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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. zr0dfx
    Anyone thought about using a dremel on those connections to round them off so a type c kz connector would fit?
  2. Makahl
    I did try it and at least with a cable with a straight connector, without any kind of ear mold/hook, and a longer tip such as MH755 tips it works well. The "raindrop" shell leaks a bit towards outside, but not too much.


    Personally, I still prefer the standard fit.
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  3. AudioNoob
    Ok just took the dampeners out of the t180, they are quite fine, I would say less hot than the etymotic studio line so I don't know what the whole ordeal was unless they changed drivers. I would say that they are on the warm side of single bas, kind of . Especially with the included tips that attenuate a bit with their narrower bores, these are quite the performers at this price.

    I also just got the B40 from Nicehck, I think those are much nicer than the VE monks for a first earbud recommendation, coming with multiple pads and an easier fit.

    Lastly, I got a mmcx mh755 from @Slater. I see what the deal is about, it is ridiculuous to get this for $5 (sans-recable)! A little bit of eq to tame the bass and they are awesome. Thanks to their easy, non-fussy fit I think they would make excellent entry earphones where newcomers purchase a pair and describe what direction they want to go from there.
  4. igor0203
    Thank you for the recommendation but I think I won't spend 50$ for a 30$ iem just to get a balanced cable.
    I found some on ali... This should work, right?
  5. ShakeThoseCans
    So how durable are these CHI-FI IEMs anyway?

    The other day, I dropped my CNT-1 onto a wood floor from a height of about 3 feet. Didn't see any damage, no cracking of the housing. I think it sounds the same. But I'm not sure how I would test for damage.
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  6. SciOC
    Yes. Just make sure you order the right size. When you add it to cart you need to make sure it says .78mm and whatever your output Jack is (2.5/3.5/4.4mm).
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019
  7. Broquen
    I think that chi-fi is like all... There are brands that manufacture very durable and reliable products and others that not.
    On the other hand, chi-fi is cheap, so at certain price ranges don't expect miracles. My personal experience is pretty good with some shadows like KBEAR F1 and their driver variety or the mmcx connectors used on DT6. There're (or there were) TRN cables with cores not connected... Anyway, if you don't notice sound changes these days, it should be ok.
  8. trivium911
    I had a pair of knockoff Shure SE846's with 5 BA knowles drivers in each earpiece. I've had them for the past four years, i even upgraded to a balanced cable and i ended up leaving them on the plane during my last trip. Looks like they are gone for good.

    Needless to say i've been using my KZ ZST which is my workout headphones...they are just not cutting it though. Does anyone have any recommendations? My favorite over ears are the NAD HP50 and the Hifiman 400i, i was looking at the Tin Hifi P1 for $170 and they look promising. They look like they would compliment my 400i's....any thoughts?

    There were a few others that i saw were intersting

    yinyoo T500
    Yinyoo H5
    Kinera idun

    any thoughts?
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019
  9. mochill
    Audiosense T800
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  10. trivium911
    its out of my price range unfortunately. I can justify over the ear purchases easier to the wife than IEMS, lol.
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  11. BadReligionPunk

    Hard to tell. I have actually never broken a pair of anything(earbuds,earphones, headphones)in over 30 years of using them.

    I have used my CNT for almost a year and have dropped them numerous times as they are quite slippery. I have also swung them around my head like a slingshot and fought off gargoyls and goblins with them. They have been subjected to copious amounts of sweat and left in a hot cab in direct sun for hours. Zero problems whatsoever.

    @ozziecook goes to grab his to play with filters, flips on the light switch and his explode in half LOL.
  12. Slater
    Maybe it will be on sale during 11.11.
  13. SiggyFraud
    My Blons arrived today. So far the large T200 foams seem to be the best option tip-wise. When it comes to the cable, I wanted to maintain the secure fit that the stock one provides, but I wasn't particularly happy with the earhooks, so I took off the first layer of preformed plastic guides (there are two, much like with stock and silver upgrade TRN cables). Result - the cable is thinner, much less rigid, and doesn't pull the IEMs out of my ears.
    IMG_20191007_185808-01.jpeg IMG_20191007_190405-01.jpeg IMG_20191007_185855-01.jpeg IMG_20191007_202120-01.jpeg
  14. Slater
    I’m not sure why some companies add a double layer of ear guide. It just makes it unnecessarily thick and stiff.

    I always remove the extra layer on cables with 2 layers (like you did). Heck, depending on the specific cable, I often remove all layers of the ear guide and have none at all.
  15. SiggyFraud
    That's what I wanted to do at first - get rid of both, but I found that removing just one layer increases the comfort sufficiently for me.
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