarity, imaging and details. Timbre and tonality excellent for an all BA set. Has roll off at extreme frequencies so not the best for bass forward genres. But takes well to EQ (I'm a basshead), so boost the bass a few dB up and it's great. The tuning is very atypical for a CHIFI set and not every genre will shine with it though. Not everyone likes this kind of tuning as such.

    2 - Toneking ninetails. Single DD with front and back tuning filters, can give 9 configs for sound tuning, from basshead to V shape to more neutral. Excellent timbre and tonality. Retails $100 usd but can be gotten @ $80ish during sales. Big sounstage and quite good clarity and details for a single DD set. Isolation is below average and shells looks weird (but it is very comfortable).

    These have no harsh peaks or valleys in the FR. Very coherent and organic tuning.
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  7. chinmie
    and one heck of a stage monitor
  8. baskingshark
    Yes it would be a good stage monitor, especially for vocals and guitar. The hisenior shop claims an isolation of -18dB for it and i think it is thereabouts.

    Unfortunately I have the Audiosense T800 which has better isolation (30dB), details, clarity and instrument separation. But it is a great entry level set for stage monitoring for sure.
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  9. chinmie
    i think they offer the option to make it full resin instead.. that would add more isolation. luckily (or unluckily) i don't gig anymore, so for going to the mall with my wife and kid, this still do the job. i really love listening to guitars, especially distorted big muff/fuzz style sound on the B5+
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  10. Jmop
    Thanks! Will look into them.
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  11. baskingshark
    Hi friends, have any of u tried the Whizzer A-HE03 Kylin before? 1 DD + 2 BA (knowles). Looks well built and FR looks quite basshead.

    Seems it is on a flash sale on the AE Whizzer shop at $92 USD now.
  12. FastAndClean
    "There is a lot of bloat "
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  13. superuser1
    Very very true!!
  14. Slater
    +1 on the NineTail rec. The fact that it has 9 tuning filter combinations (that actually make a difference in the sound profile) adds even more bang for the buck.
  15. crabdog
    "The Kylin’s bass is somewhat of a disappointment for me. On one hand, the upper bass is fairly conservative in quantity and sounds reasonably good. On the other hand, the lower and sub-bass have a slow decay, are boosted out of proportion and have a tendency to sound disconnected from the music."
    Yours truly

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