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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Dani157
    I use Whirlwinds with them
  2. mochill
    Yes they can now
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  3. Slater
  4. Animagus
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  5. Nailzs
    How good can the KZ ZS7 be when it's not listed on the official KZ store on AliExpress? Looks like its been discontinued.
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  6. TechnoidFR
    Yinyoo EU say to me that is a limited edition to 3000 products.
    And official store was not in the lot of seller approved for this product.
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  7. mbwilson111
    It never was on that store as far as I know.It was marketed differently.
  8. 1clearhead
    Limited to 3000? It was marketed differently, I guess? Or, according to other head-fier's recent statements? ...I don't make them, I just write about them.:writing_hand::wink:
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
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  9. Slater
    It was not an official KZ release. They made it for, and sold it exclusively through, 1 seller. That's why you can't get it from most places (including KZ themselves).
  10. Nimweth
    I agree! I'm using a silver plated upgrade cable and medium Spiral Dots. Still one of my top IEMs.
  11. harry501501
    Wow, that's a strange one. Might get it now lol.
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  12. Slater
    KZ has done it before.

    The green ZSR was a KZ sold exclusively through Gearbest. They also have a few IEMs sold with non-KZ private labeling for KB Ear, Tripowin, and QKZ. I also suspect there are many other earphones, made by KZ but sold via private labels, that we don’t even know about.

    As far as getting it now, I would. Besides the ZS7 being an excellent IEM worthy of purchase, it would have been produced in limited quantities for the seller (as determined by the seller’s purchase contract). Once it’s gone, it will be gone.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  13. chinmie
    i bought the Tin T2 Pro and KZ ZS10 Pro yesterday. the ZS10 Pro is not bad, per se.. it's nothing special for me personally. i just don't see me would be using it often, and it doesn't bring anything new or better to what i already have, so that one would be put to sell in the near future.

    the T2 Pro however...
    i had the chance to try it before and loved it, but refrain from purchasing because i had the original T2 once already (and sold it), and i want to try other things.
    but yesterday i finally buckled and bought it, and I'm really pleased.
    i sold my old T2 because as much as i loved the overall sound, the treble is too uncooked, brittle, and too much. the T2 Pro solves my gripes of the T2. even though the treble remains high volume, but to me it sounds more resolving..but not to the point of "too polished it became unexciting" like the T3.
    it still is as aggressive sounding like the T2, but more extended.
    i havent done it, but i bet the T2 Pro is easier to tame with foams than the T2, which just sounds splashy-er if i tuned it with foams.
    all and all, this one is a happy purchase and most likely a keeper


    PS: putting the T2 Pro in high gain setting really warms up the tone and puts it in (literally) overdrive. really sweet sounding for rock tracks
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  14. 1clearhead
    On a rare trade, my KZ ZS7's were sent to me by a head-fi member from this very same Chi-Fi thread because they don't even market them to sell in China where they're actually made!
    Yup! They are actually hard to grab here in China where I work and live! ...Well worth every penny! :relaxed::thumbsup:
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  15. silverfishla
    I like the T2 Pro too. A lot of people were disappointed with it because they wanted more bass and not better treble. But as far as having an iem with a really good (not piercing) treble, these are one of my favs.
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