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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. darmanastartes
    I don't have the KPE. I just got the Tanchjim Oxygen a few days ago. Is that what you meant?
  2. BadReligionPunk
    Really liking these KC2's for punk and metal. Anyway, Happy Mothers Day 1980's Punk Rock edition!

  3. MidSmoothness
    I would definitely say the Kanas Pro is the more balanced of the two.
  4. Slater
    Hey Nine Tail owners, any of you ever try running with NO rear filter?

    It widens the soundstage out of all the filters, and also adds in the most sub bass.

    So if you include no rear filter, the Nine Tail really has 12 filter combinations instead of 9 :wink:
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  5. BadReligionPunk
    You have 9 tail?

    9 tail or IT01 at $100, which one?
  6. Slater
    I’m currently using one on demo. I’ve only had it for a day, barely long enough to even flush out all of the filter combinations.

    I have not directly A/Bd the 9T with the IT01, but I can say I am extremely impressed so far. For $100 this thing is a no brainer.

    I always passed on getting a 9T because the design struck me as odd looking and uncomfortable. However, having now tried it, I am perfectly happy with the fit and I feel shameful for writing it off all these years based on the looks.

    The sound is really good, and the fact that the numerous filter options don’t peg you into an corner is worth it over a fixed sounding IEM like the IT01. Unlike many of these tuning filter IEMs, the 9T filters actually do something, and certain aspects of the sound is surprisingly customizable.

    In the coming week I will give it some more critical listening. I plan to directly A/B it against some of my other favorite IEMs (including the IT01), because I have to decide for myself if I’m keeping it or sending it back to it’s current owner :wink:

    So I’ll let you know.

    BTW, be aware that my IT01 is modded, with the fabric filter removed. That alone is an improvement over the stock IT01. The IT01 is no slouch either. It’s an awesome IEM, although I don’t like ibasso’s pricing enforcement. The IT01 at $100 (still) would really do better if they lowered the price now that the IT01S is out. I think if they made the IT01 $60-$70, they’d sell a boatload of them.
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  7. mbwilson111
    I have both and while I have not tried to directly compare them, i would keep the Nine Tail if I could only keep one. With all the filter choices you should be able to find the sound you like. Plus they look unique...very cool. Also comfortable. I know the photos might make you think otherwise.
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  8. ShakyJake
    I also found my Nine Tail very comfortable, while still allowing a good seal. This is in contrast with my Tin T2, another all-metal IEM, where I can only get a good seal with a foam tip.

    Either my Nine Tail didn't come with an instruction book, or I lost it. Does anyone have a table for what ranges the filters are supposed to work in?
  9. CoiL
    Yeah, meant Oxygen but wrote KPE because I had just read FastAndClean review on F3.
  10. Adide
    I meant at some point to try with no rear filters but eventually abandoned the idea.
    That's partly because I feel the red rear filter (the most permeable and thus the one which bring the most bass) softens the bass attack too much and to me it makes mid-bass loosing snappiness and sounding mushy.

    The story goes that in the beginning after I got my TNT I felt the (mid-)bass lacked punch and kept trying various tips (small and medium bore, also foams) with no luck.
    Counter intuitively I tried a wide bore tip (KZ turbos) and world of bass suddenly happened (was using red rear filters at that time).

    I figure the reason is because the nozzle is not angled (vis-a-vis MMCX connector) and when inserted it fires against my ear wall instead of directly down the ear canal (it can also be due to my ear shape) ans small/medium/foam tips would tend to squeeze in and close the opening even more.
    Wide bores provides enough room to let the driver move air adequately and impress the eardrum in a more physical way to generate the punch feeling.

    Once I moved to wide-bores I had to downgrade rear filter from red to silver (intermediate) - explained above why, too much bass and of poorer quality IMO - and also the front filter to red (least treble energy) as the wide bore tended to make treble to splashy with the blue and silver.
    Rear silver filter provides for me quality bass (well extended, textured and snappy) balanced with the rest of the spectrum so had no reason to experiment with even more bass.

    Basically for me there are even more tuning options by using either wide or narrow bore tips as they change bass response dramatically in my case at least.
    This chameleonic IEM can be bent from mid-forward to balanced (I carefully won't say neutral as I might be jumped at) to V-shaped and all in very technical proficient way, indeed a fine piece of gear.

    Sorry if not quite the answer you were looking for but perhaps gave you some additional ideas to experiment with.

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  11. Slater
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  12. darmanastartes
    The Oxygen is head and shoulders above the MT3 in terms of overall resolution, instrument separation, and speed.
    The leap in sound quality is most evident in the bass and treble. The MT3 has a lot more bass, but it sounds loose and flabby compared to the Oxygen's bass. The MT3 also has pretty grainy treble. The Oxygen's treble is super clear to me.
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  13. Markolav
    From China to Finland in one week, god bless Penon and DHL...


    30 minutes in and i already love these. Dat bass. :p
  14. durwood
    KZ ED9 with the gold filter is closer to Harman (but with bass boast). The dip from 4.5-8Khz is common among many popular Chinese IEM's because it's most likely how they tune out sibilance making it smooth over the mid treble. Ok most popular Chi-fi seems to go for a -20db dip from 4.5-8/10khz, so that is 10db less than the KP, but if we agree 10db sounds compeltely different, than we should agree KP with it's 10db dip from Harman is different as well.

    Absolutely it is, they developed the curve using speakers in a room, so our outer ears are at play. WIth IEM's, you don't have all the resonances because they bypass it.

    MH1C follows diffuse field curve like ER4 series probably because there was no alternative at the time like you state.

    Moondrop Kanas Pro has a chunk missing (~-10db) from 4.5-8 Khz, and given that our hearing is sensitive to treble changes, I stand by my comment that I would not call it Harman tuning. Haman curve with freehand drawing of KP in red taken from headflux graph and other public measurements. I correct my previous statement it is not the A8, but the Blessing that follows Harman curve with an ever so slight dip in the same region.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  15. Animagus

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