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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. NymPHONOmaniac
    Really? what the heck.....
    So KB, KZ and Tripowin are all the same brand I guess....was finding it curious to receive ZS10 PRO with the Tripowin too....
    Well, will probably dont like TP10 if sound do not improve with burn in. Find whole sound very congested.
  2. Lidson Mendes Br
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  3. TechnoidFR

    So they are absolutely identical in listening?
  4. TechnoidFR
    Kbear says officially that they take the kb10 at kz, it's an order of they part, but the f1 and Opal is their on product
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  5. Nimweth
    +1 for your description of the A10 and C10. I agree with that.
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  6. paulindss
    For anyone looking for no.3 based in this graph, i would recc the regular kanas (that i have), same quality as KPE, bass increment should be more focused on lower regions and treble is same as KPE. 39$ more than no.3 however. Probably is warmer than the tfz.

    I was selling mine but i gave up, the regular kanas will be my basshead IEM for life, so meaty and dynamic...
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  7. PhonoPhi
    If you feel A10 is lacking treble, I would like to hear/know more :)

    Or anything about IEMs that convincingly top C16 for under $150.

    I only have E3000 of the Final - in my opinion, there are not close in performance/price to KZ&CCA, similar to Fiio IEMs that I have.
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  8. PhonoPhi
    I just got ZS10 pro today, and I would rather agree that it is a nice extension of CCA C10 with a tighter bass.
    I do like C10 with its warmth and gentle treble, but I do feel that ZS10 pro is more engaging.

    For the price, the capabilities of ZS10 pro are really great. Also they work really well with a smartphone! I think that the positive opinion about ZS10 pro is very much justified.

    I am personally very biased to all-BAs and still prefer AS10 to ZS10 pro, but would definitely recomend C10 and ZS10 pro to anyone coming to hybrids from a single DD and not having a DAP (AS10 with a smartphone may be a mixed bag...)
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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  9. NymPHONOmaniac
    Im no upper treble addicts when lower and mid treble is nicely done...Final Audio E2000 is good example of that to my ears....hum, E3000 is my least favorite one in E serie, wich explain its not in my headfi signature...but this is soutterlysubjective!

    Anyway, to come back to Tripowin TP10, im not certain its the same as A10....crabdog tell this, its perhaps true, dont know factualy, but I look at this Tripowin graph:

    And yeah, there serious drop after 12-14khz. What I dont like about TP10 is the lack of air as well as sparkle and decay (came all togheter sometime). Timbre is onthe dry side too...im sensible to this. Again: subjective i guess. Could be a good monitor earphones with better imaging tough.
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  10. PhonoPhi
    I am not sure whether I am treble head or not :) I feel philosophically more in line with "no pain - no gain".
    Treble-rich is more revealing but it can be overwhelming.
    I like A10, as being on a border line of my treble tolerance.
    I do enjoy quite a bit of violin music with it, but would not possibly listen to it all day, since I have C16 and good old AS10.

    If you have a good recommendation for what can top C16 under $150 ($200 Can), I would seriously consider it.
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  11. TechnoidFR

    Like TRN im2/ yinyoo Ash. A different tuning asking by the buyer I guess

    I'll see tomorrow with kb10/A10 comparison
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  12. crabdog
    I don't say these things just to hear myself talk but I guess it's good you don't blindly believe everything you read:

  13. TechnoidFR

    Him I think the trn cable or miss few hours of burning. But I confirm that kb10=A10 in term of frequency response !

    But I prefer the design of backplate on kb10 !
    But it is easily scratched P90718-104150.jpg
  14. PhonoPhi
    Actually, the wear on the corners for the heavily coloures A10 is quite noticeable.

    I am not fond of their use of zinc alloys - stainless steel (as in ZS10 pro) or anodized aluminum (as in BA10) is superior aesthetically and practically, in my opinion.

    The main advantage if zinc alloys is that they are easy to cast into different shapes, but just the top plate is not much of a sophisticated shape to take a full advantage of it.
  15. paulindss
    I have a unit of tripowin tp10 for review and i quite agree with the general mediocre reviews. I don't find the earphone sibilant, but they are just too bright.

    The mids and bass are very high quality, but the huge mid treble and treble transition, besides being controled and maintaining a great amount of definition and air, is just too emphasized. The music sounds one dimentional, its like having the tweeter right under your ear, while woofer is far away. It have great microdynamics, but the macrodynamics, while existing, sound kinda off.

    I don't think it's a bad earphone per se tho. It can mantain a good competition with tin t3 for example, it isn't more sibilant than t3 for me, it's just brighter and clearer - having the counterpart that i said. It clearly loses construction wise.

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