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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. peter123
    That depends on the filters (naturally). To me SEMKARCH are to dark, muffled and extensions of the highs is not very good. I like a lot of air and a bit of sparkle in the sound. The right filters can give you that, other filters can give you something else.
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  2. crabdog
    I covered the vent purely to see if it measured more in line with what I was hearing. I don't do mods, always review IEMs in their stock form and without any EQ!
  3. FastAndClean
    i don't know for you guys but from time to time i feel uncomfortable stacking IEMs all the time, when that feeling is strong i put some of them for sale, the uncomfortable feeling will go away for a while only if the amount of in ears is low, i would say 5-6 pairs, without counting the cheap ones, after that the curiosity is starting to take over and i buy another one, until i am at stage selling again, i sold some that i really like, it is a very bad circle that is going on with me, thanks to the high price to performance ratio of chi fi the damage is not to high though
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  4. Tonymac136
    Sell? Not sure I know that word.
  5. thesheik137
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  6. islubio
    Looks like we are the ones that got the other colour
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  7. FastAndClean
    it is very nice, i will put brown copper cable on them soon, they will look great with that cable
  8. islubio
    Currently have the spc cable from t800 on them. Might use the copper one. Am on spinfit cp100 with them and the mids sounds more forward now. Will try them with spiral dots soon. But they fit my ears so comfortable, which I have problem when using the T800 and have to adjust it everytime I out them on. The tri 4i just put them on and push them in all the way, voila, perfect fit in 3 sec
  9. FastAndClean
    yes the fit is excellent, they are small, a lot smaller than the T800, however i have to experiment with tips because the upper mids are a little bit edgy to me, on some tracks it can get uncomfortable
  10. dw1narso
    Luckily mine cost me $13 for two...

    When I said I stop searching beyond MH755... I lied... :beyersmile:
    At least it is true for now... Cause I'm a slow adopter, and a father that need to save for my son going to uni next year..

    MH755 might be overrated... but for sure, MH755 is overachiever... :)

    MH755 roll of earlier at both ends. It won't go deep (no sub bass rumble) and high (not airy).
    This more like small size full-range driver speaker (calling the Fostex FE8x /10x/12x lovers.. out there). So, it is a more speciality IEM.

    I found the original silicon eartips makes MH755 sounds restrained and muffled... Thus I use MH755 with short, wide bore silicon eartips; which is about 1mm wider than the original orange tips bore. It sounds more open with better attack and reach higher notes than with the original tips. The negative side is it now sounds a bit shouty when driven loud.

    After all, after I find preferred eartips fit, the way I enjoy MH755 is just keep playing music through it. Let it grow on my ears... Enjoy the grain free vocal, free of elevated bass bled, free from super details/resolution that sometimes only distract the music flowing to our soul...

    Peace... for now... (until the next purchase :beyersmile:)
  11. CoiL
    Thanks a lot. Might get it for my wifey :)
    Here is correct answer: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/chinese-asian-brand-iem-info-thread.820747/page-1706#post-15143927
    It is tape-mod with very tiny needle hole in electrical tape and over driver front venting hole that is nearer to nozzle.
    You can try micropore also if You want but I got slightly better result with electrical tape+hole.
    Here is graph how it affects FR: https://cdn.head-fi.org/g/9940917_l.jpg
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  12. baskingshark
    Actually I'm wondering if you can just shave off the top part of a triple flange ear tip to obtain a similar ear tip. I know it ain't so accurate as machine manufactured, but worth a try?
  13. mbwilson111
    Actually these have a fairly wide opening. They don't cost much and you can request them to be all one size.

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  14. Slater
    Well, the tips he asked about are unique in that both flanges are exactly the same size:


    Whereas most double and triple flange tips have graduated flange sizes, from large to small:


    So while yes, you can cut the top off of triple flange eartips (aka Xmas trees) to make double flange tips, the end result will look different than what he posted.

    That is still a cool and useful trick though (turning a triple into a double), and I’ve done it myself multiple times.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
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  15. zazaboy

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