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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. lgcubana
    Have you ever tested the continuity/resistance of Blon BL-03 stock cable ?

    While I don't normally buy aftermarket cables to change the sound signature. In my case a TRN 16 core helped to clean up what I perceived to be background static, at elevated levels of volume, on the Blons.
  2. Slater
    My Blons have not arrived yet, so no I haven’t measured the cable yet :wink:

    I will as soon as they arrive
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  3. snip3r77
    Any guide to remove it easily? I’m afraid of damaging it
  4. archdawg
    After I bought the first of the 16 core TRN cables (silver-grey/2.5mm balanced/MMCX), measured each phase (avg. 0.10 Ohm ±~5%) and tried it on some of my IEMs I bought 5 more - balanced and unbalanced - MMCX/0.75/0.78 - and couldn't be happier, especially on my IMR Z1 - they're much more flexible and visually pleasing (IMO) than the springy black stock cables the Zeniths came with but I rather don't mention the effects on the sound here, lol. Anyway, I already ordered some plain copper versions of the same cable and can't wait to try them out.
  5. trivium911
    Is there anything wrong with the the Kinera idun? I've seen some people compare it to the fiio fh5 which is double the price.
  6. chinmie
    use a small and really pointy scissors
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  7. Khan SW
    Actually the connector looks more like they used is a 2 pin .78mm with a NX7 housing. Similar to the QDC connector but differs in that the QDC is .75mm pins and the housing is rounded whereas the NX7 is more rectangular with .78mm pins

    Only difference I can tell between the two is the NX7 housing has extended pins like a regular 2 pin .78mm straight connector whereas the blon-03's connector has the pins recessed in the housing for a snug fit.

    Here is what the nx7 housing looks like:
  8. tgx78
    My blon BL-03 just came in. Didn't even bothered with stock tips/cable. Sounds pretty amazing right off the bat with symbio peel medium.

    Timbre is pretty spot on as people mentioned. As a classical music lover, this set is going to get lots of listening time.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019
  9. skaktuss
    Measured Blon stock cable. GND is a bit lower, but both L+ and R+ are like this.
  10. ozziecook
    The CNTs. Indeed they did. The left one snapped in half without me doing anything other than placing them in my ear, as it goes. I sent them to a friend to fix - who had the appropriate glue - and he fixed them, tested them and the other fell apart in the same way. So evidently there's some QC issues. Not major, but some gluing that hadn't been properly checked.
    Anyone else had this?
  11. baskingshark
    I didn't have the shell crack open like you did, but my CNT1 right shell has driver flex and an extremely tight MMCX connector. Strangely the left shell has no driver flex and removing cables on the left side is easy.
    But otherwise the sound quality is not too bad for a single DD and I would have been using it more if not for the arrival of the BLON.
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  12. mbwilson111
    Surely yours cannot be the only one in the whole world with this problem..unless someone was having a bad day when he glued yours. Maybe the tube of glue that he was using was almost gone and he thought he could manage to do just one more...

    BTW, that E8000 glue that is used for this type of thing can come in handy for other things too. The plastic wall plate on one of our light switches cracked, spit and fell off. The E8000 has fixed it.
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  13. SiggyFraud
    I used a Swiss army knife, but the scissors will work just fine. Just put the tip of the blade underneath the plastic sleeve and gently push it in (be careful not to cut the cables). When you cut through the plastic, grab the sleeve with your fingernails or tweezers and pull it down as if you're peeling a banana. And you're done!
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  14. CactusPete23
    I use a sharp, small, thin knife blase, with the edge of the blade pointing away from the cable. Kind of catch under the sleeve, then slide upwards. Since the dull back of the knife is against the cable, of risk of damage. A Paring Knife, or a Pocket Knife can do this. Blade should have a sharp point at the tip to work best. Need to be sharpened well at the tip, so that the edge can cut the sleeve easily by sliding. A common razor blade has 90 degree tip add won't work. An "Box cutter" replacement blade would work, as it has 30 or 45 Degree pointed tip. Just be very careful to not cut yourself if using a razor sharp box cutter. Reading glasses (Even for younger folks) and good lighting makes doing this a lot easier
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  15. snip3r77
    Means it’s good? Low resistance ?

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