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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Dani157
    You're going to listen these songs on any iem and not others. They may hear differently than you which may give you inaccurate impressions. Suggest you try analysing their opinions and remodel their test tracks basis yours. Needs some effort but will surely give you better results as you'll eliminate all many variables in this manner.
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  2. Dani157
    It is but not everywhere and with everyone who doesn't primarily listen to Indian movie songs.
  3. superuser1
    I would recommend songs from Bombay, Roja, Rang De Basanti and Rangeela to name a few.
  4. SweetEars
    of this list i will only pick rangeela , roja... not the other 2 ...roja itself contains quite good instruments and rangeela has soundstage and thump

    i will recommend daud, kadhalan ect for their immaculate sound engineering by Rahman .. so to test if the IEM captures that essence perfectly...

    What i mean by this .. here is an example.. This song in the second half is good for testing the vibrancy of the drums, the lower treble, mids and sub bass

    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  5. SweetEars
    but some did give some accurate descriptions of even though they previously did not listen to them
  6. Dani157
    Chances of hits outnumbering misses are quite high. Although it's your money and you can choose to spend it the way you want. It was just my suggestion
  7. nxnje
    Just got my hands on my MH755 by a seller that I have never heard. They're geniune anyway, sound is really good and even if I have more technical IEMs these are just amazing for a daily use.
    They're actually much more comfortable than my other daily drivers (ZS7 and Blon BL03).
    The only downside (which is well known by the community) is the very short cable. I have already solved it by buying a jack extension cable which I'm receiving next week. For now i'm just using them putting my little benjie S8 in my upper pocket on the jacket.

    Overall, first impressions are good: natural and extended sub-bass which does not get intrusive, pleasant mid bass hump, slightly recessed mids and forward upper midrange without sibilance. Highs have a good extension.
    Soundstage is not the biggest but with average size for now, and imaging is good for what they cost.
    To my ears they sound better compared to many of my IEMs which cost 2x/3x their price, and they're way better than my beloved EDR1 (sad to say, but that's true), which still have a better slam in the bass region compared to the MH755.

    One thing: the MH755 are not the loudest earphones out there, so.. for everyone who's curious about buying them just like I did after reading many opinions on the web, it's something you need to know.
    A cheap DAP like man can drive them easy at 13/30 volume but my s7 edge needs 90% of the volume to get at the same level.

    Gonna enjoy them some days with my new MH751, and with my incoming ZSX and V90 which should be here next week.

    NOTE: I hate Head-Fi, my curiosity in trying stuff never ends! CLOSE HEAD FI OR I'M GONNA BE POOR VERY SOON IF I STEP UP TO MID FI AND HI FI
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  8. mbwilson111
    Thank you for those numbers. That explains a lot. All my DAPs, including my little Benjie, power these and my other iems and earbuds well. It is possible that those who are using a phone with no added amp are not able to hear what I hear. A phone may not be driving them optimally. There is more to it than just the overall loudness.

    Plus you will have no room in your home for anything except audio gear:frowning2: I hate Head-Fi too!

    Also, you will begin to question your sanity.
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  9. baskingshark
    Haha at least u and Mr Panda can share audio gear so your family only needs to make one purchase per gear.......... Unless, don't tell me u both purchase identical gear LOL.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
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  10. nxnje
    Completely agreed. I'm gonna try them with my Fiio A3 today as well just to see if they become even more consistent.

    Anyway, I have already started questioning myself as I always need to change IEMs because I cannot stay two days in a row listening to the same IEMs. I'm getting crazy, wanna solve this one day.

    Splitted expenses >>>>>>> singular expenses ahahaha
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  11. 1clearhead
    No worries, here!
    After I gifted my wife with so many earphones, she actually started accepting my sanity, which is insane! :upside_down::point_left::smile:
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  12. mbwilson111
    There are a few things that we both have. For example, I was one of the first to buy the Blon ,, when it was still a mystery as to what the model was and what it would look like. He ended up not being able to resist all the recent hype and has ordered one for himself. He has not listened to mine... well maybe for a minute when it arrived.

    We don't really listen much to each others stuff... especially iems because of all the tip rolling involved. It is easier to borrow each others headphones or earbuds but that happens less than you might think. Of course when he makes an earbud he makes one for each of us. You can see all those HungryPanda models in our lists. Mine listed in alphabetical order. His listed in order of when he made them.
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  13. baskingshark
    Haha I cannot stick to 2 hours in a row with the same IEM. When a different music genre or different mood hits me, I have to whip out a different IEM that suits the situation. =(
    I hope I don't spoil my amp's jack with the frequent IEM changes.

    You guys are so lucky to have spouses that love your audio gear. My wife nags me to clear the CHIFI clutter. She sometimes uses my IEMs as paper weights =(
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  14. nxnje
    Agreed. My gf always says that if she sells all my stuff at home she could get some new michael kors bags.
    And she has just discovered I have spent 900€ on my new upgrade for the gaming PC.
    Think she's mad on me :D but freaks, i got a degree and wanna give myself a prize.
  15. mbwilson111
    I worry about this also... particularly with a couple of my daps that are known to have issues with the jacks. Some people buy short little extension leads to keep in the amp... sometimes called socket savers.

    I nag about the dinning room table all the time. I don't think the table ... and all the chairs... should be stacked with daps, iems, etc. Some people actually eat at their tables. We have not ordered Chinese food in a long time because it would take too long to clear the table. We did clear it in March just before my daughter visited from the States.... and then she proceeded to clutter it... lol.
    Seriously though, clutter actually does depress me and something needs to change.

    I could horrify you all by attaching a photo...

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