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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. DynamicEars
    will be easier if you also mention what sound signature do you prefer also.. balance?, slightly v shaped? deep v shaped? U shaped? dead flat? etc.. and maybe specifically what are you looking in an iem.
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  2. Tonymac136
    The NiceHck was first. A lot of people suggest it might be the same. The 01 has different sensitivity though. Not heard the NiceHck but the 01 is great for the money.
  3. chinmie
    i have embraced it :ksc75smile:
    funny thing is, i have been listening to the MT100 almost exclusively this last few days, and i think the ringing seems to drop/lessened, to the point similar to the lower level of ringing when i stop using earphones for a few days.

    when an earphone makes the ringing louder after a couple of days use, that's an indication of some spikes on the frequency.
    if it's powerful enough to make the ringing worse after only an hour (or maybe two) of use, i usually stop using such earphones or get rid of it
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  4. mbwilson111
    Stop talking about the MT100. I have been told I cannot have it. I told him you said I should have it and he said "get lost." How rude!

    So, I am looking at this....

  5. Luis1316
    It's definitely not bad out of the box. In my case i was just a little overwhelmed by the highs, they're really quite bright, but it was not the bad kind of brightness, and i could feel that they had a great potential. So i have been reading through the whole Audiosense thread about how people have been easily tweeking these IEMs and i got just curious about filters, but after trying several of them (white, green, brown, the stock one is grey) i decided that i couldn't let the details from the stock filters go, so i just kept them as they were. I just realized that i only needed to use a nice copper cable and some tips that can get the treble a little bit smoother (i'm settled right now on Ostry 100 tips, which gets some of the "Ssh" sounds from the treble; people also have been liking the jvc spiral dots++).
    I think i have been spoiled a lot by the amount of details the T800 have been giving me; from time to time when i try other iems i just start thinking "hey, where is that instrument that should be making X sound at the background?".
  6. ozziecook
    I know squat about Chinese IEMs compared to many here.
    But you’ll need to define what you like rather than just saying what’s good, ‘best’ or ‘better than’. For instance, I’ve heard the P1 and wasn’t overly struck...but you may like it.
    I’m not a lover of nine tails either, tho many are. I appreciate it’s decent, detailed and flexible but I found it too dainty and prefer others with a larger immersive soundstage, a bigger overall sound. I like a rich velvety bass, buttery mids and a spacey sparkle to the highs...Detail but not to the point of being analytical or dry. (And the only ‘Steely’ sounds I like involve the word ‘Dan’ :)
    So you’ll need to define your preferences.

    By the way, I’ve already kinda given you my recommendations haven’t I - but you may not like them?
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  7. Pablovi

    Well, I understand, but the thing is, I really don’t know what those terms and descriptions are or what they mean.

    All I’ve heard is 3 IEMs, first the KZ AS10, and I like it, then Tin Hifi T3, and I like that one more, and then the P1, which I like the most, but I click not describe why or “how” they sound.

    But thanks anyway.
  8. FastAndClean
    with heavy music they are not very good, they lack meat in the low bass, that is the only weak point for me, if they had the T800 bass oh my
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  9. HungryPanda
    I love all anything that makes me enjoy and appreciate music, chi-fi or western overpriced that do the job are ok with me and many do and some disappoint
  10. Dani157
    You can check out VSonic VS7. Balanced, large soundstage, and very full mids. Timbre is natural as well. They're not deadflat but not colored to my ears. Also, YMMV but I find them bang for buck.
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  11. paulindss
    I have both, they are definitely not the same.

    The ep10 sounds like a 13$ iem, nice tonality, overly slow transients. The blon sounds like a 100$.
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  12. RikudouGoku
    Is There any other iem that is under 200 usd that can compete with the peacockaudio p1 in terms of looks? I want to buy it purely by its looks but dont want to spend that much on only the looks.
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  13. FastAndClean
    Hisenior B5+
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  14. ShakeThoseCans
    I don't know if we're allowed to post this guy, so feel free to delete this post, but BGGAR has just released a video "Budget Top 5 Chifi (let's do this)."

    He seems to have both fans and detractors here. He starts right-off-the-bat disqualifying the BLON BL-03 for fit issues, and also the CNT-1 for not being available. So I dunno, he might have trouble fitting in on this thread!

    I'm going to watch the video and see what he says. I think he was right in the past about the ZS-10 Pro and the V80.
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  15. FastAndClean
    he says nothing in this video

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