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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. raccoon city
    I read the reviews here...
    ...and many of the reviewers complained about the stock cable.
    For hopefully a better cable, I care about comfort, sound quality, and of course, price.
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  2. mbwilson111
    For me the stock cable is very comfortable and sounds fine....if it didn't, the Blon would not sound as good as it does. As for price, you get it included at no extra cost:)
  3. raccoon city
    Here are actual quotes from BLON BL-03 reviews regarding the stock cable.

    "Detachable 3.5 mm stock cable - not too ergonomic for most headfiers and myself. It tends to yank the IEM out of the ear, so a cable change is strongly advised"
    "The stock tips and cables were not optimal IMHO."
    "Indeed if you didn't give up with the BLON BL-03's stock tips and cables department, a magical experience will be revealed with your persistence!"
    "The stock cable also is not too optimal for the BLON BL-03 as it is stiff and tends to yank the IEM out of the ears."
    "If you would put in the effort to tiproll and get another aftermarket cable, you will be rewarded with it's magical coherent sound signature."
    "So-so cable"
    "you need longer tips, you can change the cable too, isolation is avarage"
    "Cables are not great"
    "The cable is too tightly coiled over the ears with a heatshrink that is on the thick side that gets uncomfortable for me (with glasses). Others reported the ear hook rotating the earphones out of their seal."

    Obviously not everyone likes the stock cables.
    What are some good inexpensive alternatives?
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  4. chinmie
    the only thing that's a bit finicky about the stock cable for me is the plastic guide tubing being too rounded, but that only a bit of a hassle when putting it on. when it's on, it's very comfortable, at least for my ears. if it's still a hassle, just reshape the tubing with heat, or remove it. other aspect of it (cable material, jack, connector, etc) i think it's a good cable. soundwise (if you believe that sort of thing) , i like the Blon sound with thinner cable/less braids, so the stock cable is good for me.
  5. voicemaster
    I don't think the stock cable is crappy, but the stock tips is different story.
  6. DynamicEars
    me too. I just find that stock cable isn't great but what do you expect from a $30 set? they are very usable actually, just some of us want thicker cable, or inner material preference cable (be it copper, silver plated, pure silver, gold silver, etc) and of course fancy look.
    Just buy the BLON first, you can buy the cable later on.
  7. voicemaster
    Or better yet, make it wireless ;P
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  8. BadReligionPunk
    It's not a great cable, but it's useable. It's on par with the trn cable that came with the v20 imo. Lightweight and comfortable. My main beef is that there is no cinch. I like those.

    The tips are horrible though. Same tips that came with ep10. I never throw tips in the trash can, but I threw them away. They were useless on ep10, and they were useless here. Auvio tips work great here for me.
  9. SoundChoice
    Most .78 2-pin will work, some more elegantly than others.
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  10. Otto Motor
    I use a cheap $13 8-core copper cable. Any cheap 8-core cable will do.
  11. superuser1
    We dont like that word here... not very much :D
  12. chinmie
    why?? :o2smile::o2smile:
  13. superuser1
    But a BT wire on the eymotic and you will know why :)
  14. chinmie
    but i do that all the time :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

  15. raccoon city
    Thank you!
    I'll do some research later and see if I can find something suitable.
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