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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Otto Motor
    Speaking of obscure...presently working on this one after @Wiljen already liked it (his recommendations are usually very good): the IKKO OH1 (photo). Ikko is Japanese and means "let's go!"...not sure that's what the company stands for. The OH1 sports a single Knowles dynamic driver and my first impression is really positive. I have an initial photo session ready to go but the blog is so crowded right now with four dedicated contributors...

    Oh, and the other really interesting one is the Simgot EM2 that features 1 + 1. We already feature a review [should also be here on Head-Fi] and a photo session but there is another review to come.

    Right now, there is quite some quality in the lower mid-price segment ($100-150), which hits my personal sweet spot. What sets them apart is a lack of that thick, bloated low end...and the demise of the unreliable MMCX connector (in some of them).

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  2. Dobrescu George
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  3. snip3r77
  4. randomnin
    I doubt that's what it means. The romanisation of 行こう (let's go) would be *ikou" or "ikoo". "Ikko" is 一個, meaning one small object/bit/piece.
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  5. FastAndClean
    I just burned in the schiit out of that thing for 6 full days and there's definitely a improvement, the bass is fuller the treble still forward, take no prisoners approach, treble heads unite
  6. Slater
    Hey, that’s exactly what I use for my burn in rig too!
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  7. FastAndClean
    yes, plugged in into the power Sansa clip, with white, pink, and brown noise, all day, all night baby
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  8. Otto Motor
    Linguistics is fun!
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  9. FastAndClean
    Last edited: May 18, 2019
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  10. randomnin
    And very relevant here! :D
  11. Slater
    That’s what I do. It will happily repeat my burn in playlist for weeks.

    I have a headphone splitter plugged into mine, so I can do up to 5 pairs at a time :)
  12. FastAndClean
    you are hardcore, i do it for one earphone, only if it is necessary though, most of the time i just listen but the F3 is aggressive so i decided to punish it, they will never be smooth, well is good to have something different sometimes
  13. Otto Motor
    I had 2 Japanese girlfriends in my sonic youth and they obviously told me the wrong stuff. But some of the better things I learnt I can’t repeat here :D.

    As to burning in the F3...I am pessimistic...only switching to optimistic/faith-based listening and expectation bias may help. Or perhaps swearing.
    Last edited: May 18, 2019
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  14. Niyologist
    I got the CCA 4. I gotta say, not bad for $20.
  15. Shinry
    Liking the crescent so much, they are the only phones I am taking on a 3day business trip :o2smile:

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