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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Nimweth
    Yes, I agree with you about the V80, I have not found the treble to be harsh or uneven as some others have. I think it's solid value and a good IEM for relaxed listening.
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  2. ozziecook
    My view is that it isn’t exactly ‘relaxing’...great as it can be, but it is an amazingly detailed HD iem for the price. Sharp, clear and open. But it can tend towards an odd treble shimmer at times. But yes, it probably depends on source, impedance and size of appendage.
  3. FastAndClean
    for me is not relaxing at all, it is existing in ear, with a lot of treble energy, sometimes it shoots at you but with well recorded music it can sound amazing for the price, the bass is nice and tight too
    the DT6 is destroying them though, no need for V80 to exist in my collection anymore
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
  4. ozziecook
    That’s pretty much my take. However. I would keep them for the fact that they offer something totally opposite to DT6. And you know how I feel about DT6. Incred...
  5. FastAndClean
    the DT6 is soo good that sometimes i am questioning myself "what are you doing?why are you keep buying other in ears?you have everything you need and for like 20$, you should stop, you should stop now and sell everything else, do it, do it now you fool"
  6. HungryPanda
    I'm sitting on a train with DT6 plugged in to my Hiby R3 listening to the new Loonypark album. I'm like a pig in ****.
  7. ozziecook
    You don’t know how much I love you for that. You’ve really gone and done it now, you know. :)
  8. ozziecook
    It’s quite absurd isn’t it. The joy. Oh the joy. To find something so deeply satisfying for that price.
  9. Nimweth
    Yes, perhaps you are right, "relaxing" wasn't the correct word to use. I meant that nothing was disturbing about the high frequency, nothing to worry about.
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  10. Nimweth
    See my post below, I understand what you are saying!
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  11. FastAndClean
    Panda please tell me more about the F3, mine is on the way
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  12. SilverLodestar
    I know this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I never really liked the DT6, nor did I understand the hype around them.

    I got them a couple months ago, but immediately disliked their timbre. Midrange elements sounded so...off. In fact, nothing really seemed right with them. The treble seemed fairly harsh and overly boosted. Something definitely felt wrong with vocals; they were shouty/hallow (?) and extremely odd to me, especially coming from the Tin T2 and Dunu DN-2002. The bass on them was decent, from what I remember, but nothing special. I’ll have to re-evaluate the DT6, but I couldn’t listen to them for more than an hour without wanting to yank them out of my ears (as they were fairly uncomfortable too). The tiny nozzles really impeded the tip rolling process, so maybe I wasn’t getting a good seal or something? At least the cable was nice though. My fiancée ended up stealing it for her T2s since she goes through cables like paper haha.

    Does anyone else kinda feel the same way about them?
  13. FastAndClean
    DT6 is kind of hate it or love it type, no people in the middle, i kind of love it though
  14. SilverLodestar
    I need to try it again soon so I can come to a sure conclusion. What exactly do you like about it?
  15. FastAndClean
    i really like the treble, it is very fast and extended, also the bass response with mid bass reduction EQ is so clean and deep, the mids are a little bit dry sounding but i like them that way because i have a lot of earphones with warm lush mids and it is good to have something different, i use them with aftermarket tips and 2.5mm balanced cable, probably that makes some difference in the presentation
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