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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Otto Motor
    Now you need a second, fresh pair for comparison.
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  2. Dally Sidhu
    Any other recommendations other than ep52?

    I won't be sweating so they don't have to be waterproof,

    Basically want good sound, a neckband if possible but not required and for them to be £50 or less
  3. Toastybob
    I like the Mee Pinnacle PX (after EQ), which are advertised as being usable either way, but I only use them with the cable up.
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  4. Niyologist
    Oh. I just realized that I had the CCA CA4 the whole time. Still, not bad for $18.
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  5. MrDelicious
    Would you be able to compare to Shozy Zero?
  6. dwakefield
    That would certain line up with my experience. My amp (Ragnorok 100w/channel) is quiet powerful and sounds noticeably better than my RME adi-2 dac/amp - with a lot less muscle. I haven't spent much time with Dragonfly Red, but what time hasn't felt too bright. I am classically trained, but have a rolloff of highs in my right ear
  7. hakuzen
    when measured bqeyz kc2, noticed that signal and ground pins are polar inverted respect KZs (both sides); i.e., while sign signal goes down (extreme hole of the shell) at kz, it goes up (interior hole) at bqeyz. guess bk100 is like kc2.
    as both sides have same polarization, they won't be out of phase, and sound won't be affected. but being purist, i prefer right polarization, not inverted.
    if you get curved 2pins plug, there is no way to set the right polarization without resoldering. if you get straight 2pins plug with ear guides, you can remove or remold the ear guides. you can mark the pins to identify them, if they aren't marked.
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  8. Markolav
    Unfortunately i havent owned or heard Zero. I do have Hibiki SE though.
  9. nxnje
    Received my TIN AUDIO T3 alongside with the ZS10Pro yesterday for review purposes.

    Didn't expect i would like the T3 so much as i like slamming bass and emphasized sub bass.
    Here i found a very linear IEM with a good and precise bass response.
    Gonna make a review these days.

    The ZS10 PRO then.. i do not have the old ZS10 but i can say they're a very energetic pair of IEMs and worth the price imho.
    I feel they're a more energetic and technical version of the ZSN PRO with thicker mids and more resolving sound.
    Gonna make a review these days as well.
    What can i say at first impact is that midbass has a strong hump and kicks in dubstep slam very hard. I really like this. They're even extremely loud.
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  10. CoiL
    Already had some hope that KZ did something different and great... close, but still not there? Hmmm... saw some graphs about ZS10 Pro and while I could tame 5-7kHz with little mod, mid-bass is not really appealing by graphs and impressions. Seems like T2 or T3 are better picks for money?
  11. Mattuz
    Hi guys, for someone having AD1000X and Argon MK3, which is the chinese IEM at around 100-130 euros that you will suggest among the ones in the first pages (or others that you think are worth)? I like neutral sound with warm mids and not bright highs, the highs of the Audio Technica are enough for my tastes and the bass of the MK3 are even more than enough. I like to hear to classical, orchestral, jazz, acustical/guitar, metal, a little bit of pop and rock.

    I also have a pair of Moondrop Crescent and I find them not fatiguing but lacking some warmth in the mids, on some genres that I like theysound too cold
  12. Animagus
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  13. Nimweth
    +1 for the T3. So musical
  14. Ziggomatic
    It may be "brain burn-in," but I perceive the midbass on my set (with about 50 hrs on them) has tightened up a noticeable degree. Very balanced, natural sound at this point. I agree they nailed it with these. The sound is so good for $50USD.
  15. FastAndClean
    how is the sound of Elecom CB1000 compared to the "other" piezo hybrid?

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