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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. pfloyd
    For me, by fitting the core of a smaller tip inside the core of a large tip, the tip stays higher on the nozzle, no matter how hard I shove them in my ears, providing excellent fit. These things are amazing!

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  2. FastAndClean
    they are fast and clean
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  3. Slater
    You Blon owners can also try a set of Flip Tips, as the bottom of the cores stick down longer than any commercially-available tip (even longer than Spin Fits).


    Long FT.jpg
  4. mbwilson111
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  5. CoiL
    How`s BL-03 against KPE ? Your impression about it leaves me little worried...
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  6. rayliam80
    I got the Blon BL-03 last week. I have no problems with the shallow fit. I'm using small Auvio tips with a little bit of foam stuffed in them. I went with a cable with straight connectors also, Y-brand 8 core black spc cable, and removed the ear hooks from them. These just melt into my ears and never pop out. I find them more comfortable than the Tin Audio T2 or P1. I think I like the Harman Tuning, or what appears to be close to it. I do noticed that it can lose the plot a little with more complex or heavier rock tracks with distortion. But for less complex music, there is still a lot of detail and the sub bass presence is something I've missed too in other IEMs. These are a little brighter sounding than my T2 but has deeper sub bass. The T2 is a bit darker sounding, not really veiled, just a bit smoother overall. But the BL-03 since I received them have had a lot of ear time just because of the fit I'm able to get.

  7. Dani157
    You can buy it from LuckLZ store on AliExpress they'll be on discount on there. They're a decent store with good consumer support.
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  8. snip3r77
    WOW T2 is darker than BLON3 ?
  9. RikudouGoku
    Just wanted to ask for those of you who are using double flange silicone Eartips, which ones are you using? For example for single flange silicones you have a lot of good options such as the spinfit and the spiral dots but I have no idea about double flange. I am using spinfit CP145 with all my iems right now and I have also tried their cp240 but that had a terrible fit for me.
  10. rayliam80
    It could be my choice in tips. I've been switching to foam stuffed Auvio and KZ Starline tips. Or it could be that my T2s are a bit dirty and might need a nozzle soak in a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide....
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  11. SciOC
    Wow. I don't usually care about how things look, but those are gorgeous. Do they sound decent? Might be a good lawn mowing pair for me if they're not bad...
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  12. Broquen
    I use the ones that came with RHA MA-750I, which are the ones that work best for me. Ordered quite some from AE and Amazon some time ago, but did not work as well.
    Was taking a look at it and found that most of double-flange that can be found for sale have some pyramid shape (being the upper flange quite smaller than bottom one), and that was the problem for me (I use M-L size of standard tips and have pretty wide ear canal, e.g. can deep insert ML Spirals).
    Actually waiting for some of them ordered few days ago, but they're very cheap and with little or no transportation costs, so I expect them to arrive in 40+ days to Spain.
    Be aware with the size of the upper flange as well as the length of the stem considering the physical shape of your ears and nozzle of the IEM you want to try with. The thickness of the silicone (inner stem for sound and flanges for comfort) and the wideness of the bores are important too, but you won't know until you have them, so try to order some different cheap ones if you can.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
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  13. peter123
    Yeah, they're really sweet looking. Please note that that the cable is bought separately for a full $10 :wink:

    They're actually really nice, I'd take them over the Hi7 for a more engaging sound. Quite fun and definitely decent buy a good margin. Haven't had too much time with them yet but for your described usage they're more than capable for sure.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  14. SciOC
    I might have to just switch my Ali order to those rather than the bl03.... They might last me longer than my last lawn mowing pair with an mmcx termination rather than 2-pin! Or maybe I should just get both... And a nicehck db3. Oh how I hate the Ali game....
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  15. peter123
    This is Head-fi, get both lol.

    Just kidding but I'm pretty sure these two will be very different sounding. My Blon should be here by the end of this week if I'm lucky so will be able to compare them soon.
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